Review – Yet another Crypto SCAM calls itself an investment portal that supposedly helps retail investors make consistent returns. They are unregulated and it is almost impossible to find information about any of their employees or founders.

Unlike most ponzi schemes, this one does not mention any plans at first instead they use high pressure marketing tactics and trap naive and gullible investors. There are no performance reports published by them and the names of associated entities are also kept confidential.

In other words, they are trying to be as anonymous as possible and for the most part they have zero evidence to back up their own statements. There are plenty of things wrong with their business model.

So, we have listed only the important ones which will enable you to make better decisions. In case you have suffered financially because of them, then get started with the recovery process for free by contacting us via the form below. 

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Founders and Fund Managers

There is no replacement for the transparency element in the finance sector. Investors prefer to interact with the firms that have earned a reputation and are preferably open with the public. This platform does not share any information about their work force.

From fund managers to founders, they have not mentioned anything about anyone involved on the management side. If this firm was really genuine, then why would they tarnish their own brand by acting so suspicious?

Isn’t the fact that they are operating from the shadows so obvious? Whenever you spot a sleazy story, always be alert because legit firms would not lie about themselves for any reason. 

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    Are they Regulated?

    If you are planning to make any investment, then you should always look for regulated firms. Of course, unregulated entities might offer more benefits, but they can never be truly safe because of the loopholes present.

    On the other hand, regulated firms give utmost priority to the safety of the capital which is crucial to say the least. claims to be operating from the United States.

    However, they are not recognised by FTC or any other regulatory body. Clearly, they are bluffing about their regulatory status and that is a big old red flag. Money sent to them is never safe and if they ever decide to walk away from the firm, then there is literally nothing stopping them. The risks are unjustifiable regardless of which angle you look at it. 

    How does Work?

    This is the big million dollar question. Unfortunately, no one including the owners know the answer. The explanation put up by them is very basic. We do not have a clue about their actual trading process. There is no information about the indicators they use, the amount of risk they take per trade, hedging parameters, etc,.

    As all the metrics are not disclosed, investing with them is almost worse than gambling because the odds are stacked against you. Trading systems and algorithms are not perfect. While they might make money for some time, it cannot be profitable forever.

    So, you should always have a conservative approach and backtesting is a must. 

    Contact Details

    This platform used to interact with the public via telephone and email. Their support team isn’t exactly known for being professional.

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    For any reason, if you need a rundown of their contact information, refer to the section below.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • Address – 25 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018
    • Phone Number – (888) 337-5401

    Do they make profits?

    We don’t think so. Though they make themselves look like a successful firm, there is no solid evidence to suggest that they are profitable. We could not locate any audited reports or verifiable trading history.

    In other words, there isn’t an ounce of data that earns them credibility. Making double digit returns even annually is a big task. Hedging and risk management also eats into profits and one needs to be extremely calculative to reach meaningful returns.

    It goes without saying that the entire process cannot be delegated to an algorithm and anyone that says otherwise is likely to be a fool or a con-man. Customer Reviews

    As this firm was popular, there were tons of reviews about them. Surprisingly, the positive comments are also considerable, but something about them does feel fishy. Fr starters, the profiles of the people that have expressed positive remarks appear to be bogus.

    As usual, most of the things said by people on forums are not verifiable. However, the ratings give us a clear idea about what to expect from them.’s team has not replied to most comments.

    The management appears to be not bothered by the hatred around their brand which needless to say, is not a good sign. All in all, things with customer reviews are terrifying and it does not paint this firm in a desirable manner. 

    Is a Scam? is most likely a scam. This firm is operating without a proper license and information about important things such as creators, policies and trading process are all hidden.

    Their ratings are also not decent and many users are struggling to get their funds back from them. If your money is stuck with them, then do not let the matter slide for any reason.

    Use the contact form below and input a little basic information so that we can assess the matter. Once the investigation is down, our staff will guide you through all the formalities and help you with the recovery process.

    Note that we do not charge for our work and all of our services come with no strings attached. As we have a lot of experience in this field, it will put odds on your side and give you an enormous advantage. 


    Online investing is risky and no trading algorithm can always generate profits. So, be careful when it comes to trading or investing and as a general rule, do not start with the process before talking to your financial planner.

    Lastly, do not invest what you cannot afford to lose.

    If you have suffered any financial damage because of the Scam, then leave a comment below and we will do our best to assist you. 

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