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In-depth Review of

Fancy Crypto is a globally recognized cryptocurrency investment firm that offers users a platform for easy cryptocurrency mining. It specializes in providing cloud mining hash rate power, eliminating the need for technical knowledge or owning physical hardware, as all mining tasks are undertaken by Fancy Crypto.

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Furthermore, they offer an affiliate program that grants up to a 3% reward for friend referrals and a $10 sign-up bonus.

Investing with Fancy Crypto is a simple three-step process:

  1. Sign up: Users can begin mining by creating an account.
  2. Select a plan: The platform offers risk-free cloud mining contracts that can be customized according to user requirements.
  3. Start earning: Once a plan is selected, users start accruing daily profits that are credited to their accounts based on the chosen mining contract.

Fancy Crypto Mining Packages

Fancy Crypto offers a broad selection of mining packages for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, and many others.

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    Each package has clear details about the contract price, contract term, daily profit, total profit, fixed income, and payout frequency.

    Due to high demand, some packages may be unavailable at times.

    Fancy Crypto offers a variety of cloud mining packages for different cryptocurrencies. Here is a summary:

    1. Bitcoin Mining (Quarterly promotion): 7-day contract, $2800 contract price, $588 total profit.
    2. Experience Project Cloud Mining: 2-day contract, $200 contract price, $5 total profit.
    3. Ethereum Cloud Mining (July): 5-day contract, $1000 contract price, $140 total profit.
    4. ETH Cloud Mining: 5-day contract, $350 contract price, $28 total profit.
    5. Dashcoin Cloud Mining: 50-day contract, $12,800 contract price, $16,000 total profit.
    6. BTC Cloud Mining: 7-day contract, $30,000 contract price, $6,510 total profit.
    7. Dogecoin Cloud Mining: 14-day contract, $1600 contract price, $470.40 total profit.
    8. LTC Cloud Mining: 10-day contract, $800 contract price, $144 total profit.
    9. ETC Cloud Mining: 30-day contract, $3600 contract price, $2214 total profit.
    10. Free Cloud Mining: 1-day contract, $10 contract price, $0.15 total profit.
    11. DOGE Cloud Mining: 15-day contract, $1800 contract price, $526.50 total profit.
    12. BTC Cloud Mining: 45-day contract, $5000 contract price, $4837.50 total profit.
    13. BTC Cloud Mining: 60-day contract, $10,000 contract price, $13,500 total profit.
    14. BTC Cloud Mining (Independence Day): 10-day contract, $1200 contract price, $276 total profit.
    15. LTC Cloud Mining: 40-day contract, $6500 contract price, $5980 total profit.

    Each package offers a fixed income, which includes the contract price and the total profit. Interests are settled every 24 hours.

    Red Flags

    When investing in cryptocurrency mining, being wary of red flags is important.

    One such warning sign is the promise of extremely high and guaranteed profits, as these claims are often unrealistic given the unpredictable nature of the market.

    Short contract terms that offer significant returns should also be approached with suspicion.

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    Contact Information

    The contact address for Fancycrypto is 8 Sheldrake Gardens, Hordle, Lymington, Hampshire, England, SO41 0FJ.

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    They can be reached at

    Domain Details was registered by a Hong Kong-based entity through on August 28, 2017, and is protected by Cloudflare.

    According to SimilarWeb, it is ranked 119,206 globally, with a country rank of 77,712 in the United States. In June 2023, the site saw 321.3K visitors from the US, Bulgaria, South Africa, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other countries.

    Semrush Authority Score is 4%, with 5.2K backlinks from 603 referring domains.

    Reviews of Fancy Crypto

    This section aims to provide a balanced overview of Fancy Crypto by summarizing insights gathered from various review sites.

    We aim to help you understand the range of opinions about Fancy Crypto, and how users are experiencing their services. Reviews and user experiences vary widely, and we’ll be examining the positive feedback and the concerns and complaints raised about the platform.

    We hope this overview gives you a comprehensive understanding of Fancy Crypto.

    Let’s dive in.


    Fancycrypto, a cloud mining platform, has an average TrustScore of 3.5 based on 81 Trustpilot reviews.

    While 51% of the reviews are positive (5-star), 40% of reviewers gave the platform 1-star and called it a scam.

    Complaints mainly revolve around difficulties in withdrawing funds, demands for additional deposits or tax payments before allowing withdrawals, and account blockages.

    Some negative reviewers claim that positive reviews could be fake and allege that the company tries to remove unfavorable reviews.

    The company typically responds to these claims by disassociating itself from other alleged scam platforms and encouraging users to contact their customer service.

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    A report on flags Fancy Crypto, an unregulated cloud mining firm, criticizing its lack of transparency and irreversible crypto payment methods.


    On Quora, user opinions about Fancy Crypto are divided.

