Oracle Machine – Is Oracle Blockchain Insurance a SCAM?

In the dynamic realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency, investment opportunities abound, each promising unique advantages and lucrative returns. Oracle Blockchain Insurance has emerged as one such platform, making bold claims about high returns, VIP levels, and the chance to become an insurance broker. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of Oracle Blockchain Insurance (, exploring its investment plans, highlighting potential red flags, and offering a comprehensive conclusion.

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Oracle Machine Overview

Oracle Blockchain Insurance presents itself as a prominent player within the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape. The platform claims to offer a range of innovative financial services, primarily focused on blockchain asset insurance. Its mission centers on harnessing the power of Oracle Machine technology to ensure the security of assets while locking in stable insurance income for investors.

Furthermore, Oracle Machine asserts its commitment to providing flexibility to its users, enabling them to withdraw earnings on the same day and facilitating deposits and withdrawals at any time. The platform also emphasizes its support for a diverse array of global mainstream Web3 assets, catering to those seeking diversified investment opportunities.

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With an array of investment plans and VIP levels, Oracle Blockchain Insurance aims to cater to various financial goals within the crypto space. However, potential investors should carefully evaluate the platform’s claims and conduct thorough research to make informed decisions within the crypto investment landscape.

Oracle Machine Insurance Claims

  • High Monthly Returns: The platform prominently advertises the potential for high monthly returns on investments. While the exact figures may vary, the platform suggests that investors can achieve substantial income through their investment products.
  • Flexible Withdrawals and Deposits: Oracle Blockchain Insurance promotes flexibility by allowing users to withdraw their earnings on the same day they accrue them. Additionally, it highlights the ability for users to deposit and withdraw funds at any time, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  • Support for Web3 Assets: The platform claims that it supports a variety of global mainstream Web3 assets. This is meant to appeal to users looking to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio by investing in a broad range of assets.
  • VIP Levels: Oracle Blockchain Insurance offers a tiered VIP system, indicating that users can access various benefits and potentially increase their earnings by attaining higher VIP levels. These levels are associated with specific conditions and rewards.
  • Pathway to Becoming an Insurance Broker: The platform introduces an intriguing opportunity for users to advance to higher-level insurance broker status. Users can qualify for higher VIP levels by meeting specific requirements, such as recruiting a certain number of direct participants or meeting specific investment criteria.

Schemes offered

The platform offers various VIP levels, each with its own set of conditions and benefits. These VIP levels include:

  1. V0 Experience Insurance: Annual Percentage Yield: 39%+
  2. V1 Insurance Zone: Annual Percentage Yield: 86%
  3. Current Products: Annual Percentage Yield: 40%+

Becoming an Insurance Broker – Oracle Blockchain Insurance also presents an intriguing opportunity for users to become higher-level insurance brokers. The requirements and benefits associated with each VIP level are as follows:

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    VIP1: Upgrade Conditions: Invest in Formal Insurance Zone V1 and have 10 direct A-level participants.

    Withdrawal limit increase: Up to 6000 USD per month.

    Additional benefits include increased withdrawal frequency and a weekly salary.

    VIP2: Upgrade Conditions: Invest in Formal Insurance Zone V1 and have 10 direct A-level participants and 100 B+C level participants.

    Withdrawal limit increase: Up to 10,000 USD per month.

    Other benefits include increased withdrawal frequency and a higher weekly salary.

    VIP3: Upgrade Conditions: Invest in Formal Insurance Zone V1 and have 10 direct A-level participants and 1000 B+C level participants.

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    Red Flags

    • High Guaranteed Returns: The platform claims to offer exceptionally high monthly returns, such as 86%. Such high returns are often unrealistic and could indicate a potential scam or unsustainable investment scheme.
    • Limited Information: The platform lacks detailed information about its investment plans, making it challenging for potential investors to assess the risks and rewards accurately.
    • VIP Levels with Incomplete Details: While the platform offers VIP levels with associated benefits, there is a lack of comprehensive information about the highest VIP level, VIP3, which raises questions about transparency.
    • New Platform: Oracle Blockchain Insurance is relatively new, having been created less than a year ago. New platforms can be riskier, as they may lack a proven track record of delivering on their promises.
    • Email Server Issue: The platform claims to have an email address ( but lacks a functional email server. This inconsistency raises concerns about the platform’s authenticity and reliability.
    • Lack of Regulatory Compliance: The platform’s operations may not comply with regulatory requirements in the cryptocurrency and financial sectors, potentially posing legal risks to investors.
    • Unverified Ownership: It’s essential to verify the ownership and credentials of the platform’s operators. Lack of transparency regarding ownership can be a significant red flag.
    • Lack of Community Trust: Low website traffic and user visits indicate that the platform may not be widely trusted or recognized within the cryptocurrency community.

    Oracle Machine Review Conclusion

    In conclusion, while Oracle Blockchain Insurance may present an attractive investment prospect with its alluring promises of high returns, adaptable features, and the allure of VIP status, a cautious approach is paramount. The realm of high-yield investments, especially in the cryptocurrency space, is often rife with risks and potential pitfalls.

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    Investors would be wise to undertake meticulous research, scrutinize the platform’s credentials, and engage with financial experts for informed guidance. The claims of high returns must be balanced with a thorough assessment of the platform’s legitimacy, track record, and adherence to industry standards.

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