Voltbox Review – Power Saving Trap

Voltbox power saver is a device that allegedly claims to provide your home with smooth, stable electric current and reduce your electricity bill by 90%.

They also use attractive jargon like “reduction in dirty electricity” to get your money. The device is usually sold at a discount of 50% all around the year and tries to get your attention in every way possible but the real question here is the device worth it or is it even legit?

Read along to know why you should not even bother ordering the Voltbox power saver device.

Voltbox Review

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Does the Voltbox power saver really save power?

The answer to this question is a big NO.The claims made by the company are outrageous and completely false as the device does little or no energy saving at all. Basically when you unbox the device, you would see it is a capacitor placed across the power line.

This actually might help a little bit in power factor correction, but you are not billed for reactive power at home. So it does nothing when it comes to saving money.

Sites such as these do a lot of techno babble and try to convince the customers that they need this device. Do not be deceived by the highly attractive techno jargons they use in order to scam you. They are nothing but lies and the device is of no use in general.

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    Red flags

    There have been numerous reports of dangerous fires caused by the Voltbox power saver device. One potential cause for these fires is the lack of information about the safety rating of the capacitor within the Voltbox, particularly in regards to AC lines and lightning strikes. Without this information, we cannot confidently say that the Voltbox is safe to use.

    The other important point to note here is that we can make out that the company is here only to scam you because there is no way that a device of this size can stabilize a home electric supply or reduce the electricity bill as advertised. Electrical consumption is based on total power and not phase corrected VAR.

    Beware of the Voltbox!

    This fraudulent device has set off alarm bells with its numerous red flags.

    Don’t be fooled by the false claims made by the Voltbox and similar devices – they are actually dangerous and have caused devastating fires.

    Protect yourself and stay away from these scams. Trust us, it’s not worth risking your safety.

    Fake reviews

    Depending on where you are reading the reviews you will either find glowing, positive reviews or extremely critical ones.

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    If you are on the voltbox website you can see for yourself that there are only positive reviews which are all fake. We say this because they literally have the same content which they have lazily copied and pasted with little to no change.

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    Furthermore if you look elsewhere for the reviews, 99% of the reviews confirm that they are a scam. You can see people quoting that they never saw reduction in consumption or the electricity bills. Also many claim that they manipulate the orders and trick them into paying more and never refund any of their money.

    There are professional electricians who believe that this device is not at all useful and the science behind stabilizing electricity consumption and reducing the electricity bills are just baseless. Hence we advise you to not invest in the Voltbox power saver device.

    How to protect yourself?

    It is important to approach claims about devices like this with skepticism and to do your own research online rather than blindly trusting the reviews on the website. This can help you avoid spending money on something that may not work as advertised and may also come with potential dangers. Be wary of the “reduction in dirty electricity” narrative and be sure to thoroughly investigate before making a purchase.

    There is really only one way for anyone to save electricity and that is by not using it. If you really want to save electricity, one should stick to the proven methods to save energy. They are practical, easier and pocket friendly too such as:

    • Using solar panels to create electricity.
    • Monitoring you power usage and ensuring effective
    • Switching to led lights.
    • Using low power heating and cooling systems.

    These are actually some of the tried and tested strategies that can actually provide big savings on your electricity bills.

    Voltbox Reviews

    Based on testimonials found at onlinethreatalerts.com, it appears that the Voltbox device is a scam that does not effectively reduce energy usage or lower energy bills.

    Some users have also reported difficulties in receiving their orders and expressed frustration that government regulators have not taken action to prevent these types of scams.

    Some users have also mentioned the concept of power factor and apparent power, but it is not clear how these concepts relate to the effectiveness of the Voltbox device.

    It is suggested that an electrician should be consulted to assess the specific needs and potential benefits of any energy-saving measures.

    Voltbox Review Conclusion

    The Voltbox power saver device is a capacitor that is allegedly able to stabilize the electric supply in a home and reduce electricity bills by 90%. However, there is no evidence to support these claims and the device has been the subject of numerous negative reviews.

    Many users have reported that it does not effectively reduce energy usage or lower energy bills, and there have been reports of dangerous fires caused by the device. Some electricians have also questioned the science behind the device and its ability to stabilize electricity consumption and reduce electricity bills.

    In addition, the company behind the Voltbox has been accused of manipulating orders and tricking customers into paying more money.

    To save money on energy bills, it may be more effective to use energy-efficient appliances, such as LED light bulbs, and to practice energy-saving behaviors, like turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use or sealing air leaks with weather stripping.

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    It is also important to regularly maintain and upgrade older appliances, such as an air conditioner or hot water heater, to ensure they are running efficiently.

    Overall, it is recommended to approach claims about the Voltbox and similar devices with skepticism and to thoroughly research before making a purchase.

    In a nutshell, Voltbox power saver is without doubt a scam. Even if you take out fake reviews and baseless science out of the equation everything about the company is fake. The claims that the company is making are all smoke and mirrors.

    Power saving scams are nothing new. We advise you to stay cautious and always do a detailed research and check out the product reviews from different sources before making the purchase because most likely they are all bogus and the product will be too good to be true.

    If you have lost a significant amount of money to trading scams, do not despair! We can help you recover your money.

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