RemitanceFX Review – Binary Options Scam

Welcome to our RemitanceFX Review, in which we investigate the online trading platform found at

This platform claims to be a forex and binary options investment company.

You should keep in mind that binary options trading is illegal in much of the world, including Canada, the United States (unless provided on a CFTC-regulated exchange), some European countries such as France and Belgium, Australia, Israel, and Indonesia.

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The reason for the ban is that binary options trading is a form of gambling disguised as trading. No one can win in binary options, just like you cannot win at a casino.

And many fraudulent binary options companies made sure in cases when someone appeared to do well and win some trades, to manipulate the trades causing an eventual loss of the entire investment, while legitimate companies would settle for just blocking that person from being able to trade again on the platform.

This makes sense since every dollar a client earned was a dollar the company running the platform had to pay. Obviously they cannot afford to pay more than clients pay them plus their desired profit margin… which was high. Insanely high!

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    Now, many companies around the world have ditched the title “binary options” and switched to “CFDs” or “Contract for Differences.”

    However, nothing has changed. It’s a different name for the same phenomena. CFDs trading is very similar to binary options, and it’s also a form of gambling, in which the company has to pay their clients for profits they make.

    The only question we’re facing when evaluating a CFDs online “brokerage” is whether they manipulate the trades to ensure their clients eventually lose everything while often initially showing account gains to intice the client to deposit more and preventing withdrawals.

    Or in the case of legitimate sites, if they settle for just blocking successful traders without stealing their money.

    So is RemitanceFX a legitimate CFDs website or a SCAM?

    RemitanceFX Review (Homepage of Screenshot)

    RemitanceFX Review – About

    We would expect any legitimate company to offer an About page and a Contact page with information regarding the company, the people that work for it, a registered address, social media accounts, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.

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    In the case of RemitanceFX there is indeed an About page according to which “Remitance FX LLC is a registered investment firm based in United Kingdom.”

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    However, no registration number is provided.

    A CompaniesHouse search reveals no companies by this name are registered in the UK.

    Below, a list of people who supposedly work for RemintanceFX can be found. However, the pictures are stretched and the links to social media platforms do not work.

    Does the website have an “About us” page? Does it gives information about who is behind the company? (registered address, LinkedIn profiles etc.)

    Moreover, the pictures themselves are fake and taken from other websites.

    For example, Roy Nelson’s picture, the RemitanceFX alleged Data Analyst, was taken from

    Remitance FX Fake Pictures

    This is pretty solid evidence that RemitanceFX is a scam, however let’s keep on probing to see what else we can find…

    RemitanceFX Review – Contact Information

    The Contact page provides the following contact information:

    Address: 47 W 13th St., New York NY 10011, USA

    Strange that a UK registered company has a US address…

    RemitanceFX is listed at that address on Google maps, however so do FXTradelite, ForeignStockMining, Zexcapital, Swiftbankintl, and the Security and Exchange Commison [sic].

    They should change its name to Scam Building…

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    Phone number: +1 631 201 8042 (631 is not a NY area code…)

    Email addresses:


    There’s also a contact form and some dysfunctional social media icons.

    The domain was registered on November 3, 2022, through NameSilo, LLC for one year. The identity of the owners is hidden by the PrivacyGuardian privacy service. It is hosted by Vitalix Inc.

    The domain is less than 2 months old and has not yet accrued any popularity data.

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    Interestingly, we found another domain,, which may be related to

    The domain was registered about one year ago, on November 1, 2021, for one year. It is currently in a redemption period, which means that if it will not be renewed, it will be close down. It was registered through OwnRegistrar, Inc. Details of ownership are hidden by WhoisSecure’s privacy service.

    After one year of being live, this website did not accumulate any backlinks from legitimate websites, and neither did it get any significant traffic.

    Unfortunately, one thing they did get is investors’ money, as we shall show in the next section.

    Is a previous version of

    After looking into it, we find that yes. is indeed a previous version of

    We know because some of the old pages are still in the Google Index.

    For example, the page “Pricing | REMITANCE FX –” contained the following text:

    Our Packages. PURCHASE ANY OF OUR PACKAGES TODAY. Invest Into. Stocks Starting At. 500. Start Investing Now. Invest Into. Forex Starting At.

    And the exact same text can be found at

    Also, the homepage of both websites uses the following slug: “/Default2”.

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    Possibly, clients who have been defrauded by complained and had the domain closed, so the owners behind this scam simply opened a new, similar domain, and cloned their website into it.

    Remitance FX Reviews

    Unfortunately, we can find no RemitanceFX reviews online.

    Next, we’re going to check if there are any other websites owned by the people who are behind RemitanceFX.

    We find several websites highly suspicious of being created by the same people, including:


    There aren’t many reviews about any of these, however, we do find that is listed in the blacklist of the SEC (U.S Securities and Exchange Commission).

    Finally, we want to bring up a complaint we found on the Better Business Bureau regarding RemitanceFX.

    The complainer lost $17,000 and reported on November 17, 2022:

    Approached by a guy named who was impersonating an IG business person (Bashar J Katou) in which I did not know until it was to late. The imitator is (Bashar J Katoua). Talked about crypto investments and how you can turn a little into a lot basically. Gets you to sign up on the investing website

    After investing, he requests you send 9% of total amount made to release withdraw code. Once you pay and do the withdraw, the companies “HR department” reaches out and sends you an email saying that it cannot be completed and to download (use) their appropriated website which is a highly suspicious and dangerous website thats only been up since Sep 2022. After doing a lot of research I realized that this was a scam. Im writing this in hoping that no one else gets caught.

    On June 27, 2023, we received the following complaint from a person who reported losing $20,000.

    I was replying to an Instagram post about starting an Amazon business when a guy named Bashar (Basharj Katouaa) approached me, promising he could help me establish my own Amazon business. For that, I required some capital. He asked about my initial investment capacity, which started at $400 and eventually ended up at $20,000. He also pledged to assist me with the funds I lacked.

    Despite my skepticism, he reassured me that this was a legitimate business, and he promised to help my investment grow rapidly. I was intrigued, albeit reluctantly. It began with Remitancefx, and when I saw my capital growing rapidly, I naturally got excited. They asked me to pay a fee, which I did, and then the money was transferred to a platform called Coinbase. Here, another fee was demanded.

    Subsequently, my funds were transferred to another company called Nitowallet. At this point, the total investment was shockingly high, over $97,000, and they asked for a fee of $9,800. I didn’t have that sort of money, which made me feel alarmed and scared. Despite this, Bashar continued to assure me that everything was proceeding as planned, even contributing $2,000 himself. I managed to gather the amount and paid the requested fee.

    However, once the fee was paid, they claimed Bashar had lodged a complaint against me for being untrustworthy, so they decided to withhold my funds even though I had fulfilled all my obligations to them. Now, Bashar says that in order to rescind his complaint and to have Nitowallet release the funds, he needs me to send $2,000 in coins to his private wallet.

    RemitanceFX Review: Bottom Line

    Our conclusion is that RemitanceFX and other sites associated with it are a SCAM!

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    Not only is their website amateurish and contains a lot of errors and mistakes, but they also provide fake information and are linked with multiple similarly looking websites, among which at least one website has been blacklisted by the SEC.

    And the review from the BBB seals the deal.

    Stay away from RemitanceFX if you care about your money!

    Thanks for reading or Remitance FX Scam Review.

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