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The domain was registered on March 25, 2021, by an anonymous entity. The domain is protected by Cloudflare and a Privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf. It was registered through NameCheap, Inc.

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Their site’s description: “With bitcoin bank breaker, you’ll have everything you need to ensure a more streamlined trading experience, making it more likely for you to acquire the knowledge to make smarter trading decisions over time.”

According to SimilarWeb, they received 2.5K visits in June 2023. Traffic is mainly German, but also from France, the United States, and other countries.

They have 837 backlinks from 155 referring domains, including “do-follow” links from,,, and

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    What is Bitcoin Bank Breaker?

    Bitcoin Bank Breaker presents itself as a trading platform aiming to simplify the trading experience for both beginners and experienced traders. It proposes a user-friendly interface and attempts to streamline the trading process without sacrificing important features.

    One feature that stands out is that the Bitcoin Bank Breaker platform has been designed to be compatible with various devices. This increases accessibility and makes it easier for users to manage their trading activities wherever they are. Additionally, the platform promises a simple withdrawal process and provides an account manager to assist users.

    However, it is important to note the high-risk warning given by the platform. Trading, especially in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, involves a risk of partial or full loss of funds. Bitcoin Bank Breaker is transparent about this risk, stating that around 70% of investors lose money. This transparency and the fact that it does not guarantee any specific returns are signs of credibility.

    Another point is that the platform shares user information with third-party trading service providers. This is common practice, but users should be comfortable with this policy before signing up. As with any online platform, users should read the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions carefully before deciding.

    Bitcoin Bank Breaker Review - Screenshot of

    How to Contact Bitcoin Bank Breaker?


    No other contact information is provided. Moreover, no information is provided regarding regulatory compliance or the team behind the platform, which is a serious red flag.

    It seems that is a “funnel” page, which implies that its primary purpose is to gather leads and information about potential clients and then sell them to online trading brokers. There is no actual trading company associated with it, as it is simply a marketing company.

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    Let’s turn now to user reviews.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner Reviews

    A  post on reviews an investment site called The platform offers returns based on different periods of investment:

    • 15% after 1 day
    • 35% after 3 days
    • 50% after 7 days
    • 70% after 10 days
    • 120% after 14 days

    The minimum deposit is 100$, with a referral commission of 5%. Payments can be made using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Dash, as well as Visa and Mastercard.

    Regulatory Concerns regarding Bitcoin BankBreaker

    The German financial regulator, BaFin, has expressed concerns about Bitcoin Bank Breaker.

    BaFin believes that the operators of Bitcoin Bank Breaker might be offering financial or investment services without the necessary permissions.

    The lack of comprehensive company details on the platform’s website has further raised suspicion.

    According to BaFin, any entity providing banking, financial, or securities services in Germany must have their authorization.

    Currently, investigations under section 37 (4) sentence 1 of the German Banking Act are underway regarding Bitcoin Bank Breaker.

    Bitcoin BankBreaker Reviews

    According to reviews on sites such as, Bitcoin Bank Breaker was founded in 2021, and has garnered a poor rating of 2.0, largely due to allegations of fraudulent activities and inadequate transparency.

    Bitcoin Bank Breaker claims to offer risk-free profits via its robotic trading systems. However, the lack of essential legal documentation, licenses, and company details raises red flags. Several negative user reviews point to a lack of effective withdrawal systems, and accusations of stolen funds when deposits are made.

    The website is cheap, with little to no useful information. It purports to offer an automated system that guarantees passive income to users, which also seems suspicious. Registration on the site only requires basic personal information, but the lack of security guarantees raises concerns about the safety of user data.

    The service’s claims of not taking any percentage from transactions contradict standard practices for legal trading platforms, and their offer of “100% earnings return” is considered dubious. There are also accusations that the company uses stock photos for user reviews and lacks an investment platform.

    The general consensus from this review is that Bitcoin Bank Breaker is a scam. The organization is viewed as dangerous, and it is strongly recommended that people do not engage with the service. For those who have fallen victim to its activities, there are suggestions of seeking help from specialists to recover stolen funds, although this process is recognized as complicated.

    User reviews label Bitcoin Bank Breaker as a scam, detailing experiences of losing money and encountering unresponsive customer support. These reviews reinforce the overall negative evaluation of the service.

