BitQuick Review – Is a Scam?

Welcome to our BitQuick review in which we investigate the website currently found at

Recently, one of our partners received the following complaint from a person who claims being scammed for $25,000 by

Someone added me to a group to join the website for trading cryptocurrency, promising profits. I joined and made over 60k in profit by following their trading signals. However, when I attempted to withdraw my funds, they asked me to pay a 25% platform fee. After paying the fee, they then asked for an additional 10% commission. Now I am left without any money, and I am unable to withdraw my funds.

The website currently redirects to

So is BitQuicks a SCAM?

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BitQuicks Review

The domain was registered on December 14, 2022 for one year through Soluciones Corporativas IP, SL. It is hosted by STARCLOUD GLOBAL PTE., LTD. It was ranked 19,856,372 globally by SimilarWeb and 122,966 in Latvia, receiving less than 5,000 visits in March 2023.

The domain was registered on April 6, 2023 for one year through NameSilo, LLC. It is also hosted by STARCLOUD GLOBAL PTE., LTD.

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    Based on, BITQUICK is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies with features such as spot trading, leverage, credit card payment, safe storage, and 24/7 access.

    IEO Launchpad on SGD Specials Early Access is offering low-cost investment opportunities through its Snap-up area, including the limited issuance of 100 million MORBION coins. The subscription coins will be automatically released after 90 days of freezing, and the price is expected to increase by 10 times the subscription unit price.

    There are also DeFi mining machines available for purchase, each with different unit prices, output values, and minimum requirements, as well as an invite-only machine that requires users to invite 10 friends. All machines operate on an automatic income system and allegedly produce rewards in either ETH or USDT. Users can buy and sell these machines and deposit and withdraw their rewards at any time.

    Their copyright line says “© 2017 – 2022 BITQUICK” even though we’re already in 2023.

    Who is behind BitQuick?

    According to their About page, BITQUICK is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore with operation centers in the United States, South Korea, and Hong Kong. It offers a wide range of services such as intraday trading, contract trading, second contract trading, ICO, and cloud mining.

    BITQUICK allegedly focuses on providing a safe, reliable, and low transaction cost platform with financial-level security and an independent and complete user service system. The exchange system fully optimizes the user experience and provides multi-level servers to guarantee transaction speed. BITQUICK offers two-way trading, leveraged contracts, second contracts, and an ICO platform.

    BitQuick Reviews

    According to, the broker is not regulated by any reputed regulation authority and is suspected of engaging in fraudulent activities such as making false claims through its website, having illegitimate rules and regulations, urging traders to invest higher amounts, promising too-good-to-be-true returns, hiding risk warnings, and changing its name and website URL without notice.

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    The broker also shares stock pictures as staff members on its website, making it more untrustworthy. Negative reviews and complaints have been raised against the broker, leading to the recommendation that traders avoid this broker and look for regulated and reputed brokers instead.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner discusses and reminds us that the lack of regulation means that the platform may not be reliable, and its operators may be anonymous and can disappear at any time without notice, putting clients’ funds at risk.

    They note that the platform’s services are questionable, it isn’t licensed or transparent, and it creates unrealistic expectations, all of which are red flags. They advise their readers to be cautious of investment platforms that show signs of being problematic and to avoid

    Scamadviser has also reviewed the website and has given it a low trust score of 27 out of 100. The website’s owner is using a service to hide their identity, and according to Tranco, the website has a low Alexa rank. The registrar of the website has a high percentage of spammers and fraud sites, and the SSL certificate is not valid. The website is very young, and no reviews have been left for it.

    There’s also a Reddit thread describing a scam operating on WhatsApp and Telegram using the website The scam claims to make you a lot of money and shows fake profits on their platform, but when you try to withdraw your profits, they hit you with high taxes and fees and you are never able to retrieve your money. The people running the scam use names like professor Ryan or professor Peter, with assistants named Mia and Daniella. It is advised to stay away from this scam.

    Do not confuse and with is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been inactive and flagged as dead. It is said to have changed from being a typical crypto exchange platform based in the US to some form of “exclusive and private crypto community” in Sweden. It is unclear what happened.

    After the change, Bitquick became an exclusive and private crypto community for Bitquick Members, with a growing community of devoted crypto fans around the world. The Bitquick movement is a global community of crypto and blockchain fans, building a world-changing platform that will revolutionize the world using AI. Bitquick is not open to the public, and registration is by invitation only. The community shares crypto secrets, info and first-hand news. In addition to crypto, Bitquick has sections for Real Estate, Cars, Boats, and Internet stuff. Bitquick’s next-gen super intelligent platform is the next big thing that will revolutionize the world.

    Bottom Line, an online trading platform, has been accused of being a scam. The platform’s lack of regulation makes it potentially dangerous for clients, and its services are questionable.

    It is not licensed or transparent, creates unrealistic expectations, and there are reports of fraudulent activity. has received negative reviews and complaints, leading to the recommendation that traders avoid it and look for regulated and reputed brokers instead.

    A new website,, has been created for trading cryptocurrencies with features such as spot trading, leverage, credit card payment, safe storage, and 24/7 access. However, we recommend caution when buying or using services from a very young website.

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