PhoenixFXTrade Review: Unveiling a Potential Scam

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Phoenix FX Trade Review - Screenshot of was registered on January 30, 2023, for one year through Hostinger operations, UAB. protects it, while Hostinger International hosts it. It has just one backlink from a web directory. Review

Phoenix FX Trade presents itself as a global brokerage platform, offering trading in various financial instruments such as CFDs on FX, cryptocurrencies, indices, and more. It claims to have strong security measures, including protection against DDoS attacks and full data encryption. The website highlights features like instant payouts, high trading volumes, competitive commissions, and support for a wide range of digital currencies.

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The company offers several investment plans with varying Returns on Investment (ROI) ranging from 15% to 50% weekly. It also states that it supports users in 197 countries and has served over 10,000 customers. Users are encouraged to create accounts, deposit funds, and start investing with promised daily returns based on their deposit sizes.

Phoenix FX Trade is described as a professional investment corporation engaged in stock, foreign exchange, and gold trading. It claims to have U.S. registration (11334188) and a head office located at 534 Griswold St, Detroit, Michigan. The website emphasizes its ease of use, low-risk investment environment, and experienced investment team.

Contact information provided includes an email address ( and a UK-based phone number (+44 7931 278878). There is no mention of social media accounts.

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    The website mentions that Phoenix FX Trade is a legally incorporated investment company in the United Kingdom, although specific regulatory details or certifications are not provided.

    Red Flags and Potential Indicators of a Scam

    1. Unrealistic Returns: The promised weekly ROIs (15% to 50%) are exceptionally high and unsustainable, typical of Ponzi schemes.
    2. Lack of Detailed Regulatory Information: While claiming to be a legal investment firm in the UK, the website does not provide detailed regulatory information or credentials to verify this claim.
    3. Vague Operational Details: The website lacks specific information about its trading strategies, fund management details, and risk management practices.
    4. No Mention of Potential Risks: Legitimate investment platforms usually provide detailed risk disclosures. The absence of such information is concerning.
    5. One-Sided Positive Reviews: If there are only positive testimonials without any critical reviews or user feedback, it’s a potential red flag.
    6. High-Pressure Tactics: Encouraging users to invest quickly or promising higher returns for larger deposits is a common tactic in fraudulent schemes.
    7. Limited Contact Information: The absence of a physical address or detailed contact information for customer support can be a warning sign.

    In conclusion, while Phoenix FX Trade presents itself as a comprehensive trading and investment platform, the extremely high promised returns, lack of detailed regulatory information, and other potential red flags warrant a cautious approach. It’s advisable to conduct thorough due diligence, seek independent financial advice, and verify the legitimacy of the company through regulatory bodies before making any investment. Reviews

    On Google, there’s a mix of official site information, regulatory notices, possible inclusion in scam lists, and user discussions on forums, all of which are essential for a comprehensive review of In this section, we delve deeper into these results to gather more specific information, particularly the FCA notice and user reviews, to better understand the legitimacy and operations of Phoenix FX Trade.

    The post on discusses Phoenix FX Trade, highlighting it as a new investment program. Key details and observations from the post include:

    1. Investment Claims: Phoenix FX Trade is presented as an investment platform specializing in crypto trading. It claims to work with user deposits to earn profits, which are then shared with users according to specific terms.
    2. Investment Plans: The platform offers various investment plans with daily returns of 1.4%, 2%, and 3.6%, which are described as “forever” plans, suggesting continuous daily returns without a specified end date.
    3. Minimum Investment: The minimum amount required to invest is stated as $200.
    4. Referral Program: There is an 8% referral program, which is a common feature in many online investment platforms and is sometimes used to encourage the recruitment of new investors.
    5. Payment Methods: The accepted payment methods include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDT (Tether).

    The post on, while not explicitly labeling Phoenix FX Trade as a scam, does suggest a level of skepticism and recommends that potential investors exercise caution and conduct thorough research. The high daily returns promised and the inclusion of a referral program are typical characteristics seen in high-risk investment schemes and should be approached with caution.


    The Facebook search result for “Capital Stocks Options (Trading Agency)” provides some insights into the online presence and activities related to

    1. Public Group: The group, “Capital Stocks Options (Trading Agency)”, is a public Facebook group with 71 members. Being public, it allows anyone to see who is in the group and what they post.
    2. Association with The group is linked to, as indicated by the provided website URL ( This connection suggests that the Facebook group might be a platform for discussions or promotions related to the services offered by Phoenix FX Trade.
    3. Content of Posts: A specific post by a member named Brian Burton is mentioned. The post discusses a technical analysis of a trading chart, highlighting a “Beautiful Double Top” and its correlation with a target indicator, trendline, and what’s referred to as the ‘golden pocket.’ This indicates that the group engages in discussions about trading strategies and chart analysis.
    4. Accessibility and Visibility: As a public and visible group, it is accessible to anyone interested in the content or discussions related to trading and potentially Phoenix FX Trade.

