365HasHost Review: Investigating a Cryptocurrency Scam

Welcome to our 365HasHost review, in which we investigate the website currently found at 365hashost.com.

We came across this website after reading a scam report from April 6, 2023 on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Scam Tracker. The report was made by a Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States who claims to have been scammed for $987 by 365hashost.com, which they claim is a cryptocurrency scam.

In November 2023, the reviewer was contacted on Twitter by someone named Brittney Oliver (@britoliver026) who claimed to live in Bozeman, Montana, USA. Brittney claimed to be a Crypto pioneer and offered a new way to make significant profits mining Crypto.

After several months of debating, the reviewer decided to risk $1000 by transferring it to Crypto.com, as per Brittney’s insistence, and then converting it to Bitcoin and transferring it to Brittney’s company’s website, 365hashost.com. After 12 days of mining, the reviewer had $50,282.78 in profit, but the company insisted on an additional payment of $9,000.61 to access the funds. The reviewer refused to pay and had conversations with Brittney and the website’s support, both of whom raised suspicions of being non-native speakers.

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The website was created in October 2022 and had sketchy details. The reviewer has copies of direct messages, contracts, certificates, and reports from the company. The website is now blocked, likely due to the reviewer’s refusal to pay more money. The reviewer has reported the incident to Twitter, FCC, Minnesota State AG’s office, and is a retired Vietnam veteran living on a pension and social security, and considers this a crime against a senior citizen.

So is 365hashost.com indeed a SCAM?

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    365HasHost Review

    365hashost.com is a domain registered with OwnRegistrar, Inc. on October 13, 2022, and is set to expire on October 14, 2023. It is hosted by HOSTINGER US.

    It has a very low Semrush Authority Score of 2 and a Semrush Domain Rank of 0. It has 5 backlinks from 2 referring domains, with no new backlinks since March 16. The backlinks are primarily in the form of forms and text, with 80% being follow links and 20% being nofollow links. The domain has been mentioned on other websites, including “cryptopaysignal.com” and “scam-detector.com” in the past. The domain has been seen on various pages since February 2023.

    Based on their homepage, 365HasHost is a platform that offers services for crypto mining, trading, and investing. They have investment plans with different minimum deposits and minimum returns.

    Three investment packages are offered by the company for individuals interested in investing in cryptocurrency mining. Here’s a brief overview of each package:

    1. M30S+ 100.0 Th/s: This package requires a minimum deposit of $700 and offers a mining power of 100.0 Terahashes per second (Th/s). It has an investment duration of 12 days and guarantees a minimum return of 15%.
    2. S19 95.0 Th/s: This package requires a minimum deposit of $11500 and offers a mining power of 95.0 Th/s. It has an investment duration of 28 days and guarantees a minimum return of 25%.
    3. S19 Pro 110.0 Th/s: This package requires a minimum deposit of $50000 and offers a mining power of 110.0 Th/s. It has an investment duration of 38 days and guarantees a minimum return of 50%.

    They claim to offer 24/7 live chat support. Mobile access for mining and trading is available.

    365HasHost claims to use renewable energy sources for mining, making it environmentally friendly.

    Who is behind 365HasHost? According to their About page, 365HasHost is a Crypto Mining and Trading Company that provides an investment management platform for investors. This platform is ideal for hedge or mutual fund managers, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency miners, and traders who want to run a Mining Pool and Trading System.

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    Unfortunately, no information is provided about the company and people behind this website.

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    To contact 365HasHost,

    • you can call their phone number at (202) 505-2802 (a District of Columbia, USA number)
    • email them at support@365hashost.com,
    • or visit their address in VA 23922, USA. (Full address is not provided; 23922 is a postal code in Virginia that covers Burkeville, Burkes Tavern, and Moran.)

    The website also has a “Get in Touch!” section where you can submit a finance question with your name, email, and message, and there’s also a live chat widget.

    On their FAQ, we find content that can be found in another websites:

    For example, “Bitcoin is a form of digital currency which is based on an open source code that was created and is held electronically. Bitcoin is a decentralized form of currency, meaning that it does not belong to any form of government and is not controlled by anyone.” This exact text can be found on the following websites:

    • biz-coin.com
    • calpixfinance.com
    • primax-investment.com
    • alphapremiumfx.com
    • traderealdeal.com
    • tibc.ch
    • dermasofttattoo.com
    • anabitcointraders.com
    • sureprofittrade.com (defunct)
    • assetplusminers.net
    • bitmacrotrade.net
    • supereva-incomes.com (defunct)
    • megcointradex.com (defunct)
    • pressinterest.net
    • globecurrency-traders.com (defunct)

    (And these is a partial list!)

    Some of these websites look very similar to 365hashost.com and most if not all of them may be scams.

