OptionsCapTrader.live – OptionsTrades is an Adam Mancini SCAM!

Welcome to our Options Cap Trader Live review, in which we investigate the website currently found at OptionsCapTrader.live.

On May 1, 2023, a Santa Monica, California, United States person who reported losing $11.1K for a cryptocurrency scam posted the following complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau):

I deposited $10,650 through a series of bitcoin deposits into my account at optionscaptrader.live with the intention of using their copytrade service for trading. Initially, I opened the account based on the belief that a trader named Adam Mancini was associated with optionscaptrader.live and offered the copytrade service. However, on Saturday, April 22, 2023, I discovered that the Adam Mancini featured on their website was an imposter, potentially involved in fraudulent activities. I promptly notified optionscaptrader.live about this situation, leading them to deactivate my account for investigation purposes.

After completing their investigation, optionscaptrader.live sent me an email stating that I could reactivate my account. However, they required me to provide my ID and make a $500 deposit. I attempted to make a $520 deposit, but it was rejected due to my account being deactivated. I reached out to optionscaptrader.live through their chat feature to explain the issue and seek a resolution. They responded by instructing me to make another $500 deposit in order to reactivate my account.

Unfortunately, optionscaptrader.live has been placing additional obstacles in the reactivation of my account and my ability to withdraw my funds, creating further difficulties for me.

The complainer provided the following details regarding the scammers:

  • Location: New York City, New York, USA
  • Website: optionscaptrader. live

Case Study Summary

A person deposited $10,650 into optionscaptrader.live for their copy trade service. They discovered that the associated trader, Adam Mancini, was a fraud. After reporting it, their account was deactivated for investigation. They were asked to provide ID and make a $500 deposit upon reactivation. However, their $520 deposit was rejected. Optionscaptrader.live has been hindering account reactivation and fund withdrawal.

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So is Options Cap Trader currently found at optionscaptrader.live a SCAM?

Options Cap Trader Live - Screenshot of optionscaptrader.live

OptionsCapTrader.live Review

An unknown entity registered the domain optionscaptrader.live on December 8, 2022, for one year through NameSilo, LLC.

HOSTINGER hosts it.

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    The domain does not get much traffic and has two backlinks from 1 referring domain: trustedrevie.ws. This is a review site, but no Options Cap Trader Live information is available.

    According to the homepage at optionscaptrader.live, Optionstrades offers a trading platform with access to various markets, including stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

    It is a red flag that their brand name, Optionstrades, differs from the URL optionscaptrader.live.

    We think it’s because the website was previously hosted on a different domain, optionstrades.live.

    They provide free analysis tools, fast execution, low minimum deposits, and a wide range of assets to trade.

    Based on their About Us page, Optionstrades has been serving clients for over 11 years, focusing on empowering them to take control of their financial lives. However, as we have seen, their domain name is only five months and three days old.

    Their philosophy revolves around creating a market where both experienced and inexperienced individuals can benefit from online investments.

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    Throughout its history, Options Trades has grown and strives for further expansion.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Their vision and mission allegedly revolve around wealth creation for all nations and strategic planning for profitable trading.

    Optionstrades offers a wide range of trading instruments, including various currency pairs and market commodities, along with modern trading tools to ensure the security of clients’ funds.

    Stock Trading (CFDs)

    Options Trades provides stock trading services through Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

    CFDs are derivative financial instruments that allow traders to speculate on the price movements of various underlying assets without owning them.

    While CFD trading can offer profit opportunities, it also carries certain risks that traders should be aware of.

    Here are some critical dangers associated with CFD trading:

    1. High leverage: CFDs typically allow traders to trade on margin, which means they can control more prominent positions with less capital. While leverage can amplify profits, it also magnifies losses. Traders must be cautious, as significant losses can occur quickly if the market moves against their position.
    2. Volatility risk: CFDs are often traded on volatile markets, such as stocks, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. Rapid price fluctuations can lead to substantial gains or losses. Traders should be prepared for sudden market movements and have risk management strategies.
    3. Counterparty risk: When trading CFDs, you enter into an agreement with the CFD provider, in this case, optionscaptrader.live, who is the counterparty to your trade. If the provider becomes insolvent or fails to fulfill its obligations, there may be a risk of not receiving your profits or losing your investment. It is essential to choose a reputable and regulated CFD provider.
    4. Overtrading and addiction: The accessibility and ease of CFD trading can lead to overtrading or addictive behavior. Traders may be tempted to take on excessive risks or make impulsive decisions, which can result in substantial losses. Maintaining discipline, following a trading plan, and avoiding emotional decision-making are crucial.

    It would be best if you realized there are differences between CFDs and stock trading on an exchange, such as:

    1. Ownership: When you buy stocks on an exchange, you become a shareholder and own a portion of the company. In CFD trading, you do not own the underlying asset. You are speculating on the asset’s price movement without actually holding it.
    2. Trading Flexibility: CFDs offer more flexibility in terms of trading strategies. Traders can go long (buy) or short (sell) on various assets, allowing them to profit from rising and falling markets. Stock trading on an exchange typically involves buying stocks and profiting from price appreciation.
    3. Regulatory oversight: Most importantly, stock trading on an exchange is subject to strict regulatory oversight, depending on the country and the specific exchange. CFD trading is regulated but may have different levels of oversight depending on the jurisdiction. It is essential to choose regulated CFD providers and understand the regulatory environment.
    4. Finally, consider that CFD trading is banned or restricted in several countries due to concerns over their speculative nature and potential to cause financial harm to retail investors. Some countries where CFD trading is prohibited or regulated include the United States, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Iran, and Hong Kong. CFDs are considered high-risk products that can result in significant losses for inexperienced or unsophisticated traders.


