JS Link Global Scam Review – Crypto Fraud

JS Link Global is an entity that calls itself a crypto broker, but they act like an investment solution. This firm associates itself with well known companies. However, our team has personally verified that they are not connected with any legit firm and they are misleading people in various ways.

The way they handle funds are not revealed and in case you are wondering know that there are no performance reports either. After spending a few hours on their platform, all we found was regurgitated content, vague policies and broken narratives.

User reviews about them are not good and most users appear to be frustrated with them. There are tons of complaints about the way this firm works. Owners and employees of this platform have not replied to any allegations and the kind of silence they are showcasing is concerning.

To know what this company is really all about, continue reading this detailed post.

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JS Link Global Scam Review

JS Link Global Regulation

Regardless of which markets you trade, you always have to do research about the broker that fulfills your needs at a reasonable cost. Ideally, you should select the one that is regulated and has the least amount of conflict of interest.

Thanks to the internet, almost everything we need to know can be found quickly and all we have to do is use the search engines more effectively. Of course, social proof can be faked. However, in the long run the truth will find its way to the top.

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    JS Link Global claims to be involved with reputable firms like Gain Capital and Stonex Financial Pty LTD. Though they make bold claims, we can assure you that they are bluffing.

    Moreover, they are listed under any regulatory body. In short, they are dishonest and nothing good can come from them. 

    Contact Details

    Support team of this firm is known to use high pressure sales tactics and questionable gimmicks. If they contact you, then do not give up your credit card details for any reason. We have listed their contact information below.

    Keep in mind that response time and working hours are not stated which tells us a clear tale about their morals and principles. 

    • Address – Level 3, 100 Harris Street, PYRMONT NSW 2009
    • Phone – +44 7365 36880 8

    Trading Platform and Terms

    JS Link Global supposedly offers MT4 support. Users can trade forex and cryptocurrencies via their platform. Though MT4 is a good thing, the other costs associated with the transactions are not revealed.

    Swap rates, dormant account charges and leverage is not mentioned clearly. Any rational trader would never proceed with them because it is impossible to open a position without knowing all the variables mentioned above. Charting is also not discussed and the details about their employees aren’t available as well.

    Copy trading and social trading is not present. All in all, almost everything about them is riddled with mysteries and they can twist anything they want to fulfill their goals. Trading is all about taking calculated risks.

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    However, without knowing variables an individual cannot gain an edge. So, always have a clear blueprint and talk to a financial planner before depositing funds. 

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    JS Link Global Profits Advertised

    This firm supposedly earns anywhere between 1% to 6% on a weekly basis. Anyone that has indulged with the finance sector can easily tell you that the claims made by them are absurd and ridiculous.

    Misleading people by itself is an obvious tell tale of a scam, but combine it with an exaggerated profits claim, it certainly isn’t something you should be tangled with. Think about it for a moment, if any firm on this planet figured out a way to make double digit returns, then why would they give it to the public?

    While get rich quick offers might appear extremely enticing, do not let greed get the best of you. Always be realistic and look for solid evidence. If the data is not clear, then it is wise to walk away from the offer. 

    User Reviews

    People are talking about this firm on many forums and social media platforms. The negativity around this organization is too easy to spot and it shows the number of people that have suffered because of them.

    If you want to see the comments firsthand, then check out this post on Reddit. As the consensus clearly shows the way you need to take, it is a no brainer to follow the path.

    After all, given so many choices, why should anyone stick with a firm like this one that bluffs to the public and acts outside the boundaries of the law? 

    Is JS Link Global Scam or Legit?

    JS Link Global is a scam. They operate in a borderline criminal manner, utilize the names of legit brands and spread misinformation. Owners are unknown and they do not value transparency at all.

    Likelihood of getting money back from them is astronomical. Withdraw your money as soon as possible from this broker. In case they are giving you a hard time, get in touch with us.

    Our staff will assist you with the recovery process and help you handle everything associated with the matter. There are plenty of legal ways to make the culprits cough up the funds and all you have to do to get started is fill out the form below. 


    JS Link Global is an entity that is very similar to a high yield investment program. They claim to generate returns that are simply way too good to be true.

    Moreover, the narratives are flawed and they don’t have transparency or evidence. As the signs are clear, do yourself a favor and ignore them. Also, share this post with your loved ones and help us spread awareness. 

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