    In summary, the Facebook group “Capital Stocks Options (Trading Agency)” is publicly associated with and engages in discussions related to trading analysis.

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    The information from a WIKIFX review about PFX (Phoenix FX Trade) raises several concerns:

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    1. Regulatory Status: PFX is indicated as having no regulation. This is a critical point because the lack of regulatory oversight can significantly increase the risk for investors. Unregulated brokers are not bound by the rules and standards that protect investors’ interests.
    2. Suspicious License and Business Scope: The review categorizes PFX’s regulatory license as suspicious and its scope of business as risky. This further emphasizes the potential dangers associated with investing through this platform.
    3. High Potential Risk: PFX is flagged for high potential risk. This designation usually suggests that there are factors about the broker that could lead to financial losses for investors, such as questionable business practices or a lack of financial transparency.
    4. Website and Contact Information: The app provides a link to PFX’s website and lists contact details, including a phone number (+1 (814) 853-9040) and an email address ( However, given the concerns raised, any information or assurances provided via these contacts should be approached with caution.
    5. Company Address: The listed company address is on Wall Street, New York, NY, which might give an appearance of legitimacy. However, without regulatory backing, this address alone does not confirm credibility.
    6. Low Score Warning: The review gives PFX a low score and explicitly warns users to stay away, underlining the risks involved.

    In summary, the information from WikiFX presents a number of red flags regarding PFX, notably its unregulated status, suspicious license, high potential risk, and a strong cautionary warning to potential investors. This suggests that engaging with PFX carries significant risks.

    Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

    The FCA, which is the regulatory body for financial services in the UK, has issued a warning about Phoenix FX Trade. This warning was first published on December 13, 2023, and updated on December 18, 2023.

    The FCA states that Phoenix FX Trade may be providing or promoting financial services or products in the UK without the necessary authorization. The FCA clearly advises against dealing with this firm and raises an alert about potential scams.

    Phoenix FX Trade is not authorized by the FCA, which is a significant red flag. Authorization by regulatory bodies like the FCA is crucial for legal operation and consumer protection in the financial services industry.

    The firm appears to be targeting people in the UK, as per the FCA’s notice. This targeting is of concern because the firm is operating without the appropriate authorization.

    The FCA provides the firm’s contact details, including an address in New York, NY, USA, a telephone number (+18148539040), and an email address ( However, it also warns that such firms may give incorrect or misleading contact details.

    Dealing with Phoenix FX Trade means consumers won’t have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service for complaints or be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This significantly increases the risk for individuals, as they are unlikely to recover their funds if the firm fails.

    The FCA advises checking the Financial Services Register to ensure a firm is authorized and cautions against responding to unsolicited contacts from financial businesses.

    This warning from the FCA is a critical piece of information, strongly suggesting that Phoenix FX Trade operates without regulatory oversight and poses significant risks to consumers and potential investors.

    PhoenixFXTrade Review Conclusion

    In our comprehensive review of, we have unearthed several critical insights that raise significant concerns about the platform’s legitimacy and safety as an investment option.

    Phoenix FX Trade markets itself as a global trading and investment platform, with offers of high returns on various financial instruments. However, the promised weekly returns ranging from 15% to 50% are alarmingly high and unsustainable, resembling the typical structure of a Ponzi scheme. Additionally, the lack of detailed regulatory information and the absence of risk disclosures are significant red flags. The platform’s vague operational details, combined with high-pressure tactics to encourage investment, further contribute to the suspicion surrounding its operations.

    Our investigation revealed limited and potentially misleading contact information, which, coupled with the platform’s registration for only one year and hosting by a privacy protection service, heightens the concern for potential investors. The discussions on and the Facebook group “Capital Stocks Options (Trading Agency)” provide insights but also suggest skepticism and caution.

    The absence of regulation, as highlighted by WikiFX and the FCA’s warning against Phoenix FX Trade, is particularly alarming. The FCA’s advisory explicitly states that Phoenix FX Trade is not authorized to operate in the UK, suggesting potential illegality in their operations. This lack of authorization means investors would have no access to financial ombudsman services or compensation schemes, leaving them vulnerable and unprotected.

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    The Bottom Line Regarding PhoenixFXTrade

    Given these findings, we strongly advise potential investors to exercise extreme caution. The high-risk indicators, such as unrealistic returns, lack of regulatory compliance, and dubious operational transparency, suggest that is not a trustworthy platform.

    We recommend conducting thorough due diligence, seeking independent financial advice, and verifying the legitimacy of investment opportunities through recognized regulatory bodies before committing any funds. The risks associated with Phoenix FX Trade appear to outweigh any potential benefits, making it an unsuitable and potentially dangerous choice for investment.

    Please share your experiences with on the Phoenix FX Trade Thread at Forum.

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