Yuan Pay Group Scam – Trading Fraud

Online trading has grown exponentially over the last few years. Unfortunately, scams targeting newbies in this space is also high and Yuan Pay Group also falls in this category. This bogus trading software claims to enable people pick winning trades with over 90% accuracy rate, but guess what?

Obviously, they are bluffing about their results and the reality says otherwise. People behind this platform are aggressively marketing themselves and are blatantly looting the public. Sadly, the average trader cannot spot all of their flaws which makes them extremely vulnerable.

To get a clear idea about this bot and the reasons as to why you need to avoid it, continue reading. If you have lost money because of this scam, do not waste any time, leave a comment below and we will help you navigate the recovery process. 

Yuan Pay Group Scam

Is the Platform Regulated?

Yuan Pay Group is an unregulated entity. As the creators use multiple websites, we cannot even locate their physical address. In other words, they take every step necessary to maintain a low profile. Plus, the kind of liability clauses employed by them also gives us a pretty clear idea about their capabilities.

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Simply put, if you deposit with them, the chances of you making money is almost zero. Given every bit of information about them, no rational person would ever dare to share his or her confidential information with this firm.

After all, lack of regulation is a big red flag that one simply cannot ignore for any reason, right? Think about it, isn’t security of the funds the number one priority always. 

How does Yuan Pay Group Work?

Yuan Pay Group software allegedly uses cutting edge AI algorithms to find the best trading setups with high accuracy rate. Though the narrative sounds good on paper, you need to understand that the entire explanation is too vague.

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    Small details aren’t covered by them and more importantly, the key metrics and indicators employed by the algorithm are unknown. Trusting this bot with your money is nothing less than gambling, the odds are against you and it is only a matter of time before you lose the entire capital amount.

    Trading any instrument requires specific approaches and regardless of which method you choose, it is impossible to win 90% of the trades. If anyone claims to have a ridiculously high win ratio, then always look for solid evidence. For any reason, if you cannot find verifiable records, then it is always better to walk away from the deal. 

    Profit Portrayed

    This trading bot is clever when it comes to making claims. At first, they advertise ridiculous win rates and flaunt their results. If you look closely, they do not state any dollar figure amount. In other words, unlike most scams, they do not promise any fixed dollar amount.

    They clearly have perfected the art of looting the innocent newbies. As a rule of thumb, never trust any firm, funds or other entities that promise double digit bank returns. Almost every asset class has its own cycles, merits and demerits. While it is possible to make money, we can assure you that the process isn’t going to be simple or easy. 

    User Reviews

    As we mentioned before, the Yuan Pay Group scam is indeed popular. Many people have lost money because of it and hundreds of users have shared their input on forums and other niche related sites.

    Looking at the negative comments and ratings, it becomes clear that the only ones making money are the fraud brokers and the creators of this platform. Checkout the comments we have gathered from Trustpilot. Do you still believe this bot?

    Im receiving 20 scam calls a day after register on Yuan pay. They are using my mobile number and email address used to register.I have already blocked atleast 100 number but still getting calls from different numbers. Highlight of the today is getting whatsapp messages from unknown numbers. Can anybody help me to pullout me from this situation.Thanks

    Big scam if you fall for it. Play them like they try to play us.

    I knew from the minute i signed up and received a phone within seconds of signing up it was a scam.

    Just tell them you know its a scam and they will stop calling.

    I keept messaging the guy who was ringing me, playing with him telling him i just invested 2million Aud and i will be telling my friends to invest millions. Have not heard from them since😅

    Yuan Pay Group Scam or not?

    Yuan Pay Group is a scam. They promise results that are simply way too good to be true. Moreover, there is no regulation present and the management side is not transparent. After going over everything associated with this portal, it is indeed hard to tolerate the way they operate.

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    Making big bucks via trading is a goal many of us have. However, do not let cheap gimmicks and false narratives fool you into depositing with them. Remember, nothing comes easily and if anyone says otherwise, there is most likely a hidden agenda present. 

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    Trading scams are becoming way too common. With the advent of the cryptocurrencies, scammers are making a fortune by misleading the newbies. Going forward, be careful when it comes to choosing the right software and broker. Moreover, never stray away from regulated alternatives. 

    Yuan Pay Group Scam is indeed a viral one, help others discover their true motives by sharing this post. 

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