Mining588 Review – Legitimate or Not? - Review is a cryptocurrency mining website that positions itself as a business partner with leading digital asset platforms, including Binance, Tron, Ethereum, and Trust Wallet. The website offers users opportunities to engage in crypto-mining activities, leveraging partnerships with these renowned platforms to provide a comprehensive mining experience.

Overview started on October 12, 2023, and says it’s a big deal in the world of mining for cryptocurrencies, claiming to work with famous names like Binance, Tron, Ethereum, and Trust Wallet. But when people looked closer, they found these partnership claims weren’t true. The companies mentioned have all said they don’t work with

Also, using the Binance logo without permission makes people wonder if it’s really a trustworthy site. When checking how they help customers, it turns out they don’t offer important services like chatting live, sending emails, or calling them on the phone. This lack of support makes people worry about how well runs.

Red Flags of

  1. False Partnership Claims: falsely claims partnerships with major cryptocurrency platforms like Binance and Ethereum. These claims are misleading, as confirmed by official statements from the alleged partners, indicating no such affiliations exist, raising serious credibility concerns.
  2. Poor Customer Support: The absence of basic customer support options such as live chat, email, and phone service significantly undermines trust in Effective support is crucial for resolving issues and building user confidence, which is lacking here.
  3. Extremely Low Trust Score: has a very low trust score from online evaluators, suggesting a high risk to potential users. This score reflects the website’s reliability and safety, indicating potential issues with its operations or practices.
  4. Inauthentic Mining Profits: The website’s advertised mining profits are found to be exaggerated or entirely false. Such claims can mislead users about the potential earnings, suggesting a lack of transparency and possible fraudulent intent.
  5. Unrealistic Returns: Promises of unusually high returns on investments are a common red flag for risky or fraudulent operations.’s guarantees of high profits are unrealistic and raise doubts about the legitimacy of its business model.

False Partnership Claims’s assertion of partnerships with notable cryptocurrency entities such as Binance, Tron, Ethereum, and Trust Wallet serves as a significant red flag. These claims, intended to enhance the platform’s legitimacy and attract users, have been categorically refuted by the mentioned companies.

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Official statements from these organizations confirm that there is no collaboration or affiliation with, directly challenging the platform’s credibility. This discrepancy not only misleads potential users about the website’s standing and capabilities in the crypto-mining industry but also raises serious questions about its operational integrity.

The use of recognized logos and names without authorization further compounds the issue, potentially violating intellectual property rights and misleading users. This tactic of falsely associating with well-established brands in the cryptocurrency space is a deceptive practice that critically undermines trust and signals a lack of authenticity and reliability in’s operations.

Fake Mining Profits claims to offer substantial profits from crypto mining without the need for any specialized equipment, which is misleading. Realistically, mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a highly competitive process that requires sophisticated hardware and a significant amount of electricity.

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    These factors make it challenging and expensive to mine profitably. However, suggests that users can achieve high profits effortlessly. Which is not feasible given the complexities and costs associated with legitimate mining operations.’s promise of easy profits without the necessary investment in hardware and energy raises doubts about the authenticity of their claims. It suggests that the platform’s profit projections may be exaggerated or entirely false, designed to attract users. With the allure of high returns with minimal effort. Such unrealistic promises are a common characteristic of platforms not operating transparently or legitimately in the crypto space.

    Complaints We Received

    On February 16, 2024, one of our partners received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for $425:

    I was asked to transfer USDT to and subsequently requested a withdrawal. However, my requests were denied multiple times, and I was asked to make additional payments to retrieve my USDT. This situation seems peculiar to me and mirrors the actions scammers have taken against other victims.

    On February 26, 2024, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for $150:

    They told me to invest, and after I had successfully invested for three weeks, they blocked me. Review Conclusion

    In conclusion, the investigation into reveals several significant red flags that potential users should consider carefully. The platform’s claims of partnerships with well-known cryptocurrency entities like Binance and Ethereum have been proven false, undermining its credibility. Furthermore, there is a lack of basic customer support options such as live chat, email, and phone. Assistance raises concerns about its reliability and commitment to user satisfaction. The extremely low trust score assigned to by evaluators further highlights the risks associated with using the platform.

    Moreover,’s promises of high mining profits and unrealistic returns are particularly troubling. The suggestion that users can earn substantial profits without the need for specialized equipment or facing the high costs associated with legitimate cryptocurrency mining is misleading and potentially deceptive. These claims exploit users’ desire for easy gains in the competitive and complex world of crypto mining.

    Given these concerns, individuals should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with or similar platforms. The findings suggest that may not be a trustworthy or viable option for those interested in cryptocurrency mining. It’s crucial to approach such platforms with skepticism and prioritize safety and authenticity in any crypto-related ventures.

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