Cryptoatcost Review – Legitimate Cloud Mining?

Welcome to our Cryptoatcost Review regarding the website currently found at

In today’s world, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more mainstream, and with this increased popularity, comes the need for secure and reliable ways to invest in them.

CryptoatCost is a platform that claims to offer just that, by allowing users to purchase virtual miners to mine Bitcoin quickly.

They also offer staking services and an affiliate program for their customers.

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In this review, we will take a closer look at CryptoatCost to see if it’s a trustworthy platform that you should consider for your crypto investments.

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Cryptoatcost Review

The domain was registered on March 14, 2021 for 2 years through, LLC. It is hosted by Squarespace, Inc. and protected by Cloudflare.

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    The website is ranked 4,198,464 globally and 258,762 in Italy. In January 2023, it received less than 5,000 visitors, according to SimilarWeb.

    Its Semrush Authority Score is 8% and it has 838 backlinks from 178 referring domains, many of them come from a similar named site,, but none of them from any legitimate websites.

    Indexed on Google, we find the following pages:

    • – Login page
    • – Registration page
    • – Password reset page
    • – About their facilities
    • – Staking services
    • – About the CryptoatCost CCT Token
    • – About their affiliate program
    • – a Black Friday 2022 promotion in which CryptoatCost offered discounts up to 90% off.

    At the homepage of, we learn that CryptoatCost is a service that allows users to purchase virtual miners to start mining bitcoin quickly.

    They offer virtual miners, staking, and affiliate services to customers.

    They have multiple facilities with custom rack space, efficient ASIC miners, and expert electricians to take care of power needs.

    Site 1 was the first location based on traditional datacenter design and has both GPU rigs and various ASIC miners.

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    Site 2 is designed like a warehouse and uses external air exchanging for cooling, while Site 3 is built using their standard configuration and has multiple ASIC Bitcoin miners.

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    They also offer a CaC Wallet account.

    They offer a range of packages with different prices and corresponding profits, which change depending on the current value of bitcoin, network hashrate, and cost of power.

    The profitability of the virtual miners is recalculated hourly and is based on key factors such as the price of bitcoin, time of day, and weather.

    They claim the company has been in business for nine years and is financially backed by multiple investors.

    However, as we’ve seen in the Whois Records, the website has been registered 2 years ago and unless renewed, will expire next month, in March 2023.

    They accept credit card, bank wire, and various cryptocurrencies as payment methods, and users can withdraw their earnings to a BTC wallet or use them to purchase more virtual miners.

    In the event of a bitcoin crash, Crypto Atcost will finance the hydro costs to keep the miners running, and users will be charged a fee to cover the interest charges on the financed power.

    The virtual miners are owned by the users for life, and the company charges a 5% fee only at withdraw to keep the miners running and perform repairs.


    CryptoatCost has introduced a new staking option for its CaC Wallet App, allowing users to earn up to 20% APY on their Bitcoin balance. For a limited time, users can earn 30% APY on their staked BTC.

    The staking process involves selecting a staking term and monitoring progress through the CaC Wallet App. Multiple staking positions can be added, and users can watch their balance grow.

    CCT – Cryptoatcost Token

    CryptoatCost offers a CCT staking program that allows users to earn 200% APY.

    The CCT token is an ERC20 token used for staking rewards, leverage, and trading, and has a fixed maximum supply of 1 billion tokens.

    The token is held using CryptoatCost user Ethereum wallets and cold treasury wallets.

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    The long-term plan for the token includes using it on any platform, and to prevent token crashes, it is not allowed to be transferred to any public liquidity pool.

    Users can exchange CCT to USDC inside the CryptoatCost exchange.

    On, there’s a page with unverified information about the CryptoatCost (CCT) and USD Coin (USDC) tokens on the EthereumUniswap exchange. It shows the current price, liquidity, volume, total supply, holders, market cap, and transactions. There are also details about the trading pairs and the pool created. The information is automatically generated from on-chain data.

    Affiliate Program

    Crypto at Cost offers an affiliate program where users can refer new users and get 10% of their purchases instantly.

    Users can find their unique referral link in their CaC Wallet Settings tab and once a new user signs up using the link, the referrer will get 10% of their orders.

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    Users can view their affiliate history and sales in the Settings tab and can use their affiliate money to buy miners.

    Cryptoatcost Reviews

    When we searched online for reviews, we found some interesting pages.

    For example, we found a Google Support forum thread in which a user by the name of Shanmuga Pradeep asked if ads related to crypto and BTC are allowed in Google Ads. They provided their website URL for a cloud mining service, which includes a wallet.

    A Google product expert replied that the policy allows ads for businesses that do not pertain to the purchase, holding, or exchange of cryptocurrencies, but having a wallet could be seen as an exchange.

    Another expert stated that offering interest on held cryptocurrency could require more licenses and approval.

    We also found a ScamPulse review in which a user named Zena Conn reported losing $585 to, which is described as a cryptocurrency company located in Kitchener, Ontario. Zena bought a bitcoin miner for $600 in July 2022, which initially worked but stopped working a few months later. claimed that Zena’s miner was turned off due to the “crash” of bitcoin, but this argument is invalid because bitcoin was lower at the time. The company has not provided requested information such as the terms and agreement for the miner and the date the miner was shut off. has also blocked Zena from asking them questions in their support hub.

    On TrustPilot there’s one review in Italian posted on December 01, 2022:

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    Two years ago, I purchased two lifetime mining contracts from a fraudulent bitcoin mining company. They promised to mine bitcoins and generate $30 worth of coins per day, but in reality, they produced very little, if anything at all.

