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On August 27, 2023, one of our partners received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for $200:

I invested in this new platform called Thomdock, and they refused to pay back my money. After some days, the platform owner stopped replying to my messages on WhatsApp.

So, is Thomdock a SCAM?

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The search results for “Thomdock” on Google indicate that it is an investment platform claiming to create wealth with its users. It offers registration for a real account deposit and accepts payment system deposits above 2700 NGN (Nigerian Naira). The platform also claims to provide a fixed daily income by adopting aquatic products. was registered through NameSilo on April 3, 2023, for one year. Cloudflare and protect it.

SimilarWeb ranks them at 120,499 globally and 619 in Nigeria. In July 2023, it received more than 400,000 visits, almost exclusively from Nigeria but also from the United States, Ukraine, and the Netherlands.

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    Their SEMrush Authority Score is 2%, with 203 backlinks from 19 referring domains, the highest authority ones being and

    Thomdock Homepage Review

    According to their mobile homepage at, Thomdock is a Nigeria-based aquaculture company that was established in June 2012 and is headquartered in Port Harcourt.

    The platform claims to export millions of tons of high-quality aquatic products to countries including Europe and Asia. It has announced collaborations with the Government of Nigeria and other agencies. It offers users the opportunity to earn a fixed daily income by adopting aquatic products, with a simplified three-step deposit, adoption, and withdrawal process. The platform offers a minimum withdrawal limit of 560 NGN and accepts deposits over 2700 NGN. Thomdock also claims to offer promotions for “excellent members” who can become regional partners and receive an additional fixed monthly salary.

    There are several red flags on this page:

    1. Lack of Regulatory Information: Despite being operational for several years, no financial regulatory oversight is mentioned. Regulatory details ensure a platform’s legitimacy and protect user investments.
    2. Vague Business Model: The platform talks about “adopting aquatic products” to earn a fixed daily income but doesn’t offer concrete information on how this process works. This vagueness can be a red flag for potential investors.
    3. 100% Guarantee: The statement that the platform is “100% Guaranteed” could be a cause for concern. No investment platform can offer such guarantees, especially without stipulating the terms and conditions under which such a guarantee is valid.
    4. Promotion Opportunities: The claim that “excellent members will become THOMDOCK regional partners” is presented without any criteria or details on how one becomes an ‘excellent’ member, raising questions about the transparency and fairness of this scheme.
    5. Limited Contact Information: The platform doesn’t provide detailed contact information, such as a contact number or an email address for customer service, which can be worrying for users who may need support or have queries.

    Contact Details and Company Information

    • Headquarters: Port Harcourt, Nigeria
    • Established: June 2012 (but recall that their domain was registered in 2023.)
    • Collaborations: Government of Nigeria, Federal Ministry of Fisheries, WorldFish
    • Website: Copyright 2012–2023, All rights reserved by THOMDOCK

    History and Development

    Over the years, the company has announced various initiatives, like adopting advanced technology for farming aquatic products and organizing public welfare activities.

    As of October 2019, they claim to have more than 100,000 Nigerian members.

    The platform also claims to provide employment opportunities and has launched an Aquaculture Adoption Program in the Nigerian market as of February 2020.

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    They offer a mobile application on Android and iOS platforms and present themselves as a secure and trusted platform, showcasing various accolades such as “The best forex brand of 2020”.

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    Now, while Thomdock seems to present an impressive front, several red flags must be considered. First, the array of accolades mentioned, such as “The best forex brand,” doesn’t necessarily correlate with the primary business of aquaculture, causing confusion about the company’s true area of expertise.

    Second, the platform claims to have been operational since 2012, but regulatory information is absent. This is a glaring omission for a platform dealing with investments and claiming to have over 100,000 members.

    Third, Thomdock states it provides “employment opportunities,” but details are sparse. Similar vagueness is found in their Aquaculture Adoption Program. If the platform truly offers a sound investment or employment opportunity, why doesn’t concrete information explain how it all works?

    Fourth, Thomdock seems to pride itself on being secure and trusted, but the absence of detailed contact information and transparency gives one pause. A legitimate, transparent business should have no issue providing comprehensive contact details and clearly outlining the specifics of their investment opportunities.


    Thomdock portrays itself as a one-stop solution for making money through aquaculture, promising to take care of everything from purchasing to maintaining equipment and raising aquatic products. The pitch is incredibly simple for users: adopt an aquatic product and earn daily income. Thomdock even provides various investment plans with specified daily profits and total income over 45 days, making it sound like a straightforward and lucrative venture.

    First, the company’s promise of daily income with minimal effort on the user’s part feels too good to be true. Investment schemes that promise guaranteed, high returns typically warrant skepticism, and Thomdock is no exception.

    Second, while Thomdock proudly displays a range of accolades such as “Best Forex Brand” and “Best PAMM Service Provider,” these awards do not align with the company’s primary focus on aquaculture. This raises questions about the platform’s credibility and expertise in the domain it claims to specialize in.

    Lastly, the platform offers no concrete details about how it intends to achieve these high returns through aquaculture. There’s a significant gap in information about the actual farming processes, sales channels, or risk management strategies that will fuel these promised profits.

    About /  Company

    Thomdock presents itself as a well-established aquaculture company based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Their website shows they have been around for about 11 years and boast over one million partners and 100,000 employees worldwide. They emphasize customer-first values and claim to offer technological prowess in aquaculture, promising an easy, turnkey approach to earning money by adopting aquatic products. Thomdock states that they manage everything from farming to marketing, enabling users to earn money with little effort. They also offer various levels of participation and revenue streams, guaranteeing job satisfaction and flexible income withdrawal options.

