Ecobuddy Heater Review: Stay Cozy and Save

The frigid winter months are here. Are you looking to warm up your rooms and stay cozy all day? Are you looking for a heater that helps you save big on those electricity bills? Then the Ecobuddy heater is what you are looking for.

Ecobuddy heater is a portable and modern-day heating device. It is highly efficient, effective and safe to use. When the temperature is unbearably low this heater comes in handy.

This heater is currently being sold in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America and Canada. We all know how important a heater is to beat this chilly weather.

But the traditional heaters that we see everyday tend to use a lot of electricity which means exorbitant electricity bills. Ecobuddy heater on the other hand uses very less electricity and it aids in saving the money.

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Ecobuddy Heater Review

Ecobuddy heater, What is it all about?

This heater may be small in size, but it packs a solid punch. It is a portable device which can be carried anywhere you go and comes with a thermostat. Ecobuddy begins to supply heat in a few seconds and the room is completely heated in 5-10 minutes.

It is made of ceramic PTC technology which is known for its energy-efficiency. The uncomplicated user interface is what makes it easy to use. The heater comes with an LED display that shows the temperature on top of the device.

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    This heater is safe to use and allows exceptional heat production within small spaces. It might come as a surprise but this device is noise free. Ecobuddy heater has a built-in timer which will turn off the heater if it overheats. 

    Ecobuddy heater has three modes:

    1. The higher temperature option which can be used to heat up the room faster during freezing winters.
    2. The low heat temperature setting during warm weather.
    3. The third option is the fan mode. You can also multipurpose it as a table fan during summers. 

    How does an Ecobuddy heater work?

    The Ecobuddy heater can be used by plugging it into a socket. The buttons placed on top of the heater makes it very convenient to use. A layman can understand the working of the heater in just a few uses. The LED display allows the user to know the temperature easily.

    Ecobuddy heater produces hot air with the help of ceramic plates and metallic coils placed within the heater. This can be achieved within a short period of time.

    The device is very small and compact. Hence it can fit in any space. It also comes with an antimicrobial filter which prevents the growth of microbes.

    Benefits of Ecobuddy Heater

    • Sleek and portable

    The design of the Ecobuddy heater is what creates the first impression. It is compact and sleek making it very easy to be carried anywhere you go. It can be used in any room of the house or even the office spaces. All you need is a power outlet.

    • Energy efficient

    It comes as no surprise that the electricity bill during the winter season is outrageous due to traditional heaters. But Ecobuddy on the other hand helps to save energy at same time keeping you and your family warm. It uses relatively less energy but does not compromise on the heat it circulates. You are able to reap all the benefits while also lowering your costs. 

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    • Overheat protection

    Ecobuddy’s overheat safeguard protection feature prevents overheating. When the heater reaches its maximum temperature it will automatically shut itself off. So if you are occupied in your work and fail to attend to the device you need not worry. The device comes with all the safety features making it more secure.

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    • Simple to use

    Ecobuddy heater is designed so beautifully that it is highly convenient to use. Just plug in the device and it is ready to use. Yes it is as simple as that. The user interface is not at all complicated with the buttons on the heater’s top portion making the task easier.

    • Noise free

    You can definitely relate how annoying it is to have a heater that makes one hell of noise throughout its run time. But that’s not the case when it comes to Ecobuddy heater. It runs very quietly and makes no noise. This is of great importance if you want a good night’s sleep and at the same time have a warm and cozied up space.

    Where to buy?

    Ecobuddy heater can be purchased from its official website. The website usually has a huge discount going on during winter months. The device is super affordable compared to standard heaters. If you are not satisfied with the heater or if the device is broken, the website also offers a 30-day return policy.

    Customer reviews

    People who have purchased and used Ecobuddy heaters are highly satisfied with the product. The mechanism of the heater is very simple and is definitely worth the price.

    It helps to warm up the place in no time without consuming a lot of space. The safety features that the heater includes adds up to considering buying it this winter.


    The main drawback of Ecobuddy heater is that it does not cover large areas. If you need to heat up a large room you will need a minimum of three heaters. That being said it will still be much more efficient than the traditional heaters.

    The other con is that the heater is only available online and takes time to be delivered. Due to its high demand there is limited supply in the market.

    Ecobuddy Review – Final thoughts

    Ecobuddy heater is a modern day and an affordable solution this chilly season. It comes with the latest advanced technologies making it by far the cutting edge heating device.

    Ecobuddy heater is portable, energy efficient and overall aids in saving money, which makes it stand out from all other heaters. Make sure to get your hands on Ecobuddy to save yourself from freezing this winter.

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