Cinnamon Finds Review

Cinnamon finds is an online store specializing in TikTok-related products, which seems to have gained popularity on TikTok but there are concerns about its legitimacy. From what is known, the website raises red flags and has indications of being a potential scam.

One of the biggest red flags is that the website’s domain was only registered in September 2021, which is a relatively short time for a website to specialize in the products that they claim to sell and gain such a large following. Additionally, the website’s social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were created around the same time, which is also very suspicious.

Cinnamon Finds Review

What is Cinnamon Finds?

Cinnamon Finds is a website that claims to specialize in TikTok-related products such as phone cases, clothing and accessories. The website gained a huge fan following on TikTok, but there have been concerns raised about its authenticity.

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Even though there exists a valid SSL certificate the trust score of the website is significantly low. The identity of the owner of the website is not known and hence it is better to stay away from this website.

Cinnamon Finds Scam Explained

There are a lot of indications that the website may be a potential scam because of several reasons, including reports of customers not receiving products that they ordered or some have received low-quality items and most importantly the items do not match the description on the website. The website has unclear or non-existent return and refund policies, and unresponsive contact information. The prices of the products that they offer are suspiciously low prices when compared with the prices of the same products in the market.

These are all common tactics used by fraudsters to lure people into purchasing or providing their personal information. These are some of the factors that suggest Cinnamon Finds may not be a legitimate website and is undoubtedly a scam. It is advisable to exercise caution when considering making a purchase from a website and to thoroughly research a website. Look for customer reviews and check the website’s policies beforehand.

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    Reg Flags

    1. The website offers unbelievable offers or prices. The deal or the product prices seem too good to be true. They are offering such low prices to attract people to buy things from the website but never deliver the products.
    2. The website is poorly designed and gives shady vibes in the first go. Legitimate websites usually have a professional design and an established domain name.
    3. Cinnamon Finds does not provide clear contact information which is something very important for a website. A lack of contact details or the invalid contact information is a red flag. The website’s email address and phone number seem to be invalid which makes it difficult for customers to reach out for assistance or support.
    4. The website’s return and refund policies are unclear or non-existent, which is another significant red flag. Legit websites usually have clear and comprehensive policies to protect their customers, whereas scam websites such as these tend to avoid providing any guarantees and make it difficult for customers to claim refunds if they are not satisfied with the products.
    5. Customers who have received the products are seen complaining of low-quality products or counterfeit items that do not match the description mentioned on the website. This shows the company may be engaging in fraudulent practices.
    6. Cinnamon finds does not have any significant presence on reputable websites or online marketplaces. This lack of credibility should be considered before making a purchase.

    By being aware of these red flags and carefully looking for the signs before making a purchase, you can protect yourself by getting scammed from this website.

    Customer Reviews

    There have been numerous customer reviews of Cinnamon Finds, and many of them are negative. Many customers have reported difficulties in reaching the website’s customer support. Emails and phone calls have gone unanswered, leaving customers feeling frustrated.

    They have also reported being misled by the product description and receiving low-quality or rip-off products instead. Customers are disappointed that they are unable to claim refunds or return items. 

    Overall, the customers’ reviews about Cinnamon Finds have been overwhelmingly negative, with many customers feeling disappointed, misled and scammed.


    It is very important to be cautious when shopping online no matter how popular it may seem. People are advised to be aware of the signs of a potential scam.

    Consider the red flags such as unclear return and refund policies, unresponsive customer service and suspiciously low prices before spending your hard-earned money on products offered by fraudulent websites such as Cinnamon Finds. By taking precautions and staying diligent one can protect themselves from scams and avoid being taken advantage of. 

    If you have are a victim, please let us know by commenting below.

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