    While Thomdock’s promotional content suggests a robust and reliable business, the absence of key details raises some concerns. To begin with, there’s no explicit information about regulatory oversight or licensure for the investments they’re asking users to make, even on their About Us page. For a company that claims to have partnerships in over 80 countries, it’s notably silent about who regulates its business practices or guarantees investor funds.

    Secondly, despite asserting global recognition and authorization from multiple countries, Thomdock doesn’t specify which bodies have approved or recognized them, leaving this claim vague and unverifiable.

    Another flag is the guaranteed profit and ease of operation, often a hallmark of schemes that are too good to be true. They claim you can make profits with minimal input, a promise that typically requires more scrutiny.

    Lastly, while the website lists executive team members, complete with roles and a brief description of their professional background, there’s no way to verify these credentials or assess the quality of their work. Moreover, the site doesn’t offer any means of contact beyond what is presumably a digital interface, making direct verification or queries impossible.

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    • Samuel Aruna (CEO)
    • Joey Okocha (Technical Business Supervisor)
    • Jarvis Achebe (COO)
    • Alvin Soyinka (CFO)

    Thomdock Reviews

    Thanks to Thomdock’s affiliate program, there are many mentions of the platform online. Trustworthy reviews are less easy to come across., a website initially promoting itself as an aquaculture investment platform based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, has been scrutinized. This follows after reports on indicated that the platform may be running a scam operation. Previous representations of the site suggested an easy and reliable way to invest in aquaculture, managed entirely by Thomdock. However, recent scam reports reveal that once money is sent to Thomdock, there is no way to recover it or any supposed profits they claim you’ll earn.

    According to the scam report, once you send money to Thomdock, you won’t be able to retrieve your funds, including any profits the company claims you’ll make. This aligns worryingly well with the company’s earlier promises of “creating wealth together,” which now seems to be a front for fleecing unsuspecting investors.

    On Scamwatcher, the contact details provided for Thomdock are a Nigerian cell phone number (+234 903 558 9128). It is labeled as a source of scam activity. Furthermore, Thomdock had claimed to have signed a deal with the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a claim that now comes into question given the scam allegations.

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    Based on the Trustpilot reviews for Thomdock, the overall sentiment appears overwhelmingly negative, with a TrustScore of 2.5 out of 5 based on 24 reviews. Most reviewers rate the company with 1-star reviews, accounting for 59% of all reviews. Positive reviews are significantly fewer, with 25% giving 5 stars and 8% giving 4 stars.

    Here are some common complaints and issues raised by reviewers:

    1. Payment and Refund Issues: Multiple reviewers claim that their payments or investments have not been reflected in their accounts despite the transaction being made. Refunds are also seemingly unavailable.
    2. Poor Communication: Many users report being kicked out of the company’s WhatsApp group after raising complaints or questions. Additionally, there appear to be no easy ways to contact the company directly.
    3. Fraud Allegations: Many users label the company as a scam or fraudulent, often stating that they invested significant amounts of money and received nothing in return.
    4. Hidden Charges and Inaccessibility: Some users claim that the company asks them to purchase an ATM card before they can withdraw any funds. This adds an unexpected and undesired cost.
    5. Crash Reports: A couple of reviewers indicate that Thomdock has crashed and caution others against further investment.


    Navigating the intricate web of online investment platforms can often be daunting. Promises of quick returns and minimal effort required for participation can lure even the most cautious among us. Thomdock, on the surface, projects itself as a seemingly legitimate and lucrative investment opportunity in aquaculture. However, the sheer number of red flags should not be ignored.

    Firstly, the company’s claim to be operational since 2012, juxtaposed against the recent registration of its domain in 2023, casts doubt on its historical veracity. Similarly alarming is the glaring lack of regulatory information and specific business model details. Any investment platform worth its salt should be transparent about its regulatory compliance and the mechanics of its business model, especially when it claims a user base in the hundreds of thousands.

    Secondly, their SEMrush Authority Score of just 2% and dubious backlinks from websites like and significantly question the platform’s credibility. These factors raise suspicion about the website’s integrity, particularly when combined with the overwhelmingly negative sentiment reflected in Trustpilot reviews and the scam reports on

    Thirdly, the overemphasis on guaranteed daily income, combined with promotional discrepancies like awards for “Best Forex Brand” that have little to do with aquaculture, fuels skepticism. These promises could easily entrap those unfamiliar with the nuances of investment and the risks involved in aquaculture or any other sector. The vague and generalized statements about ‘creating wealth together’ and the promise of high returns without clear substantiation represent hallmarks of schemes that have historically been too good to be true.

    Finally, a considerable cause for concern is the anonymity shrouding the company’s operations. Limited contact details, unverified executive credentials, and the absence of concrete communication channels exacerbate the risk of fraudulent activities.

    Bottom Line

    In summary, while Thomdock offers a polished facade of a legitimate investment platform, the questions and concerns outweigh the assurances. Given the mounting evidence and the complaint of a user losing $200 without recourse, it would be imprudent to dismiss the possibility that Thomdock may be a scam or, at the very least, a highly risky venture. Investors should exercise extreme caution, conduct thorough due diligence, and consider other more transparent and regulated avenues for investment.

    If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below, and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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