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On February 10, 2023, a complaint was made to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) by a person who claims being scammed for $5,000 by

The person was contacted by a man named Antonio Bruno on the Upwards Dating app, who claimed to be a bitcoin miner and recommended investing in Tradefxmaster. The person transferred funds to Antonio in December and paid excess fees to Tradefxmaster for the withdrawal. Antonio insisted that additional fees be paid, but the person refused, stating that the fees had already been paid. The conversation ended with the person declining to pay any additional fees.

The scammer’s location was reported as Miami, FL. (Zip code 33179) with the email and the phone number (315) 557-8801 (A New York area code).

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So is TradeFXMaster a SCAM?

TradeFXMaster Review

As of March 6, 2023, has been suspended.

The domain was registered on September 8, 2022 for one year through the 1API GmbH registrar. It is hosted by Contabo GmbH.

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    It has no popularity data.

    On Google, still indexed are two pages.

    The FAQ – “TradeFX Master is your leading cryptocurrency investment and trading platform that offersBinary and Forex trading options, provides 24/7 customer support, …”

    And the Register page – “TradeFX Master Our focus is to provide our investors with daily and constant profits in these markets. Our mission is to act as a catalyst for universal …”

    The homepage may have been titled “TradeFX Master – Binary and Forex Investment, Trading, EFTs & Digital Options Trading” with the description: “TradeFX Master is your leading cryptocurrency investment and trading platform that offers Binary and Forex trading options, provides 24/7 customer support, high level of security, and stable deposits and withdrawals.”

    It has been labeled a scam by a couple of websites with not much additional information.

    However, by following some of the unique texts we have left, we were able to find clone websites, such as:

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    When we search for the phone number (315) 557-8801 on Google, we find it was also used in another suspicious website:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    All 4 of these domains are clones, and the tradefxmaster scam was apparently another clone, which was suspended by the hosting service or domain registrar.

    TradeFXMaster Review - Screenshot of one of its clones:

    Crypto Fusion (

    While we could not find many TradeFX Master reviews online, we did find a couple about

    On we find that a victim was contacted by a representative of the company,, and was asked to invest in Bitcoin. The company claimed that the investment would garner excessive gains.

    The victim invested $500, and the investment period was roughly one week, during which time the victim watched the investment grow to over $47,000.

    At the end of the trading period, the company representative asked for an additional $4,000 to cover fees and taxes. The victim realized that it was a scam due to a non-working phone number and live chat tab, as well as the fact that the address on the company website did not exist.

    And on the BBB:

    Cryptofusion Trading is a cryptocurrency exchange that is not accredited by the BBB. They have received one complaint in the last three years, which was about problems with product/service, and it remains unanswered.

    The complainant claimed to have invested $750 worth of bitcoin and requested to withdraw it, but they were asked to pay a 4% maintenance fee before they could withdraw $60,000. The exchange did not respond to the customer’s requests, and they eventually received an email stating that the trade had concluded and they could not get a refund.

    Bottom Line

    In conclusion, the TradeFXMaster website has been suspended and labeled as a scam by some websites. There have been reports of individuals being scammed, and the Better Business Bureau has received a complaint.

    Clone websites have been found, and the phone number associated with TradeFXMaster was also used in another suspicious website.

    If you have been scammed by Trade FX Master, or if you have any information about them, please let us know by commenting below this TradeFXMaster review.

    And if you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams, such as the Trade FXMaster scam, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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