Xplore Trading Review: Is XploreTrading.com Reliable?

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On September 20, 2023, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for over $8K:

I would like to know how to report a company from San Francisco, USA. I’ve made multiple deposits with Xsplore Trading but haven’t been able to withdraw my profits. I simply want my deposits or the promised profit. The platform should be held accountable for its false promises and misinformation. I am based in South Africa. Should I file a fraud case with my bank? I possess all evidence, including records of my deposits, chat histories, and emails. They utilize Luno for their deposits and transfer funds using specific addresses. I have all this information.

We did not find a website called “Xsplore Trading”; therefore, we think the complainer refers to xploretrading.com.

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So what exactly is Xplore Trading, and is it a SCAM?

Xploretrading.com Review

Xploretrading.com was registered for one year on November 23, 2022, through NameCheap, Inc. Unless renewed, it will expire in less than 2 months, on November 23, 2023. The owners utilize a privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf.

They have only one backlink. It is from a web directory.

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    On Google, only the homepage is indexed. It is titled “Crypto – ICO Crypto, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Web.” The description is:

    Trade and Invest on Crypto Using Our Platform. We’re reinventing the global equity blockchian – that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, …

    Moving on to checking the content itself, Xplore Trading portrays itself as an innovative cryptocurrency investment platform poised to redefine global equity blockchain through secure, smart, and user-friendly solutions. According to the details furnished on their website, the company is extensively involved in cryptocurrency trading and various investment ventures, primarily focusing on gold and metals.

    XPloretrading encourages potential investors with promises of a 1.8% daily return on investments or a staggering 54% Monthly ROI. They assure instant withdrawal services, emphasizing a middle-man-free transaction process, which purportedly ensures the seamless and instantaneous withdrawal of funds.

    The platform prides itself on features like secure wallets, fast 24/7 customer support, an exchange service with professional fund management, and daily ROI, creating a facade of a robust and efficient investment ecosystem.

    They also outline a roadmap detailing ambitious plans involving various cryptocurrencies, including a partnership with the Stella Foundation, aiming for significant advancements in the crypto market.

    Their contact information lists an apparently invalid address (03-738, Mission District San Francisco) and an email for customer support (support@xploretrading.com).

    Another address is in the footer: “M-321 Volunt Ave, Staten Islandm, NY 201526.” [sic; another fake address.]

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    Their phone number is 13025562253, which is a Delaware number.

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    So, where are they from? California, New York, or Delaware?

    Red Flags

    However, several red flags appear after carefully reviewing Xplore Trading’s website content. Firstly, the promise of consistently high returns, 1.8% daily or 54% monthly, without any detailed insight into their investment strategies or risk management practices, raises suspicions. Such high investment returns always come with high risks, which are not acknowledged or explained.

    Secondly, the business model seems vague and not thoroughly explained. While they mention investments in gold and metals, there is little to no comprehensive explanation or transparency regarding their operational strategies, market approaches, and the specifics of their involvement in gold and metal trading, making it difficult to validate their claims and authenticity.

    Thirdly, the lack of regulatory or licensing information is alarming. For a company that handles investments, particularly in the volatile cryptocurrency market, the absence of regulatory adherence and clarity brings its legality and credibility into question. Without regulatory oversight, investor funds may not be secure or insured against potential losses or malpractices.

    Lastly, the website content appears to have inconsistencies and lacks professionalism. There are missing timelines, incomplete sections (like testimonials), and a lack of detailed profiles of the team or “experts” supposedly behind the operation. These factors combined paint a picture of a lack of thoroughness and professionalism, further adding to the skepticism surrounding the credibility of XPloretrading as a trustworthy investment platform.

    Xplore Trading Reviews

    A Google search for “xploretrading” yields limited and somewhat scattered results, which seems peculiar and raises immediate questions regarding the platform’s online presence and credibility. The results primarily include links to social media pages like Facebook and some directories where Xploretrading is listed as a retailer of various products. Interestingly, there appears to be a lack of substantial or authoritative content directly related to the crypto investment services they claim to offer.

    The company appears on a couple of Indian directories and seems to be associated with the retail of thermocol and vegetable packaging materials, based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This might be a sign of mixed or unclear business objectives or possibly multiple entities operating under a similar name, which can be confusing for potential investors and makes it challenging to ascertain the legitimacy of the crypto investment platform.

    Furthermore, a cryptocurrency and blockchain website listing mentions Xplore Trading as an investment platform offering a 1.8% daily return on profits for 30 days. However, the lack of additional information, reviews, or discussions regarding their crypto investment services on popular forums, news websites, or crypto communities casts a shadow of doubt over the platform’s operational transparency and reputation.

    In conclusion, the vague and limited online presence, mixed business associations, and lack of authoritative or community-based references in the search results present red flags that warrant a more cautious and in-depth investigation into the legitimacy and operational integrity of Xploretrading as a crypto investment platform.

    Xplore Trading Review Conclusion

    Our comprehensive review of Xplore Trading reveals several red flags that potential investors should consider meticulously. A significant discrepancy appears to exist in the transparency and professionalism of the platform. The promises of high returns, coupled with inconsistencies in business addresses and lack of a clear operational strategy, arouse suspicion regarding the platform’s credibility and intentions.

    Additionally, the sparse online presence and mixed associations with unrelated business sectors further complicate the platform’s image, making it challenging to ascertain its legitimacy and expertise in cryptocurrency investments. The limited information available does not foster confidence, and the apparent lack of community engagement or authoritative references further detracts from its reliability as an investment platform.

    Bottom Line

    Based on our findings, we advise potential investors to exercise extreme caution and conduct an exhaustive due diligence process before considering any engagement with Xplore Trading. In the unpredictable and highly volatile realm of cryptocurrency investments, clarity, integrity, and robust operational transparency are paramount for ensuring investor security and trust, elements which, in this case, seem unfortunately lacking. In the spirit of safeguarding one’s investments, it might be prudent to explore platforms that exhibit higher levels of credibility, transparency, and industry recognition.

    If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below, and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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