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    The Bitcoin Bank Breaker ( is an automated trading platform that allows users to trade Bitcoin and make substantial profits. The service claims to generate profits of up to $1500 daily from a small investment of $250. Its proprietary algorithm allegedly gathers market data, analyzes it, and predicts profitable trading decisions. The software executes trades automatically based on predefined profit criteria.

    BitcoinBankBreaker Review - Screenshot of

    As you can see, it looks exactly like

    The platform also boasts an excellent return on investment, with members making up to 40% profit under ideal market conditions.

    The Bitcoin Bank Breaker is said to use advanced technologies, featuring a powerful computer algorithm and AI.

    Registration is free, and the minimum deposit required to start trading is $250. The system provides a demo account to familiarize new users with its workings. Once the initial deposit is made, the software begins trading on the user’s behalf, requiring only occasional check-ins and setting stop loss and profit parameters.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Domain Information was registered through GoDaddy on August 20, 2020, updated on November 17, 2022, and is set to expire on August 20, 2024. It is protected by Cloudflare and a privacy service provided by Domains By Proxy, LLC.

    Website Description:

    bitcoin bank breaker™ app official website – it’s a web-based service that generates huge profits of up to $1500 daily 🤑 from simply making a small investment of $250.

    Total visits in June 2023: 193 (according to SimilarWeb).

    Its Semrush Authority Score is 11%, with 1.7K backlinks from 246 referring domains, such as Traffic originates mainly from Germany, but also from France, the UK, and other countries.

    Red Flags

    This marketing funnel raises several red flags due to exaggerated and unrealistic promises, lack of verifiable data, and high-risk investment recommendations.

    1. Unrealistic Profits: The platform makes exaggerated promises about earning potential, stating users can make “profits of up to $1500 daily from simply making a small investment of $250”. There’s no reliable financial investment that guarantees such a high return in a short time. This is a common tactic used in scams to lure in unsuspecting victims.
    2. Testimonials: The testimonials shared don’t have verifiable data. They seem unrealistic and are likely fabricated. Real testimonials usually link to the individuals’ profiles or provide a means to verify their claims.
    3. Media Logos: It mentions “as seen on” and displays media logos, but doesn’t link to actual articles or references. This is a common tactic used to build false credibility.
    4. Lack of Transparency: The funnel claims Bitcoin Bank Breaker is award-winning but fails to mention which organizations awarded these recognitions, making these claims suspect.
    5. High Risk: Encouraging users to reinvest 90% of their earnings every week is a highly risky strategy and is not sound financial advice.
    6. Security: While the page mentions SSL security, there is no further information about data protection policies or compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR.
    7. Unverifiable Trade Results: The “live profit results” can’t be verified and show only profitable trades. Real trading results would show both gains and losses.
    8. Anonymous Creators: There’s no information about who’s behind the Bitcoin Bank Breaker. This lack of transparency is concerning.

    In general, potential investors should be wary of get-rich-quick schemes like this one.

    Bitcoin Bank Breaker ( is an automated cryptocurrency trading software that uses Artificial Intelligence and algorithms to identify profitable trades in the market. The platform claims to enable users to make between $950 to $2200 daily. It exploits the price differences for cryptocurrencies across exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, and others.

    BitcoinBankBreaker Review - Screenshot of

    The platform advertises success stories from users who have made significant earnings, and highlights its ease of use, even for beginners.

    However, it also disclaims that trading in FX and CFDs involves high risks due to the leveraged nature of the trading, which could lead to the total loss of your capital. This might not be suitable for all types of investors, and users should seek independent advice before deciding whether trading in such products is suitable for them.

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    Domain Information was registered through MainReg INC. on August 20, 2021, updated on July 26, 2022, and is set to expire on August 20, 2023. It is protected by Cloudflare.

    Total visits in June 2023: 80 (according to SimilarWeb).