    365HasHost Reviews

    According to 365HasHost reviews, 365HasHost.com is a website that claims to offer cryptocurrency mining, trading, and investment services to over 2 million customers. However, it may be a fraudulent platform, and caution should be exercised when dealing with it. The website lacks regulation, does not specify its owners and management team, and has a poorly designed website, which raises questions about its authenticity and transparency.

    The company makes attractive claims about its services, such as powerful platforms, high leverage, fast execution, and 24/7 live chat support, but these claims may not be delivered upon. The investment plans offered have guaranteed returns, which is unusual in the investment industry, and the lack of functional contact information and questionable customer reviews raise further concerns about the website’s legitimacy.

    On Beer Money Forum, a thread started by Monisha Shetty on November 14, 2022, discusses the website 365hashost.com, which was a new high yield investment program (HYIP) offering different percentage returns after specific days. The minimum investment amount is $1500, and they offer a 5% referral reward. Payment methods accepted include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bitcoin Cash.

    Bottom Line

    Based on the information gathered, 365HasHost appears to be a suspicious cryptocurrency investment platform with sketchy details, low authority score, and limited information about its owners.

    The website has been reported for potential scam activities, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received a complaint about it.

    The investment plans offered by 365HasHost promise high returns but lack transparency and legitimacy.

    Investors should exercise caution and do thorough research before investing in this platform or any similar ones.

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    If you have are a victim of these scammers, please let us know by commenting below and if you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

    For reference here’s the complete complaint from the BBB (with a few spelling/grammatical corrections):

    I was contacted on Twitter by a person who said her name was Brittney Oliver (@britoliver026) in November 2023. She seemed legitimate and claimed to live in Bozeman, MT. We talked for three months, and I have transcripts of our direct messages (DMs). She said she was a crypto pioneer and her company had a new way to make incredible returns by mining crypto. They offered three plans. After debating with her for months, I finally decided to risk $1000. My bank is USAA, and I had them set up a way to transfer that amount to Crypto.com, which is what Brittney kept insisting was the only way to make the transaction. Once that method was set up, I sent the money to Crypto.com, converted it to Bitcoin, and transferred it to her company’s website, 365hashost.com.

    Then began 12 days of mining, at the end of which I had $50,282.78 in profit. They were supposed to issue me a certificate of withdrawal, and their commission was 17.9%, which I assumed they would take out of the profit. However, they insisted that I had to pay them an additional $9,000.61 in order to access my profit and withdraw it. I refused to do that. I talked with Brittney through DM many times, and also had a conversation with their site’s support (who did not sound like a native speaker) who just referred me back to Brittney (who has also said things that made me suspicious she was not a native speaker or a psychology graduate as she claimed) and she would not change her position. I told her that the only way I could pay them that amount was if they released my “profits” or enough of it, to allow me to do so. She said that was against blockchain rules and company procedure, and would not budge from that position.

    I checked the website, which was created in October 2022, and found sketchy details on it, although it “looks” legitimate. The picture of Brittney is that of a young woman, and the Twitter account was created in 2012 (which I just noticed when I reported her to Twitter), and she does not look old enough to have been able to create the account back then. Given the amount of tweets, I suspect someone has taken over a dormant account – that happens a lot on Twitter, where I received lots of DMs from “young Asian women” who want to be friends, regardless of the fact that I’m 73 years old, and I block all of them.

    I created a Word document and copied all of Brittney’s direct messages, my questions, and her responses. I have copies of a “contract” they sent me after I made my deposit, allegedly written by an attorney, but it is so poorly worded that no attorney would ever create such a thing. I also have copies of the Certificate of Mining and Withdrawal Permit. Today, when I tried to access the website, I received an error message stating “Your account has been blocked by admin!” I imagine this is because I refused to give them more money.

    I invested $1000, but due to Crypto.com fees, my investment was reduced and there’s only a small amount of money left. However, I can’t withdraw it because the site requires a minimum of $100 for withdrawal, which I’m willing to let go as it’s likely lost forever. I do have the address where I sent the money: bc1qpt0mknwf6s05wm6grw8vuegd9vfcs4pcu2lcrk. I also have copies of daily reports they sent me, claiming that $987.55 was invested and $50,282.78 in profit was allegedly returned in just 12 days. They also sent me a demand for payment to release the funds. I believe this website should be investigated and taken down as it appears to be a crime against a senior citizen. I’m a retired Vietnam veteran living on a pension and social security since 12/30/18. I have reported this to Twitter, the FCC, and the Minnesota State AG’s office, who suggested I report it to you. You have my permission to share any or all of this information with the FBI or any other agency you choose. Thank you for any assistance you can provide in stopping these people. I know she is active, as she mentioned other clients and online meetings. I can provide copies of all the documents upon your request.

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