OrangeX Review – Is OrangeX a SCAM?

OrangeX Review - Is OrangeX a SCAM?


OrangeX is a cryptocurrency trading platform that specializes in a whole lot of virtual asset services. Its key functions include buying and selling in more than one cryptocurrency and derivatives, with alternatives for high-leverage trading. The platform is distinguished by its reproduction buying and selling characteristic, which lets users copy the strategies of skilled buyers. Emphasizing protection and liquidity, OrangeX presents robust safety and green exchange execution.

Regarding trading fees

OrangeX charges 0.1% for both makers and takers in spot trading and 0.02%/0.05% for futures trading, consistent with industry standards. A flat fee of $2 is applied to each withdrawal. The exchange is recognized for its high liquidity and advanced security measures and holds regulatory licenses from the US, including MSB and NFA certifications.

OrangeX’s key features

OrangeX is a leading professional cryptocurrency trading platform that caters to the needs of seasoned traders and beginners alike. Let’s explore the key offerings that make OrangeX.

  1. Crypto Trading Platform: OrangeX prides itself on an extensive cryptocurrency trading platform, allowing users to trade various digital assets. With access to diverse markets and trading options for different crypto derivatives, OrangeX enables users to seize numerous trading opportunities.
  2. Derivatives and leveraged trading: OrangeX provides traders with the ability to engage in high-leverage trading via perpetual contracts. This feature empowers traders to speculate on the future price of cryptocurrencies, potentially yielding higher profits. However, it is important to note that higher returns come with increased risks.
  3. Copy Trading: One of OrangeX’s standout features is its copy trading functionality, which enables users to replicate the strategies of experienced traders automatically. This proves invaluable for less experienced traders who can learn from the insights and actions of seasoned market participants. It is important to exercise caution and conduct thorough analysis before blindly following another trader’s moves, as market conditions are dynamic.
  4. Emphasis on Liquidity and Security: OrangeX claims to have top-level liquidity and user experience, ensuring that trades are executed swiftly and efficiently. They emphasize their security measures, mentioning a high-security rating and an insurance fund to protect users’ assets.
  5. Global Presence and Regulatory Compliance: As a Seychelles-based company, OrangeX holds regulatory licenses, including MSB and NFA certifications from the United States. The platform’s commitment to global financial regulations is further evidenced by its ongoing efforts to obtain licenses in Canada, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Identifying Concerns and Highlighting Potential Red Flags

While OrangeX offers an array of beneficial features, it is imperative to address the concerns that have been raised about the platform. Here are the key red flags to consider:

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  1. Scam Allegations: OrangeX faces accusations of being involved in a scam, particularly linked to a website, This site is reportedly engaging in deceptive practices, such as requesting unreasonable taxes, handling fees, and deposits. Users have shared experiences of being approached on social media, encouraged to transfer funds, and then facing demands for additional fees while their funds are frozen.
  2. Owner’s Identity Concealed: The identity of OrangeX’s website owner is hidden. While this can be a standard privacy measure, it also raises concerns. Concealing identity is a common tactic among fraudulent sites, making it harder to establish trust and accountability. This anonymity necessitates extra caution and thorough verification by users.
  3. Copy Trading Risk: While OrangeX offers a copy trading feature, allowing less experienced traders to mimic the strategies of seasoned traders, this approach carries its own risks. Copy trading might give a false sense of security, as following another trader’s moves doesn’t guarantee success. Market conditions are dynamic, and a strategy that worked for someone else may not yield the same results for others. Additionally, relying heavily on copy trading can hinder the development of one’s own trading skills and understanding of the market.
  4. Promotional Offers: OrangeX’s promotional strategy includes offering up to 2,000 USDT to new users. While this can be appealing, it also raises concerns. Such attractive offers might be used to entice inexperienced investors onto the platform, potentially without fully understanding the risks involved in cryptocurrency trading.
  5. Withdrawal Issues: There are reports from users on social media about difficulties in withdrawing funds from OrangeX. This is a significant red flag on any financial platform, as it directly affects users’ access to their assets. Persistent withdrawal problems can indicate deeper operational or financial issues within the exchange.
  6. High-Risk Services: Cryptocurrency trading, as offered by OrangeX, inherently carries high risks. The volatile nature of digital currencies, combined with the complexities of trading platforms, can lead to significant financial losses. Users should be aware of these risks and approach such investments with due diligence and informed caution.

Overall Sentiment

The overall sentiment from user reviews of OrangeX is mixed. Positive and negative aspects, such as the user interface and range of services, are often overshadowed by significant concerns like withdrawal issues, potential scam activities, and inconsistent customer support.

Understanding Copy Trading: A Brief Overview

OrangeX provides a feature for trading platforms known as copy trading. This feature enables users to mirror the trades made by skilled and successful traders. Essentially, whenever the trader you’ve chosen executes a trade, an identical trade is automatically made in your account, adjusted to the amount you’ve decided to invest.

How It Works

  • Selecting a Trader: Users can choose a trader to copy based on factors such as trading performance, risk profile, and investment strategy.
  • Allocating Funds: Decide on the amount you wish to allocate to copy trading. This sum will be linked to the trades executed by the chosen trader.
  • Automatic Execution: When the copied trader initiates a trade, the same trade is executed automatically in the copier’s account. This includes buying and selling decisions.
  • Proportional Trades: The proportion of trades mirrors the investment. For instance, if the copier has allocated 10% of its portfolio towards copy trading and the copied trader invests 5% of their portfolio in a particular asset, the copier’s platform will invest 0.5% of its portfolio in the same asset.

Recognizing the Risks of Copy Trading

While copy trading offers advantages, it is essential to acknowledge the potential risks involved.

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    • Market Volatility: Cryptocurrency markets are known for their volatility, meaning that past success does not guarantee future gains.
    • Dependency on Others: Dependence on another trader’s decisions could expose your investment to their strategies and risks. Poor decision-making on their part could lead to significant losses in your investment.
    • Limited Control: When engaging in copy trading, there is reduced control over trades as they happen automatically. This might not necessarily align with your personal risk tolerance or investment goals.
    • Overconfidence: Initial successes with copy trades might lead to overconfidence, resulting in increased investments without appropriate risk assessment.
    • Skill Development: Copy trading can hinder the development of personal trading skills and market understanding, as users might rely too much on the actions of others rather than learning to analyze the market themselves.

    Complaints We Received

    On March 21, 2024, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for £3700:

    I was coerced into investing by an individual who contacted me via WhatsApp. Everything seemed legitimate until I wanted to withdraw funds. I was informed that I had to verify my account, which required a deposit of 1200 USDT. This was initially done by the contact on WhatsApp, but it was refused because it came from a different source. I then transferred 1204 USDT from my own account, but this also didn’t work as the deposit had to be exactly 1200 USDT. Now, I have £3700 invested, and I’m still not allowed to withdraw. I’m told I have to deposit another 1200 USDT exactly.


    Please consider the following points before investing in OrangeX. The platform, known for its cryptocurrency trading options, derivatives, high leverage, and copy trading, has several red flags. These include scam allegations linked to a deceptive website and the concealed identity of the owner, which raise trust and credibility issues. The risks of copy trading, such as over-reliance on others’ strategies and a false sense of security, are significant.

    Additionally, there are reports of difficulties in withdrawing funds and the use of high-risk services. The platform’s promotional strategies, like offering substantial bonuses to new users, could attract inexperienced traders into the complex and risky world of cryptocurrency trading without a full understanding of the risks. Given the volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets, a cautious and well-informed approach is crucial for anyone considering using OrangeX for their trading activities.

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