    Its Semrush Authority Score is 2%, with 1 backlink from

    Red Flags

    Here are some potential red flags we’ve identified in this “Bitcoin Bank Breaker” funnel:

    1. Guaranteed Returns: The page promises guaranteed daily returns of $950 to $2200. This is a significant red flag. Financial markets, including cryptocurrencies, are inherently volatile and unpredictable. Any claim of guaranteed returns is generally considered suspicious.
    2. Artificial Scarcity: The page uses phrases like “Only 43 Spots Left” to create a sense of urgency and scarcity, which can push visitors into making impulsive decisions without properly evaluating the risks involved.
    3. High-Pressure Sales Tactics: The funnel utilizes high-pressure sales tactics like “Hurry”, “Don’t Miss Out,” “CLAIM YOUR SPOT NOW,” etc. These tactics are designed to push the prospect into making a quick decision, potentially without conducting due diligence.
    4. Exaggerated User Testimonials: The funnel features multiple user testimonials claiming to have made large amounts of money in a short period of time. These could potentially be fabricated or exaggerated to convince new users of the legitimacy of the service.
    5. Promises of Instant Profits: The funnel states that the system is “programmed to trade only when it knows it will make an Instant Profit.” This is very unlikely, given the unpredictable nature of financial markets, and this kind of certainty is not generally possible.
    6. Lack of Information on Risks Involved: The funnel does not provide detailed information on the risks of trading cryptocurrencies. There is only a small section at the end where risks are mentioned, which may not be enough to inform the potential investors about the potential downsides.
    7. Absence of Clear Identity of the Operators: The operators of the funnel are not clearly identified. It’s essential to know who’s running the service, their background, and their credibility. This lack of transparency is another red flag.
    8. Depiction of Bitcoin as a ‘Safe Haven’: The funnel depicts Bitcoin as a safe asset “up over 400%” despite the world economy and stock markets in free fall. While Bitcoin has seen significant gains in the past, it is also known for its high volatility. Describing it as a surefire investment could be misleading.

    Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Cryptocurrency investments should be approached with caution and a thorough understanding of the associated risks.

    Bitcoin Bank Breaker ( is an automated trading software that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and Forex. The application provides automated and manual trading modes, using six of the most popular trading indicators and seven different timeframes to generate various trading signals. It claims to have an average daily return on investment of up to 60%, with users potentially earning double their invested capital in the first 8 hours of trading.

    Bitcoin Bank Breaker Review - Screenshot of

    The platform ensures safety and security with SSL (HTTPS) encryption and verified brokers. User privacy is also highly prioritized, with adherence to data privacy regulations, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    To use the platform, users must open an account, deposit funds (a minimum of $250 is required), and can then start trading either manually or using the automated mode. Bitcoin Bank Breaker also provides a dedicated account manager for new users and offers a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

    The platform claims to be transparent about fees, charging no deposit or withdrawal fees, or license fees. There is only a 2% commission on profits made through the platform, shared with the underlying brokers.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    However, Bitcoin Bank Breaker warns that trading with the platform can involve significant risks, and advises users not to invest more than they are prepared to lose.

    Domain Information was registered through Hosting Concepts B.V. on December 9, 2020, updated on December 14, 2022, and is set to expire on December 12, 2023. It is protected by Cloudflare and a privacy service by Whois Privacy Protection Foundation.

    Total visits in June 2023: 478 (according to SimilarWeb).

    Its Semrush Authority Score is 2%, with 22 backlinks from 8 referring domains, such as Traffic originates mainly from Germany, but also from other countries.

    Red Flags

    Looking at the “Bitcoin Bank Breaker” funnel, here are a few potential red flags:

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    1. Guaranteed Returns: One of the most prominent red flags is the promise of certain profits. No legitimate investment or trading platform can guarantee returns. They claim an average daily ROI of up to 60%, which is extremely high and likely unrealistic.
    2. Countdown Timer: The countdown timer, presumably to create urgency for the offer, can be a psychological manipulation technique often used by scams to pressure visitors into making hasty decisions without due consideration or research.
    3. Risk disclaimer: The extensive risk disclaimers suggest that the user may lose all of their invested capital. While it’s common for trading platforms to state that trading carries risks, the emphasis in this case seems unusually strong.
    4. Regulation Warning: The regulation warning says that the software is a marketing tool and doesn’t provide investment or brokerage services. This contradicts the rest of the page, which discusses the software performing trades and making profits.
    5. Language and Tone: The language and tone of the funnel is also worth noting. Phrases such as “you could also earn your first million in the first year of trading” are over-promising and lack specificity. Reviews

    The website ScamWatcher has published a review about Bitcoin Bank Breaker, stating it as a scam that should be avoided.

    This software is described as an automatic trading robot that uses deceptive tactics to make users deposit and lose their money.

