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Introduction: Reviewing markets itself as a versatile trading platform for cryptocurrencies, forex, and ETFs. However, despite its claims of being a regulated company, our investigation reveals it lacks any official trading license. This significant oversight raises concerns about the platform’s legality and the safety of user investments.

Before engaging with, we strongly recommend that potential users read our comprehensive review. This will provide detailed insights into the platform’s operations and help traders decide whether. is a reliable choice for their trading needs. Let’s investigate the specifics to uncover the truth behind’s regulatory status and trading practices.

Overview of, launched on October 20, 2023, positions itself as a premier platform for cryptocurrency and forex trading, boasting claims of being the best broker and top platform for margin trading. However, despite these bold assertions, there is no evidence of any awards or certifications to substantiate these claims, raising concerns about the authenticity and credibility of the accolades presented.

Further investigation into their customer support reveals significant deficiencies. does not provide functional customer support, a critical service component for any trading platform. Especially in the high-stakes environment of crypto and forex trading. The lack of accessible support complicates the resolution of user issues and casts doubt on the platform’s commitment to its users’ trading experience.

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The platform’s ‘About’ section also offers scant details about key operational aspects. Important information such as the CEO’s identity, details about the investors, user policies, and associated trading risks are notably absent or inadequately explained. This lack of transparency in crucial areas further diminishes the trustworthiness of

Given these points, potential users and traders should approach with caution. The absence of essential supportive evidence and adequate customer service. Combined with a lack of clear operational details, suggests that further scrutiny and caution are advised before committing to trade on the platform.

Red Flags of exhibits several red flags that potential users should consider before engaging with the platform. These concerns highlight significant risks and call into question the platform’s reliability and integrity:

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    List of Red Flags
    1. Unregulated: operates without regulatory oversight, a fundamental requirement for financial trading platforms. The absence of regulation means. is not held to standard financial regulations designed to protect investors, increasing the risk of fraud and misuse of funds.
    2. Fake Claims: advertises itself as the best crypto and forex broker and the top margin trading platform. However, it fails to provide evidence or recognition, such as awards or certifications, to support these claims. This lack of substantiation suggests that these accolades may be exaggerated or fabricated to attract users.
    3. Unavailable Trading App: While promotes a mobile trading application on its homepage, Google Play and App Store searches reveal no such app. Additionally, their website has no direct download link or further information. This discrepancy points to misleading advertising and could frustrate users expecting mobile trading capabilities.
    4. Unclear About Section: The website’s ‘About’ section is vague, lacking critical information about the platform’s leadership, investor details, user policies, and the risks associated with trading. This omission detracts from the platform’s transparency and makes it difficult for users to understand who they are dealing with and the terms of engagement.
    5. No Customer Support: The absence of customer support is a serious concern, leaving users without a direct means to resolve issues, ask questions, or receive assistance. Effective customer service addresses problems and ensures a positive user experience, especially in complex trading environments.

    These red flags suggest that may not be a trustworthy or safe trading platform. Potential investors should exercise caution, conduct thorough due diligence, and consider more transparent and regulated alternatives for their trading activities.

    BBB Complaint

    On April 12, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $240:

    The scammer used the initial amount to convince me I would make thousands of dollars. He then began calling me twice a week, urging me to invest more in cryptocurrency to see significant returns. When I resisted his demands, I started receiving calls from three other alleged scammers, all trying to persuade me to invest with them in cryptocurrencies for substantial rewards. My account with SwissCoinco increased by $42.09, which I believe was an incentive to invest more. I have repeatedly requested the scammers to return my original investment of US $250, but to no avail. I have been given the runaround with no return calls to address my request. My original contact at SwissCoinco was a Mr. Alex Brown, ID 80396257 (I am sure they are fictitious names).


    In conclusion, presents multiple red flags that should give potential users pause before engaging with the platform. The lack of regulatory oversight and unsubstantiated claims of being the top trading platform. Casts significant doubt on its credibility and operational integrity. The inability to verify the existence of their advertised mobile trading app further contributes to the concerns about misleading information.

    Moreover, the vague details provided in the ‘About’ section and the complete absence of customer support undermine the platform’s transparency and reliability—essential attributes for any financial service provider. Given these substantial issues, potential traders should approach with caution. Thorough research, due diligence, and consideration of more established and transparent platforms are recommended to ensure the security and effectiveness of their investment activities.

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