Quedexlub: Is It a Scam?

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On July 4, 2023, a Kentucky, United States person filed the following complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam:

Very similar, I had registered with what turned out to be a fake exchange that I used for trading for a month but never actually had access to. When I tried to withdraw, it required me to submit a copy of my driver’s license, which seemed suspect. That’s when things started to snowball, and I realized I had been scammed. I can still see the account but can’t withdraw from it.

The complainer provided the following information regarding the scammer:

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  • Location: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Telephone: (213) 682-0016 (a Los Angeles, California area code)
  • Website: Quedexlub.com
  • Business name: Quedex

So what is Quedex Lub found at Quedexlub.com? And is it a SCAM?

Quedexlub.com Review

Quedexlub.com was registered through PublicDomainRegistry.com on June 5, 2023, for one year. Its Name Servers currently are ns1 and ns2.suspended-domain.com.

What did they do to get suspended just 3 months after they registered the domain?

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    The registrant’s contact information lists the name and organization as “lub,” both located in Hong Kong. The provided state is listed as “Other,” and the postal code is 999077. The country code for Hong Kong (HK) is also specified. The contact phone number is +852.67308658, and the email address is lub604@ainmails.com.

    The domain has a SEMrush Authority score of 2% with just 2 backlinks, from filmdaily.com and xploredomains.com. The Film Daily article is no longer available, but its slug was “rsb-releases-new-lists-of-crypto-scam-websites,” indicating this was a list of crypto scam websites that may have contained a link to quedexlub.com.

    The website is not indexed on Google, but on Wayback Machine, two snapshots are available from July 23, 2023. However, it only shows a progress bar. So we cannot view the contents of the website.

    Let’s move on then to Quedexlub.com reviews.

    Quedexlub Reviews

    According to Quedexlub.com reviews, this is indeed a cryptocurrency scam.

    Reviewers encountered issues with access to their accounts on quedexlub.com, mentioning that the platform turned out to be a fake cryptocurrency exchange.

    One reviewer was lured into the scam by a person named “Steve Alves,” who initially discussed real estate investments before diverting to cryptocurrency.

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    Funds appear to be stuck in the platform with no option for withdrawal.

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    An article by Yhang Mhany serves as an evaluative look into Quedexlub.com, a platform that claims to offer opportunities in cryptocurrency trading and investment. The platform entices users with various quick-return investment plans and a referral program aimed at expanding user engagement. However, the article raises several concerns that suggest users should approach Quedexlub with caution. For one, there is no clear information available about the platform’s ownership, which is a significant transparency issue. Furthermore, the website appears to reuse content from other sites, and it has a notably low trust score according to undisclosed research metrics.

    The article also underscores the general importance of online scam reviews. Such reviews serve multiple functions: they help individual users and businesses identify potential scams, raise broader awareness about fraudulent activities, and even contribute to holding scammers accountable by gathering and disseminating information that authorities can use. In addition to these general guidelines, the article provides specific tips for identifying scams, such as using domain registrar tools like WHOIS, reading online reviews, and employing personal judgment when browsing new websites.

    In sum, while Quedexlub.com offers various features that might seem attractive for cryptocurrency trading and investment, multiple red flags suggest that potential users should exercise extreme caution. The lack of transparent ownership, duplicated content, and a low trust score all contribute to the platform’s dubious legitimacy. Given the inherently volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, it is advised that anyone considering investing in such platforms conduct thorough research and only invest what they can afford to lose.


    The ScamWatcher review of Quedexlub serves as a comprehensive warning against using the platform, highlighting numerous red flags for potential investors. First and foremost, Quedexlub is an unregulated investment platform, making it inherently risky for users. The absence of a regulatory framework means there’s a higher chance of fraudulent activities, as the platform doesn’t have to comply with any investor protection measures. Adding to the suspicion, Quedexlub is not transparent about its ownership or operations, which makes it difficult to hold anyone accountable in case things go wrong.

    The article goes into detail about various aspects of the platform that should raise concerns. It addresses the lack of proper customer support, revealing that while the platform might initially be responsive, communication is usually cut off once the company receives your money. Furthermore, the platform is also likely to persuade clients to make additional trades aggressively and may even charge exorbitant withdrawal fees, tactics that are typical of fraudulent schemes.

    Another major red flag is that the platform promises unrealistic returns, a classic lure used by scams to attract inexperienced traders and investors. The article also mentions that you risk not only your funds but also your personal information when you register on an unregulated and anonymous platform like Quedexlub. All these issues point to the conclusion that Quedexlub is an entity to be avoided, especially by those who are not well-versed in the risks associated with unregulated online trading platforms.

    Quedexlub Review on Scamadviser

    The website has a Trustscore of 1/100. Scamkillers and Trend Micro have reported it as a potential scam.

    Negative Highlights:

    • The identity of the website owner is hidden.
    • The site has a low traffic rank (Tranco rank).
    • The site shares a server with other low-rated websites.
    • Registrar is popular among scammers.
    • Cryptocurrency services detected; high risk.
    • May offer High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) services.
    • Supports anonymous transactions.
    • The website is very young.
    • Trend Micro does not trust the site.

    Quedexlub Review Conclusion

    Our comprehensive review of Quedexlub.com reveals multiple red flags that make it highly advisable to avoid this platform for any cryptocurrency trading or investment activities. Not only is the platform unregulated, but it also exhibits a concerning lack of transparency regarding its ownership and operations. Coupled with poor customer service and the practice of aggressively persuading clients to make additional risky trades, the platform’s credibility is seriously in question. The overwhelmingly negative reviews from users, along with the very low trust scores from third-party websites, further substantiate this concern.

    Perhaps most alarmingly, Quedexlub.com has been tagged as a potential scam by credible sources. It also operates under hidden identity parameters, sharing servers with other low-rated websites and supporting anonymous transactions—traits commonly associated with scam operations. Moreover, the website is relatively new and has a low traffic rank, meaning it hasn’t established a reputable history.

    Bottom Line

    Considering the inherent volatility and risks associated with the cryptocurrency market, it’s crucial to be extra cautious when choosing a platform for trading or investment.

    Quedexlub.com, with its numerous suspicious aspects, does not appear to be a safe or reliable option. Therefore, we strongly recommend that potential users steer clear of this platform and exercise due diligence when evaluating alternative platforms for cryptocurrency activities. Always remember: when it comes to investments, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below, and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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    1. I was scammed by cryptominingfx for 12,500 us dls. This people still contact me after I have blocked them from several platforms

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