Bitcoin Trader Review – Sketchy System

Bitcoin Trader is apparently the new cool software in the crypto space that supposedly helps people make money. The creators of this app have maintained an anonymous profile. However, that does not stop them from promoting themselves aggressively.

On their homepage, they claim to offer a lot of interesting features and they do make bold claims. As expected, when it comes to execution, they have nothing to offer and users are pretty much guaranteed to lose their capital in the long run.

Simply put, no one apart from the creators are making money with this piece of software. Obviously, the conflict of interest is sky high and people are being blinded by greed for the most part.

To know why you need to stay away from this type of bogus trading system, stick with us till the end. 

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Bitcoin Trader Review

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is touted as the miraculous software that helps newbies make money without putting much effort. In other words, they are selling the idea of making money just by funding the account and clicking a few buttons.

While the idea does sound enticing, think about it for a moment, does it really make sense in the real world? If trading was that easy, then why aren’t they using it for themselves to make billions or even trillions of dollars?

The broken parts in their narrative are way too many to say the least. To an outsider that has zero experience, this type of software might be attractive, but in reality it is nothing more than a strategic way of transferring funds from your pocket to their bank account.

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    So, to avoid the risk of losing money, one needs to stay away from them or else they will be exposed to an insane level of disappointment. 

    How does the software operate?

    We as end customers have no clue about the way the algorithm works. People operating this app have not mentioned anything about the parameters employed by them. Trading history is not shared, drawdown percent is not covered and the accuracy rate is also a mystery.

    In short, there is no shred of data to backup their claims. Given their other traits and gimmicks, do you really trust them with your money? Isn’t it obvious that they are looting the retail side by promising them huge returns?

    Trading is all about gaining an edge. If you cannot find any system that can put the odds on your side, it is always better to walk away from it. 

    Demo Account

    This app offers a demo account, but in order to access it, users have to register using an email address. If you try out the virtual account, you will easily witness the price difference between the real markets and the virtual data feed.

    Generally, the demo accounts will have a high win rate, but guess what? Once you deposit the funds and start trading in the real account, the results are going to be dramatically different.

    Many shady entities often use gimmicks like twisted demo accounts to enhance their image. Nonetheless, they won’t be able to fool experienced traders.

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    Bitcoin Trader User Reviews

    We did check for user reviews, but couldn’t find a big enough sample size. On many forums, they have got mixed ratings and conflict of interest is definitely present. If you come across any positive comment with a referral link attached, be cautious.

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    Remember, the only way affiliates make money is if you deposit funds and they will go to extreme lengths to achieve their goals. Though, there aren’t too many reviews yet, time will unfold their real motives and we just have to wait for it.

    Unregulated and Anonymous

    Cryptocurrency markets are unregulated for the most part. Crooks love this space as it allows them to get away without much consequences which is why you should always avoid unregulated entities. Bitcoin Trader is hiding behind liability clauses and the management side is totally anonymous.

    If they really helped people achieve a high win rate, wouldn’t they be making the headlines by now? They are anonymous only for one reason and that is to avoid law enforcement authorities. 

    Is Bitcoin Trader Scam or Legit?

    Bitcoin Trader is a scam and there are many dead giveaways to support our statement. First of all, the way they market themselves is gimmicky. Management side is not transparent, verifiable data is non-existent.

    The list of flaws with their business model just goes on and on. There isn’t a single aspect about them that instills confidence. As the data is crystal clear, do not mess around with them instead walk away and you will appreciate your choice sooner or later. 

    Bitcoin Trader Review Conclusion

    Crypto trading is not as easy as it sounds. It does take a lot of effort to make money and the entire process is not easy to delegate. While thousands of systems might promise you instant riches, understand the fact that it is all a lie.

    If you have lost funds to the Bitcoin Trader Scam, reach out to us. We will help you in the recovery process. 

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