US Bank Text Scam: A Billion Phone Numbers at Risk

The US Bank Text scam is on the rise. There’s a mass Text scam that is going around claiming to be from US Bank. It is a phishing scam which is trying to get access to your personal information. US Bank has notified its customers of the scam and not to click on the link provided in the Text and give out any sensitive information.

Have you received any Text saying your account is blocked or there is an urgent need for you to verify your account. It is likely a US Bank Text scam. Read along to know how to protect your identity.

US Bank Text scam

US Bank Text Scam explained

Scammers are circulating Texts which purports it to be from US Bank with an intention to wipe out your Bank account.

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Usually the Text has link attached to it and if you by any chance click on that link, your computer is most likely to be infected with a virus.

The Texts may appear legit as it will contain the name of the Bank and asks you to provide your details in order to protect your account. On the contrary, the scammers are here to steal your personal information and commit fraud.

US Bank will never send any unsolicited Text message, which requests you to fill out your account number or any other confidential information. Make a note of this and be aware not to click on the link sent by fraudsters. We recommend you to delete them immediately without opening them. By doing this you will be saving yourself from a lot of trouble.

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    Reg flags to watch out for

    It all starts with a Text alerting you that your account has been blocked. The scammers are so intelligent that they include the last four digits of your account number in a desperate attempt to look legitimate. Unsuspecting customers fall into the carefully set up traps of the scammers and give them what they want.

    Once you click on the link it will take you to a website which is designed in a way to look like the official US Bank website.

    If you look closely, it does give out clues that you are dealing with a scam.

    The URL will have slight variation than that of the official website. U.S. Bank’s real website is  

    If it is from any other address it is a giveaway that it is fake.

    The Texts will usually be full of spelling and grammatical errors.

    Scammers will prey on your fears and create a Text which is of the nature that insinuates emergency.

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    They will use aggressive language such as “Transfer the fund now before it’s too late” or “Your Account is blocked! Verify your account immediately”.

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    This is a pathetic attempt to make you act quickly.

    We strongly recommend you to stay calm and act diligently.

    Check the origin source before giving any money or your personal details.

    How to protect yourself?

    If you receive these scam Texts make sure the first thing you do is to delete them. Contact the Bank directly to verify if the Text is scam or legit. Never click on the link and provide them your confidential information.

    If the scammers persuade you to transfer funds, block and report them immediately. We also need to acknowledge that, in matters of urgency, Banks will never send a Text especially with a link attached to it. 

    US Bank Text Conclusion

    Customers all over the US are complaining about having received similar Texts. It has come to our notice that these scammers have almost 1 billion people’s phone numbers, their usernames and passwords. Hence it is not hard for them to send you a scam Text.

    To protect yourself from US Bank scam Text enable two step verification and change your account passwords regularly. Do not blindly trust any Text you receive. Make sure to never provide any sensitive information to unidentified persons.

    Stay vigilant and be wary of such scams before you are at a grave loss.

    Thank you for reading our US Bank Scam Text warning.

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