Review – Is It a Scam? - Review is a fake cryptocurrency trading platform that fails to deliver its promises. Despite claiming to provide 24/7 customer support, users report significant issues with accessing proper assistance. Additionally, many users are facing problems with withdrawing their funds. If you are considering trading on, we strongly recommend reading our review to understand the risks and issues associated with this platform. Review started on February 25, 2024. Upon deeper investigation, we discovered several identical copy websites, including, indicating a broader scam operation. The platform falsely claims partnerships with reputable companies such as HYPER PAY, BITKAN, COINMARKETCAP, and ALCOIN. These claims are entirely fabricated, further highlighting the platform’s deceptive nature.

For a detailed analysis and hosting information, we strongly recommend reading the forum posts on, which provide extensive insights into the fraudulent practices associated with

Service Turnover Claim on displays a misleading claim of $263,275,983.96261 USD in cumulative service turnover for the past 24 hours. This figure is intended to impress users and visitors, suggesting high activity and reliability. However, our investigation into the website’s traffic reveals that it has very few visitors, and given its recent launch date, such a high turnover is implausible. These exaggerated claims deceive potential investors about the platform’s success and credibility.

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Users Review 

  1. Mark Riffs

Warning! This company is 100% SCAM

I completed their offer, followed the rules and did everything by the manual.

They didn´t even bother to solve why I wasted my time and money and got nothing in return.
Here´s their answer to my support request:

“Our best suggestion to you is to remove the offer completely from your device, and retry it again, or alternatively skip on it.”
So basically their message is: “We already got your money, so get lost:”

Date of experience: May 09, 2021

Red Flags on

  1. Unrealistic Turnover Claim: falsely claims a cumulative service turnover of $263,275,983.96261 USD in the past 24 hours. Given its recent launch and low web traffic, such figures are highly implausible and clearly designed to mislead potential users about the platform’s success and reliability.
  2. High Risk of Scam: Numerous user complaints highlight significant financial losses after using the platform. Users report being unable to withdraw funds despite their accounts showing available balances, a tactic commonly employed by fraudulent websites to trap and exploit victims.
  3. Unregulated: operates without any regulatory oversight. This lack of regulation means there is no assurance of the platform’s integrity or security, exposing users to significant risks and potential financial loss.
  4. Poor Customer Support: Despite claims of 24/7 customer support, users report significant difficulties accessing proper assistance. The inadequate customer service further erodes trust in the platform and suggests the company’s lack of genuine commitment to addressing user issues.
  5. Hidden Owner of the Website:’s ownership is obscured, and there is no clear information about who runs the platform. This lack of transparency is a significant red flag, as legitimate businesses typically provide detailed information about their ownership and management to build trust with their users.

Review Conclusion presents itself as a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform, but a closer examination reveals numerous red flags. The unrealistic turnover claims, high risk of scams, and lack of regulatory oversight are significant concerns that cannot be overlooked. Users have reported considerable financial losses and difficulties withdrawing funds, highlighting the platform’s deceptive practices. Additionally, the poor customer support and hidden ownership further undermine its credibility.

These issues collectively suggest that is not a trustworthy platform for cryptocurrency trading. Potential users should be cautious and consider more transparent, regulated, and reliable alternatives. Protecting your financial assets should be a priority, and avoiding high-risk platforms like is a crucial step in that direction. For a safer trading experience, opting for platforms with a proven track record of security, transparency, and user satisfaction is advisable.

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