    Recently, the company changed its name from Cloudatcost to Cryptoatcost and is now trying to force me to switch to their paid machines or lose the contracts altogether. This is truly dishonest and fraudulent. I have given up on ever getting my money back.

    We also found another review with some comments from users. According to the review, Cryptoatcost is a cloud mining platform that offers Bitcoin and Ethereum mining contracts. The company purchases miners and sets them up for clients, who do not have to spend much on mining equipment before starting.

    Crypto At Cost calculates power and cooling, which is automatically deducted from mining funds, and charges a 5% fee to keep the miners running and perform repairs, only taken at withdrawal. During low Bitcoin value periods that cause negative mining profitability, additional fees are added to clients’ withdrawals to compensate.

    The company’s customer support service is through live chat, but the agents are offline, making contact difficult. Cryptoatcost’s legitimacy is under verification, and until then, it is not recommended to invest in them.

    A comment by Ron mentions their negative experience with Cloud at Cost as the company shut down their miners due to the inability to pay fees and make a profit, with BTC needing to be around $40k for profitable mining. The company is letting customers trade in T17 miners for S-19 miners and is selling S-19 packages that are still paying out. There is competition in the mining industry with higher hash rates.

    In a subsequent reply, another user claims to have wasted $4,000 on Cloud at Cost’s service, calling it a scam.

    There’s another website with the same Cryptoat Cost logo, but on a different URL: However, nothing’s on it yet.

    The domain was registered on December 29, 2011 for 19 years, however it was updated on October 24, 2021. It is also hosted by Squarespace, Inc., like, which strengthens the suspicion that both sites are owned by the same person.

    This website however is a lot more popular and received 17.6K visits during January 2023, according to SimilarWeb, mainly from Germany, but also from China, Italy, Brazil, Vietnam, and other countries. It’s also ranked 1,524,126 globally and 456,667 in Germany.

    Their Authority Score is 19% and they have 13.7K backlinks from 862 referring domains.

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    CloudatCost offers a range of cloud hosting services, including RS Cloud packages with varying levels of CPU, RAM, storage, and network speeds.

    The packages come with features such as NVMe storage, static IP address, instant deployment, 99.99% SLA network uptime, DDos protection, cPanel and Minecraft support, and access to a variety of operating system templates.

    Cloud RS is a monthly service that allows users to run production services and gives root access, while data usage is unmetered.

    CloudatCost offers Dedicated Servers with the DX series being their production level projects option:

    The DX1 server has Dual 8 Core Intel, 128 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and is available for $399/month.

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    The DX2 has Dual 8 Core Intel, 256 GB RAM, 2X 1TB SSD and is available for $599/month.

    The DX3 has Quad 10 Core Intel, 512 GB RAM, 4X 1TB SSD, and is available for $699/month.

    All servers support Linux, Windows, VMware ESX, and other OS with 10 Gbps Unmetered Net and 1 Static IPv4 with IPv6 Support.

    They also offer Root Access, Remote DRAC Management, and OS Templates.

    The company provides 1 Hour Support Response, 48 Hour Setup, and a Members Area for customers to access support and Frequently Asked Questions.

    CloudatCost claims to provide 24/7 support and offers the ability to upgrade or downgrade resources on the next monthly billing cycle.

    However, for contact details, they only seem to offer a ticket service.

    They also have a Twitter account (@cloudatcost) and their Facebook page is no longer active.

    The company has multiple data centers in Canada and plans to expand to other locations in the US.

    Based on their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, in which their score is an F, their address is 235 Ardelt Ave, Kitchener, ON N2C 2M3, Canada.

    Also on their BBB page are two customer reviews and three complaints. One customer complained about the unreliability of the service, the loss of data, and the company’s dishonesty about their one-time payment policy. Another customer expressed frustration over the lack of support for ongoing issues.

    The complaints are regarding the company’s failure to honor their lifetime package agreements, and instead, imposing additional fees, blocking customer access to the service, and demanding new fees to access existing packages.

    The BBB shows that there have been six complaints filed in the last three years, with a response rate of 17%, and three complaints closed in the past year. One complaint from January 2023 is still unanswered.

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    On TrustPilot they are ranked Bad with a 1.3 stars out of 5 based on 127 reviews.

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    They received several negative reviews from customers who have lost money and servers or had their service plan changed without warning. Customers claim that they had purchased lifetime subscriptions or one-time payments, but were then charged additional fees, had features removed, or were unable to access their servers.

    They also report that customer service is unresponsive to tickets or complaints, and that the company is using bait-and-switch tactics.

    Cryptoatcost Scam Review Conclusion

    In conclusion, the Cryptoatcost website offers a range of packages with different prices for virtual miners, staking, and affiliate services. They claim to have been in business for nine years and are backed by multiple investors. And while the website’s Whois Records show that it was registered only two years ago, they may be referring to their general business, including Cloudatcost.

    Their site is hosted by Squarespace, Inc. and protected by Cloudflare, and they accept various cryptocurrencies, bank wire, and credit cards as payment methods. The Cryptoatcost website also offers an affiliate program, staking options, and CCT tokens.

    There are some negative reviews regarding the legitimacy of the website, including claims of lost funds. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise caution while considering their services.

    The association of Cryptoatcost to Cloudatcost is protective, we feel, since Cloudatcost seems to be a legitimate albeit not perfect company with a significant client base and long standing.

    Still, with the amount of complaints we’re seeing about these companies, it might be wise to research any alternative companies to do business with.

    If you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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