VIPDexTradingSolutions ORG Scam Alert (2023)

This is a SCAM ALERT regarding a website which is called VIPDexTradingSolutions (

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Recently, on January 28, 2023, we received the following complaint regarding

I invested all my student funds on the website, but they won’t allow me to withdraw my money. When I tried to withdraw, it says “pending” and “unable to withdraw.

I have tried to contact them through text messages and emails, but they are unresponsive. They sent me an email saying that I need to pay a $3610 “signal fee” in order to withdraw my money. I paid the fee, but my withdrawal remains pending and they keep demanding more money.

A quick Google search reveals that vipdextradingsolutions used to be found at, which is no longer available, and now the website has moved to

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That’s a strong indication it was a scam. was registered on July 17, 2022 for one year through NameCheap. It has a Semrush Authority Score of 1% with 37 backlinks, but none of them from any trustworthy websites. was registered on November 17, 2022, also for one year. It has an Authority Score of 0 with no backlinks.

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    Several reviews were left on WikiFX regarding VIP Dex Trading Solutions. VIP Dex Trading Solutions has been accused of being a scam. Customers are unable to withdraw their funds and have received various excuses to avoid the withdrawal. The company has also been making unsolicited calls claiming it’s a rare opportunity, but has been identified as a potential scam.

    Let’s move on to check out and see if there are indications it’s a scam.

    VIPDexTradingSolutions Scam: Screenshot of Homepage

    VIP Dex Trading Solutions Review

    VIP Dex Trading Solutions is a financial investment company registered in the United States, established by a group of professional traders and investors in 2016.

    This is laughable since we have already showed their website is about 2 months old, and even their original website is less than 1 year old.

    They claim to offer innovative platforms and tools for investment, trading, and loan access, operating by allocating funds deposited by clients to different sectors of their investment strategy and offering daily earnings and the option to reinvest after trading cycles.

    They also offer consultancy services and claim to have a 99.999% uptime accuracy for their trading systems.

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    To contact them, you can use an email address:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • contact form
    • or live chat

    They also provide the following US address: 6595 Boles Road Johns Creek, GA 3009, a residential address at which Google Maps shows two other companies that look like scams, Fxoptiontradelive LTD ( & AtlanticFxMarket ( Both of these website are defunct.

    Searching Google for this address reveals several other scam websites, including:

    • (defunct)

    There’s even a UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) warning against another similar website,, which is defunct.

    The fact that all these sites are using the same fake contact details is a clear indication not only that they are a scam, but also that the same owners are behind them all.

    Further analysis reveals the magnitude of this scam network, which includes the following sites as well (most of which are defunct):

      3. (active)
      4. (active)
      7. (active)
      9. (active)
      13. (active)
      14. (active)
      15. (active)
      17. (active)
      18. (active)
      22. (active)
      23. (active)
      26. (active)
      29. (active)
      31. (active)
      32. (active)
      35. (active)
      38. (active)
      39. (active)
      41. (active)
      44. (active)
      47. (active)
      48. (active)
      49. (active)
      51. (active)
      53. (active)
      55. (active)
      57. (active)
      60. (active)
      61. (active)
      62. (active)
      63. (active)
      64. (active)
      65. (active)
      66. (active)
      67. (active)
      70. (active)
      71. (active)
      73. (active)
      74. (active)
      75. (active)
      76. (active)
      79. (active)
      81. (active)
      84. (active)
      85. (active)
      89. (active)
      92. (active)
      93. (active)
      94. (active)
      95. (active)

    VIPDexTradingSolutions SCAM! Bottom Line

    In conclusion, the website, which claims to be a financial investment company, is likely a scam.

    Several red flags have been raised, including the fact that the website is less than a year old, the authorities score of the website is low, and other scam websites are using the same fake contact details.

    The website is demanding more money from clients who are trying to withdraw their funds, and there have been numerous complaints from clients who are unable to withdraw their money.

    The fact that the website is part of a larger scam network, with several other websites using the same fake contact details, is a clear indication that it is a scam.

    If you have any firsthand experience with the AVA FX Index scam, please comment below this VIP Dex Trading Solutions review and share your story with us.

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