Novamany: Uncovering the Truth Behind a Bogus Online Store

Online shopping has been growing leaps and bounds over the past few years. Studies have shown that there has been an increase of more than 50% in online shopping since 2019. is a bogus online store which deals with women’s clothing, shoes and such other things.

It is a typical online shopping scam which starts with a fake social media ad. It is made to look appealing at a first glance. People who find it attractive end up on their website getting scammed.

The website was registered on 20th November 2022 and their registration expires in Nov 2023. If they were to run a legitimate business they would have registered it for a longer period. The identity of the owners of the online shopping store is missing and the trust score is significantly low, strongly indicating that it is a scam.

Novamany Scam Review

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How does the Novamany scam work?

Once you enter Novamany website, you will notice sophisticated layouts and designs. The cybercriminals take good care regarding how they present themselves online. You will be wooed by the designer apparels and shoes that are displayed on the website. Unfortunately, it is just a cheap trick to rip-off unsuspecting customers.

Novamany is a fake online retail store which uses shaddy knockoffs to appear legit. They use stock photos of the merchandise from other websites and retail it for a much higher price with a “luxury” tag to it. One of the biggest giveaways that this website is a scam is the methods of payment that they offer.

They do not give cash on delivery option, instead ask you to pay online. The payment modes which they offer are not secured. It is highly unlikely for you to receive the purchased item once the payment is made. Scammers will never respond to your concerns regarding your purchase once they have received your money.

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    Warning signs

    Novamany claims itself to be a luxury brand with affordable prices. They also offer huge discounts on the products, free shipping and promise overnight delivery. The perks that they offer are too good to be true. 

    The website requests you to pay the money immediately to enjoy the benefits. They also insist on paying online promising ridiculous voucher benefits that can be used in the next purchase. 

    Novamany gives limited and suspicious contact information. There is no mention of the physical address of where their business is located anywhere on the website. Information regarding privacy policy and terms and conditions is missing.

    The refund and return policy the website is offering is very vague. On the front page they advertise a 14 day return policy. In reality, when you order any product you will not be able access the return or refund option.

    The website usually has attractive offers and deal prices during the holiday season. You can see a plethora of deceptive advertisements promoting their website on all social networking sites during this season. Avoid falling for those misleading offers.

    Novamany Customer reviews

    There are no customer reviews available on the official Novamany website. People who have shopped from their website are often left disappointed. Customers have complained that they never receive the product and it is almost impossible to reach their customer service regarding refunds or returns.

    Be careful before providing them with your email address, phone number, house address and your card details. Because this information can be misused by the fraudsters.

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    How can you protect yourself?

    Do not ever assume the online retail stores are legit just because they use the domain, dot com.

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    Exercise due diligence and double check the credibility of the website. We recommend you to cross check the products on other legitimate websites. By doing this it will take you just a few seconds to know that novamany dot com is nothing but a scam.

    Make sure to check the delivery, return and refund policy before blindly making the payment.

    When it is vague and non-existent it is always better to stay away from the website.

    Websites like novamany create their websites in such a way that people are attracted in just one go. But however authentic they make it look, it is all just a facade they are hiding behind. Unfortunately, their only intention is to scam you.

    Novamany Review Conclusion

    Novamany is indeed a scam. The poor trust score makes it much more clear that the website is a hustle. Additionally, the website is lacking a lot of important details to give them the benefit of doubt.

    Hence we advise you to stay away from this website for your own good. Share this post with your friends and family before they take the bait.

    Thank you for reading our Novamany scam review.

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