    1. Kallen Collins doesn’t directly label Fancy Crypto as a scam, but he advises caution as numerous Bitcoin mining scams exist. He warns against “recovery services” scams and recommends investing in well-known mining sites or buying personal mining rigs.
    2. Richard M. Dunn, identifying as a certified cryptocurrency expert, praises Fancy Crypto for its reliable and secure cloud mining services, describing it as a trustworthy, user-friendly platform.
    3. Joe Exta, with personal experience in crypto-related scams, unequivocally terms Fancy Crypto as a scam, likening it to similar platforms like Happy Miner, and advises potential investors to steer clear.
    4. IC News, a Crypto news company CEO, provides general advice on assessing any crypto mining site’s legitimacy, considering factors like company transparency, user reviews, and reputation.

    While some positive reviews exist, several users have raised concerns about Fancy Crypto, flagging it as a potential scam.

    FancyCrypto Reviews on Reddit

    The legitimacy of “,” a cloud mining platform, was questioned on the subreddit r/cryptomining, and most users expressed skepticism and warned of potential scamming activities.

    1. User oceancowboy_3 drew parallels between Fancycrypto and another scam platform, minedollars, warning that Fancycrypto’s promised returns are unrealistic and indicative of a Ponzi scheme.
    2. User Next-Employee5714 echoed these sentiments, suggesting that most cloud mining services are Ponzi schemes.
    3. Thomas5020 labeled Fancycrypto as a probable scam, based on its promise of guaranteed profits.
    4. Admittedly, adriano-celentano reported a positive experience, testing with small amounts.
    5. Despite this, vadimg01, professor_nonsense, No_Mathematician1443, and wolverine_1225 maintained that Fancycrypto is a scam, citing non-existent mining facilities, withdrawal issues, and ties to a group of Chinese scammers.” has also been labeled as a scam on another subreddit r/CryptoScamBlacklist. User LuluFenstermaker recounted losing approximately $47,400 after being persuaded to trade on the platform and having their account locked during withdrawal.

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    Other users such as Budget_Being_8126, Aromatic-Formal-6529, No_Mathematician1443, and Narrow_Candle_3941 compared Fancycrypto to scams like “Happy Miner” and “IDmining”, noting that the platform stops payouts and restricts withdrawals when users stop depositing.

    It was also mentioned that the platform’s scam “contracts” usually involve larger sums, leading to higher financial loss.

    Concerns about’s legitimacy are raised primarily due to payment withdrawal issues and unexpected transaction delays.

    The operations’ lack of transparency is also a red flag.

    Furthermore, the website’s anonymous transactions have made users uneasy about its privacy measures.

    Despite substantial positive feedback, the site’s reliability and legitimacy are questioned due to the notable volume of negative reviews.

    Scam Detector

    Scam Detector’s VLDTR® tool has analyzed to evaluate its credibility in Cryptocurrency. The algorithm gave the site a score of 58.8/100, with 100 being the most reputable.

    The website’s design is substandard and missing metadata elements that could enhance its online visibility, thus, its credibility appears dubious.

    This review does not pass judgment on the services offered by but critiques its online presence and infrastructure.

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    Gain More Cash Today has been flagged as a potential scam in a review by Eme Newton.

    The website, which purports to provide passive income opportunities in the cryptocurrency sector, raises concerns due to its lack of team information and alleged use of stock photos for staff images.

    Despite having a FinCEN certificate for an MSB registration, the site’s legitimacy is questionable, as such credentials are frequently secured by offshore scammers using false data.

    Newton strongly advises against investing in and urges existing investors to cease further deposits, particularly if withdrawal fees are demanded.

    The review highlights several red flags, including the absence of owner information, the use of copied content, and a low trust score.

    According to a review on, Fancy Crypto is allegedly a scam. Users have reportedly lost money after purchasing investment packages from the site.

    The trouble arises after a few successful transactions when the site sends an email requiring users to purchase at least two copies of their investment projects, an undisclosed condition. The site then halts daily payments until the additional investment is made, leading to substantial user losses.

    Fancy Crypto Review - Screenshot of

    FancyCrypto Review Conclusion

    In conclusion, Fancy Crypto offers a variety of cloud mining packages and is presented as a user-friendly platform for those looking to delve into cryptocurrency mining. However, despite the potential convenience of its services and the promise of profits, analyzing user reviews and expert insights paints a mixed, and at times, concerning picture of the platform’s credibility and operations.

    A wide array of user experiences, ranging from satisfactory to outright disappointing, caution potential investors about a possible lack of transparency and irregularities in withdrawal processes. Furthermore, the platform has been called out for its alleged similarities with previously identified scam platforms, casting a shadow over its legitimacy.

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    Moreover, the investor must exercise high caution with expert platforms such as Scamwatcher, Scamadviser, and Scam Detector expressing skepticism over the platform’s claims and operational modus operandi. Additional red flags, like the lack of a physical presence, the use of copied content, and a seemingly high frequency of payment issues, further compound the concerns regarding Fancy Crypto.

    The world of cryptocurrency and mining is undoubtedly intriguing, promising high returns, and making wealth creation seem straightforward. However, just as in any other investment, it is critical to perform thorough due diligence before proceeding with investment decisions in this realm.

    At the end of the day, the promise of quick and high returns should not blur the crucial consideration of risk. Any potential Fancy Crypto investor, or anyone looking to get involved in cryptocurrency mining, should remember this. It is always advisable to proceed cautiously and utilize platforms with proven reputability and transparency.

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