MBM_Bitscan Scam: Protect yourself from a fraud scheme

Scammers are always finding new ways to trick individuals into handing over their hard-earned money. Recently, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received reports of a scam involving an app called MBM_Bitscan and an individual named Diana Davis.

The MBM_BitScan Scam

According to the reports, victims have been approached by Diana Davis through social media platforms such as Tinder and Telegram.

She then convinces them to download the MBM_Bitscan app and start trading cryptocurrency on it.

She then assures them that the app is safe and legitimate, and even offers to guarantee their investments.

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In some cases, the scammers have even convinced victims to withdraw money from their retirement accounts to fund the trading on the app.

Once the victims have transferred money to the app, the scammers claim that additional funds are needed to pay taxes before the victim can withdraw their money.

However, after paying the supposed taxes, the victims never see their money again and are unable to contact the scammers.

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    This is a classic example of a scam.

    Never trust anyone who promises guaranteed returns on an investment, and never give money to someone you haven’t thoroughly researched and verified.

    Be especially cautious when dealing with strangers online and never download an app or software from an untrusted source.

    MBM_BitScan is a Finance app available on the App Store. It was created by mBm TECHNOLOGY LLC, a Mongolian company.

    According to their website, MBM Technology LLC is a company that specializes in building systems to manage businesses.

    They have been in business since 2003, and are located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

    MBM Technology does not seem to be a scam. In fact, their app, MBM_ BitScam is rated 4.4 out of 5 based on 48 ratings on the App Store.

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    This leads us to believe that pig butchering scammers have used the app in order to defraud their victims.

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    MBM_BitScan Scam Reviews

    The first BBB review regarding MBM_BitScam was posted on December 21, 2022. The total amount lost is $84,000, the targeted person is located in IL, USA-60304.

    The second review was posted on the same day, and the targeted person is also located in IL, USA-60304, which indicates that both reviews were written by the same person, but here the total amount lost was $87,000.

    The reported email address used by the scammer is sammy01032@gmail.com and their mobile number is (708) 835-8344.

    Protect Yourself from Scams such as the MBM_BitScan Scam

    When it comes to online scams, it’s important to protect yourself by being cautious of unsolicited contact information, especially when it comes to providing information about your bank account.

    Never give out your personal information, such as your account number or online banking login details, unless you have initiated the contact and are certain of the identity of the person or company.

    Be careful if you receive a message that claims your account has been lost or stolen or that there is a problem with your operating system or web browser that needs immediate attention.

    Never click on links or download attachments from unknown or suspicious email addresses.

    Look out for any emails that are attached with annual reports, financial statements, or any suspicious products and services offered by unknown third-party companies.

    Also, be aware of apps that are not from the official apps store and be sure to read the reviews and rating before downloading.

    And always verify the phone number or email address of any business or individual before providing any personal or financial information.

    Remember that money once wired or transferred it’s hard to be recovered and you should contact your bank and the federal trade commission or the police for help.

    Keep your credit card and checking account information safe and always be aware of suspicious phone calls or mobile apps that ask you to send money.

    Identity theft and fraud can have long-term consequences, so it’s important to be vigilant and protect yourself.

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    It is also important to know that once money is wired or transferred it’s hard to be recovered and you should contact your bank and police for help.

    It is important to remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    If you believe you have been the victim of a scam, it’s important to act quickly. Report the scam to us, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), and your local police department.

    And if you have wired money, contact your bank immediately to report the fraud and see if they can freeze or recover the funds before they are taken by the scammers.

    If you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams, do not despair! We can help you recover your money.

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