    Optionstrades offers Forex Trading services, allowing investors to participate in the largest and most liquid financial market.

    Optionstrades provides information and analysis on popular currency pairs and offers the opportunity to invest in their Forex investment package.

    Investors can earn returns without needing to trade forex themselves, as Optionstrades will execute trades on their behalf and receive a commission on the profits.

    The Forex service has allegedly undergone compliance checks and offers transparency and control to investors.

    Options Trades also provides Forex/MAM investment packages, where investors can allocate their funds to one or more managers for trading.

    Cryptocurrency Trading

    Optionstrades specializes in cryptocurrency trading and offers transparent investment products that provide access to cryptocurrencies as securities, eliminating the challenges associated with buying, storing, and securing cryptocurrencies directly.

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    Cryptocurrency Mining

    Optionstrades offers various investment plans for investors to choose from.

    Copy Trading

    Optionstrades offers a Copy Trading service that allows investors to copy the trades of expert traders automatically.

    By selecting an expert to copy, investors can benefit from their trading skills without needing advanced financial market knowledge.

    The platform handles the trade copying process, monitoring the expert’s activity and executing trades automatically.

    The copier works based on trade percent amount, ensuring proportional allocation of trades.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Optionstrades claims to select expert traders based on their performance and reputation carefully and to provide information about each expert trader to help users make informed decisions.

    The company claims to have a reputation for quality service and offers advanced tools and educational resources. They have allegedly been recognized with several industry awards.

    Optionstrades emphasizes their experience, regulation, customer support, and security measures.

    Company & Contact Information

    Optionstrades operates under Optionstrades LTD and is based in New York, USA.

    They claim to have offices in over 36 countries. However, no addresses are provided except this:

    Seagram Building, 600 Lexinton [sic] Ave 13th Floor, New York, NY 10022, United States.

    However, this is a fake address since the Seagram Building is located at 375 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016.

    Optionstrades provides a contact form on their website for clients to contact with any inquiries or concerns.

    Email: support@optionscaptrader.live

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    According to the Terms and Conditions page, Optionstrades is a company that operates on behalf of FGC and provides access to its website and related services to individuals and corporate entities (referred to as the Client) under specific terms and conditions.

    According to an FAQ page, Options Trades is a trading company regulated by various securities and exchange commissions under strict regulatory supervision.

    However, no regulatory information is provided, so it is impossible to verify their claims.

    Clients can earn daily profits based on their chosen investment plan, and the company’s specialists invest funds on behalf of the clients.

    Payments and returns are processed through various methods, including bank transfer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

    The interest and profits from active deposits are received instantly in the user’s trade account, and additional profits may be earned at the end of the trading period.

    Options Cap Trader Reviews

    Scamadviser.com reviews optionscaptrader.live, evaluating whether it is a scam or legit. The website has a low trust score and is flagged as potentially being a scam. The review highlights several negative indicators, including the website owner hiding their identity, lacking website visitors, and low-rated websites on the same server. Additionally, there are mentions of potential high-risk financial services and cryptocurrency-related information on the site. Anonymous payment methods and negative reviews are also mentioned. For example, one review says:

    Avoid investing your money with this company. They falsely claimed to offer a mentorship service from a well-known trader who has a significant following on Twitter. I fell victim to this scam because the tweet promoting the service had a Twitter handle similar to that of the genuine trader.

    The tweet directed me to a Telegram page where they promised high returns through their mentorship program. Initially, I was asked to deposit $500 in Bitcoin, and they claimed to execute trades in my account based on the well-known trader’s copytrades.

    Later, I received another message stating that my account needed a minimum balance of $15,000 to qualify for the mentorship.

    To verify the authenticity of the program, I directly messaged the genuine trader on Twitter, who informed me that he only offered a Substack service and disavowed any other programs associated with his name as scams.

    Adam Mancini Impostor Scam

    Adam Mancini is a full-time futures trader who posts on Twitter under the handle @AdamMancini4. He trades ES intraday and swing trades ETFs with 2-7 day holds.

    He has a fully transparent approach and posts for his notes only.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    He is based in Canada and joined Twitter in May 2016.

    He has 92 following and 164.5K followers.

    Adam Mancini also writes a daily companion newsletter for SPX/ES Traders, offering a chart, accurate daily levels, actionable trade plan, and insight into the art and science of trading.

    One person inquires about a mentorship program related to optionscaptrader, to which Adam clarifies that he does not offer such a program and warns about scammers. Adam also mentions his daily newsletter as his only service.

    He writes:

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    It is definitely a scammer. There are scammers replying to all my Twitter posts. My only service is my daily newsletter http://tradecompanion.substack.com


    The domain optionstrades.live was registered on July 7, 2022, for one year through NameCheap, Inc.

    It has several scam reviews, but we could find no comments from actual platform users.


    OptionsCapTrader.live should be avoided as it has been flagged as a potential SCAM.

    The website has a low trust score and several negative indicators, including the website owner hiding their identity, lack of website visitors, and the presence of low-rated websites on the same server.

    There are also reports of fraudulent activities, such as impersonating a well-known trader on Twitter and luring individuals into a mentorship program with false promises of high returns.

    Additionally, the company has been hindering account reactivation and fund withdrawal, causing further difficulties for users.

    It is advisable to avoid OptionsCapTrader.live and explore more reputable and trustworthy investment options.

    If you are a victim of these scammers, please let us know by commenting below this Options Cap Trader review, and if you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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