BestMiningsPro Scam – is Defunct!

We are bringing you a quick warning today regarding a Bitcoin Mining scam that is no longer active at the specific URL (, but probably still exists on a different URL.

We came across a Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint from March 21, 2023 by a Greene County, Illinois, USA person:

I received a fake bitcoin message claiming I had $36,000 worth of bitcoin. They asked me to buy bitcoin worth around $520 and provide my banking information to receive the money in my account. Fortunately, I did not pay them any more money than that.

The website appeared to be legitimate and I even did some research to ensure that the payments I was making were genuine, but it turned out to be a scam. I am extremely upset and do not know how to recover my lost money.

The reported scammer is a person from Clackamas County (perhaps Oregon City), Oregon, USA  with the website

So what is this scam exactly and can we locate it’s current URL/s?

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The domain was registered 12 days ago, on March 18, 2023 for one year through NICENIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LIMITED by Alex Grobunich from Moskowskaya, Russia. It was protected by Cloudflare.

Today it’s March 30, 2023, and the website is already off the Internet apparently.

It’s not indexed on Google, but do any websites mention it?

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    We find listed in a Scam & Phishing & Malware sites from Loxotrons.

    We also find a review which discusses Bestminingspro, an unregulated investment platform, and warns readers about the risks associated with using such platforms. The author highlights the lack of transparency and regulation, and advises readers to avoid such schemes. The article also provides information on how to identify potential scams and complaints to look out for. The author concludes by warning readers to be careful with their money and to only invest with regulated and reputable firms.

    There’s also a page, in which the website has a very bad trust index of only 1%. The domain is very recent, has a short life expectancy, and is linked to countries known for fraudulent websites.

    The site owners can provide identification information to improve the trust index.

    Bottom Line: BestMiningspro XYZ was a SCAM!

    Based on the complaint text we saw, it appears that scammers are sending out messages claiming the recipients have a large amount of money in bitcoin. The individual are then asked to purchase bitcoin and provide their banking information to receive the money in their account. If they pay, they do lose the money forever.

    Beware of the BestMiningspro XYZ scam website, which has been recently reported as a Bitcoin mining scam targeting unsuspecting individuals.

    However, the website turned to be a fraud and a scam, and the scammers behind it are asking users to buy bitcoin and provide their banking information to receive the money in their account. It’s essential to be cautious of such scams and only invest with regulated and reputable firms to avoid losing your hard-earned money.

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    If you have are a victim of best minings pro, please let us know by commenting below this bestminingspro review.

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    If you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams, such as the BestMiningsPro scam, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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