    The site alleges that the algorithm Bitcoin Bank Breaker uses is rigged, winning a few initial trades to gain the user’s trust, then losing all the user’s money.

    It also promises unrealistically high daily profits, ranging from $950 to $2,200, which is a typical characteristic of fraudulent schemes.

    The identity of Bitcoin Bank Breaker’s founders remains anonymous, which further indicates its dubious nature.

    The Bitcoin Bank Breaker ( is a cryptocurrency trading platform offering a software application that supports automated market analysis and trading. The software is customizable to accommodate varying levels of trading expertise, from beginners to professional traders. It conducts technical and fundamental market analysis to provide trading signals for users.

    The Bitcoin Bank Breaker Review - Screenshot of

    The platform emphasizes security, protecting users’ financial transactions and personal data through SSL encryption and added security protocols.

    The app performs technical analysis using tools like price charts, the MACD line, and the 14-day RSI. It also handles market research and monitors the latest financial news to assist traders in making informed decisions about entry and exit points.

    The platform is accessible on various devices as long as they have a web browser and an internet connection. The software does not require prior knowledge of cryptocurrency trading, making it suitable for novices.

    Registration is free, and a minimum deposit of £250 is required to begin trading. The platform does not guarantee profits, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market. Instead, it provides accurate market data and signals to aid users in making potentially profitable trades.

    Domain Information

    Like, was registered through MainReg INC. It was registered on January 12, 2023, for one year. It is protected by Cloudflare.

    Total visits in June 2023: 567 (according to SimilarWeb).

    Its Semrush Authority Score is 10%, with 404 backlinks from 81 referring domains, such as Traffic originates mainly from Germany, France, and Turkey, but also from other countries.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Red Flags

    1. “Guaranteed” Returns: The Bitcoin Bank Breaker’s site includes strong implications about making easy money and promises of VIP status.
    2. Urgency: The site creates a sense of urgency, suggesting that registration will close soon.
    3. Lack of Transparency: The site doesn’t provide enough information about who is behind the platform.
    4. Data Privacy Concerns: In the disclaimer, they state that data may be shared with third-party vendors, partners, contractors, advertisers, and affiliates.
    5. No Details About Technology or Algorithms: While the website mentions the use of sophisticated technology and algorithms, it does not offer any details about these technologies or how they work, which is often a sign that the claims being made are not grounded in reality.
    6. Language and Grammar: Errors on a page can indicate lower quality or trustworthiness. Reviews

    The review of on the BeerMoneyForum indicates that it is a trading investment program promising high returns to investors.

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    The minimum investment requirement is $250, with leverage set at 1:100x.

    The deposit and withdrawal options include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and bank transfer.

    The program also offers a 5% referral commission.

    Scamadviser’s review of shows that the website is deemed potentially risky. Its trust score is rated as very low, with a score of 1/100.

    The website offers cryptocurrency services which can be high-risk, and anonymous payment methods were identified on the site. Furthermore, the site has been reported as unsafe by Trend Micro.

    Given these factors, Scamadviser advises extreme caution when using this website.

    Bitcoin Bank Breaker Review Conclusion

    After carefully reviewing five separate Bitcoin Bank Breaker marketing funnels, it appears these platforms may be engaging in potentially deceptive activities. While these funnels may not directly collect money from users, how they operate is suggestive of certain unethical practices in the realm of online marketing.

    These platforms seem primarily focused on gathering leads, collecting valuable user data that can be potentially sold to brokers, some of which may be illegitimate if not outright scams. This often involves the use of pressure tactics, fabricated testimonials, and unrealistic promises of earnings, which are all meant to entice potential users into providing their contact details.

    While not necessarily fraudulent, these Bitcoin Bank Breaker marketing funnels use methods that can be seen as misleading and potentially harmful to users. They capitalize on the allure of easy wealth through cryptocurrencies, while neglecting to provide the necessary warnings about the high risk of such investments.

    Ultimately, potential investors should exercise caution when interacting with these platforms. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and due diligence before sharing personal information or committing any funds. If a platform is found to lack transparency, make unrealistic promises, or rush you into making decisions, these are significant red flags that should not be ignored.

    As the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” This wisdom certainly applies to the world of cryptocurrency investments and is a valuable guide for anyone venturing into this often-volatile market.

    If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below, and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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