Norton 360 Antivirus Review – Is it worth it?

Norton 360 Antivirus Review >> Antivirus software is extremely important nowadays. With the amount of viruses and malware out there, it’s essential to have some form of protection. Antivirus software can help to protect your computer from these threats and keep your system running smoothly.

Even if you’re careful about what you click on and download, it’s still a good idea to have an antivirus program installed. No one is perfect, and accidents happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your computer.

Norton 360 Antivirus is a comprehensive security solution that offers protection against a wide range of threats, including viruses, malware, and online attacks. It features a powerful engine that can detect and remove even the most sophisticated threats.

Additionally, it includes a robust firewall that helps to protect your system from online attacks. Overall, Norton 360 Antivirus is an excellent security solution that offers comprehensive protection against a wide range of threats.

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Norton 360 Antivirus Review

Norton 360 Antivirus in a Nutshell

Norton 360 is designed to work silently in the background, protecting your computer from online threats. It uses heuristics and signatures to identify and block malware. The firewall blocks incoming and outgoing network traffic, and the other security features help to protect your privacy and prevent identity theft.

This software is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. It is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Norton 360 Security Features

Below, we have covered the noteworthy features this software has to offer. Keep in mind that this antivirus solution is good, but not perfect which means you need to follow safe browsing practices. Also, regularly backup your data and do not forget to change your passwords from time to time. Using 2 FA login method is also always a good idea. 

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    Real time Protection

    Norton 360 is an all-in-one security solution that provides real-time protection from threats. It features a powerful firewall that blocks incoming threats, and a powerful antivirus engine that detects and removes malware. It also includes a web filtering component that blocks dangerous websites, and a safe browsing feature that warns you of malicious links. 

    Password Manager

    Norton 360’s Password Manager is a great tool for keeping your passwords safe and secure. It allows you to create strong passwords that are difficult to crack, and it stores them in a secure, encrypted format.

    You can also use the Password Manager to generate random passwords for new accounts, and to automatically log in to your existing accounts. The Password Manager is a great way to keep your online accounts safe and secure.

    Webcam Protection

    Norton Antivirus provides webcam protection to help keep your privacy safe from prying eyes. This feature helps to block unauthorized access to your webcam, and also alerts you if any programs attempt to access your webcam without your permission.

    You can also choose to have all webcam activity automatically disabled when the software is running, so that no one can access your webcam without your knowledge. With Norton, you can be sure that your privacy is always protected.


    The Norton 360 Firewall is a powerful security tool that helps to protect your computer from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. It is designed to block incoming connections from known or suspected hackers and also to prevent outgoing connections to known or suspected malicious websites. The Norton 360 Firewall is easy to use and it provides a great deal of protection for your computer.

    Enhanced VPN

    Norton 360 Enhanced VPN is an advanced and comprehensive VPN solution that provides superior online protection and privacy. It encrypts your data and hides your IP address, so your online activities are safe from snooping and cyber threats. Enhanced VPN also gives you access to blocked websites and content, so you can browse the internet freely and securely.

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    Norton 360 Darkweb Monitoring

    Norton 360’s Darkweb Monitoring feature is a tool that can help you keep an eye on your personal information and protect your identity. This feature monitors the Darkweb for any mention of your personal information, and if anything is found, you’ll be notified so you can take action to protect yourself. This is an important tool for anyone who is concerned about their online privacy, and it’s a great way to stay informed and proactive about your personal security.

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    Customer Support

    The customer support offered by Norton is excellent, and they provide a variety of ways to get help if you need it. You can contact them by phone, chat, or email, and they also have a robust knowledge base and FAQ section on their website. In addition, Norton 360 customer support is available 24/7, so you can always get help when you need it.

    Mobile App and Interface

    Norton 360 Mobile App provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your security settings and keeping your devices safe. The app includes features such as a security scanner, malware removal, and a password manager. You can also use the app to find lost or stolen devices, and to remotely wipe them if necessary. The Norton 360 Mobile App is a valuable tool for keeping your devices safe and secure.

    Is Norton 360 worth it?

    There’s no simple answer to the question of whether Norton 360 is worth it. The price tag is significant, but so is the level of protection it offers. If you’re looking for comprehensive security for your devices, Norton 360 is definitely worth considering.

    However, if you’re on a tight budget, there are other options available that may be more suitable. Ultimately, the decision of whether Norton 360 is worth it depends on your specific needs and priorities.

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