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Welcome to our Global Recovery Services review, regarding the website currently found at

Three days ago, on February 17, 2023, we received the following report from a person who claims losing $10,000:

I contacted Global Recovery Services to help me recover money that I was scammed out of by Titan Trade. Initially, I worked with Investment Recovery Services, which later changed its name to W F Trades before becoming Global Recovery Services.

I have paid them approximately $10,000 to recover around $41,000 from Titan Trade. However, the company has been requesting more money from me, without providing any results. I am concerned if this company is a scam.

So are Global Recovery Services, Investment Recovery Services, and W F Trades scams?

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Global Recovery Services (GRS)

There are several websites that use this name, including:

  • seems to be an unfinished website, however they seem to be involved in recovering unclaimed funds, and not scammed funds.

BFA’s Global Recovery Services Group provides legal recovery services to institutional clients globally in the area of investor recovery.

Get in touch with our affiliated Bitcoin Forensic Investigators at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below. appears to be a full a Malay debt collection company with expertise in various industries and a mission to conduct recovery professionally to safeguard the good image of clients’ organizations at all times. is an international recovery agent providing claims management and recovery services to its clients in marine and non-marine industries, with a focus on cargo claims recovery.

    The only website titled Global Recovery Services that is involved in scam recovery is

    Investment Recovery Services

    As for Investment Recovery Services, we find: – a company specializing in investment recovery services, which involves the sale of industrial assets, including machinery and equipment, real estate, and other manufacturing assets through auctions. – a company that specializes in surplus asset sales and process management to maximize the return on clients’ original investment. – a company that helps investors who lost money in company investments and their shares subsequently became of negligible value to claim tax relief refunds on a no win no fee basis, and only makes initial contact by post.

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    So none of these seem to be relevant to our investigation. So perhaps the “Investment Recovery Services” mentioned in the report above really did change its name to W F Trades?

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    W F Trades

    We find no website which has, or used to have, this name.

    So, all we have to work with for this investigation is the website currently found at

    GlobalRecoveryServices Review

    The domain was registered on July 28, 2022 for one year through NameSilo, LLC. The only information contained about the registrant contact in the Whois Records is the location Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic (DN, DO). The website is hosted by Server Central Network.

    The website is ranked 6,350,662 globally and 82,219 in the Dominican Republic. It has received less than 5,000 visits on January 2023, according to SimilarWeb.

    According to Semrush, their Authority Score is 0% and they have no backlinks.

    The website claims to be a company that specializes in investment fraud, stock loss recovery, and helping businesses and individuals recover money stolen by fraudsters.

    Global Recovery Services is a company that offers professional and affordable representation for investors who have suffered from investment fraud or stockbroker misconduct.

    They provide knowledge and expertise in the securities industry to help clients recover stock market losses due to investment fraud or misconduct.

    The company has allegedly completed over 1100 unrelated investor claims in securities arbitration since its inception in January 2018 and has a success rate of approximately 50% for claims that go to hearing.

    However, as we have already seen, this website was only registered in 2022 which contradicts their claim of being active since January 2018.

    They offer a free initial consultation and only charge clients if they receive a settlement for them.

    The company specializes in cases where stockbrokers violated provisions of the Rules of Fair Practice established by the FINRA.

    Is Globalrecoveryservices a Scam?

    There are several red flags that raise doubts about the legitimacy of this website.

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    Firstly, there is a problem with the information they provide regarding the company’s physical address, which is often a sign of a scam.

    The company’s office address is claimed to be:

    1900 N Bayshore Dr 1a 136 1028, Miami, FL 33132, USA

    However, according to Google Maps, this address looks like an apartment building, and not an office.

    Phone numbers include:

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    • (877) 750-5556
    • (888) 904-1316
    • (877) 750-5556 (WhatsApp)

    Support mail:

    Administration mail:

    Links to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on the website do not work. Another red flag.

    Secondly, the website does not provide any information about the people behind the company, their credentials, or their experience in the field of investment fraud and stock loss recovery.

    It is also not clear if the company is registered with any regulatory agency, which is another sign of a potential scam.

    Thirdly, the website uses testimonials from purported clients, but there is no way to verify if these testimonials are genuine.

    Testimonials can be easily fabricated or bought, and without any way to verify them, they cannot be considered as reliable evidence of the company’s performance.

    We turn to third party websites, such as TrustPilot, to look for Globalrecoveryservices reviews, however we cannot find any.

    Finally, the website has several grammatical errors and awkward phrasing, which is not a reassuring sign of a legitimate company.

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    They even have an empty blog indexed on Google, which contains only the default WordPress post titled “Hello world” and on their Privacy Policy, they did not even bother to edit out the “Suggested Text” label from the template they used.

    Bottom Line – Is Globalrecoveryservices Legit or a SCAM?

    Overall, based on the lack of transparency, the absence of physical contact details, the use of unreliable testimonials, and the poor quality of the website, it is possible that is highly likely to be a scam.

    It is recommended that investors exercise caution when dealing with this company and conduct thorough research before entrusting them with any sensitive financial information or money.

    If you have been scammed by Global Recovery Services, or if you have any information about them, please let us know by commenting below.

    And if you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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