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We are writing this review in response to the following complaint we received:

I recently fell victim to an online scam, losing all the money I had saved up in my life. While it may not seem like a large amount to some, it represented everything to me. This situation began when I started chatting with a woman on Facebook. She introduced me to a broker website called Living alone and without guidance, I was trying to make ends meet and didn’t have anyone to consult for advice when I received an offer promising substantial weekly profits. In hindsight, I realize I should never have fallen for it. However, when I attempted to withdraw my funds, the site refused to allow it, insisting I invest more money first. The name of the Facebook account is Noha Ali, and the broker company’s link is

So what is, and is it really a SCAM?

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Get instant emails when we publish new scam warnings! Review was registered for one year on July 27, 2023, through Atak Domain Bilgi Teknolojileri A.S.. Input Output Flood hosts it.

According to SimilarWeb, they received 1.3K visits in November 2023, exclusively from the United States.

It has a 2% SEMrush Authority Score with 22 backlinks from 5 referring domains.

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    Content Analysis presents itself as a leading platform in cryptocurrency exchange, Forex trading, and multi-investment services. They claim to offer a variety of investment plans with different levels of profits and referral commissions. The site emphasizes its user-friendly interface and positions itself as a suitable platform for both beginners and experienced traders. They also highlight the security and privacy of their services, mentioning compliance with laws and data protection regulations.

    The company provides a range of trading options, including stock trading, social trading features, and an array of investment plans. They tout a professional team and instant payment services. The site mentions being regulated by FINRA (New York district office) and offers various contact methods, including an email (, a phone number (+1 928 651 9521), and a physical address (1440 Chapin Avenue Suite 205, Burlingame, CA 94010).

    Red Flags Indicative of a Scam

    1. Regulatory Discrepancies: Despite claiming regulation by FINRA and an affiliation with FINRA-regulated IDX MARKETS, LLC, there’s a disconnect. The BrokerCheck information for IDX MARKETS, LLC does not align with, suggesting either a misrepresentation or a lack of direct regulation.
    2. Broken Links and Inconsistencies: The presence of multiple broken links, especially to critical components like the SEC Report, raises concerns. Furthermore, the broken social media links and verification links weaken their credibility.
    3. High Returns with Little Risk: The promise of high returns with minimal risk is a common characteristic of investment scams. The lucrative profits and referral commissions advertised, especially with terms like ‘zero commission,’ are often too good to be true in the financial world.
    4. Lack of Concrete Background Information: While the site mentions a professional team and years of experience, there is a notable absence of specific details about the team members or the company’s history. This lack of transparency is worrying.
    5. Privacy Policy Issues: The privacy policy mentions another entity, Hexmine, which is not explained or referenced elsewhere on the site. This could indicate a template privacy policy or a lack of attention to detail, both concerning for a legitimate business.
    6. Legal and Compliance Claims: Their claim of being “fully legit and officially registered” requires substantiation. Genuine financial services are typically transparent about their registration and compliance status, providing easy ways to verify their claims.
    7. Diverse Payment Methods without Clarity: While offering multiple payment methods can be a sign of convenience, it can also be a tactic to attract a wider net of potential victims, especially if the methods are not clearly outlined.

    The critical analysis of reveals several red flags commonly associated with online investment scams. The lack of regulatory clarity, broken links, unrealistic profit promises, and issues with transparency and background information are concerning.

    ToraTrading LLC Reviews

    On Google, there are only a handful of mentions of, including:

    1. Spoutible Profile (Anna Miller @Dasiy): A user named Anna Miller, with the handle @Dasiy, mentions in their profile.
    2. Twitter Profile (Patrick Donovan @Patrick38040637): Patrick Donovan, a user who joined Twitter in April 2021 and describes himself as a father, has mentioned in his profile. He also shared posts related to cryptocurrency solutions and motivational messages. However, these posts don’t provide specific insights into, its operations, or its legitimacy. The mention of another website,, suggests a potential affiliation or interest in cryptocurrency-related platforms but doesn’t directly validate the credibility of
    3. BeerMoneyForum Post (Hyip Sites): A thread was started on BeerMoneyForum by a user named Hyip Sites on January 29, 2022, discussing The post mentions investment plans offering 3% to 5% daily returns for 10 days, with a minimum deposit of $100 and a referral commission of 5%. This high return rate raises questions about the sustainability and credibility of the investment scheme. However, there are no user reviews or additional insights provided in the thread that could help in assessing the legitimacy of
    4. Scam Detector Analysis: Scam Detector gives a low trust rank of 38.2/100, indicating a questionable and controversial status. This low score is attributed to its proximity to suspicious websites, along with other factors such as recent domain registration and lack of substantial online presence. The review notes concerns related to potential risks in the Trading industry and advises caution.

    The available online mentions of are limited and do not provide in-depth, credible reviews or user experiences.

    ToraTradingLLC Review Conclusion

    In concluding our review of, it’s essential to weigh the information and red flags that have surfaced during our investigation. The website, promising lucrative investment opportunities, presents itself as a professional and regulated entity in the financial sector. However, several critical aspects raise substantial concerns about its legitimacy and operational integrity.

    The discrepancies in regulatory claims, particularly the misalignment with FINRA and IDX MARKETS, LLC, are alarming. In the financial world, regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of legitimacy. Misrepresentation or lack of clarity in this area often signals deceptive practices. Moreover, the presence of broken links, especially to vital components like the SEC Report, further erodes the credibility of A legitimate business would typically ensure all links, especially those critical to regulatory compliance and customer trust, are functional and transparent.

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    The promise of high returns with little risk is a classic hallmark of investment scams. Financial markets are inherently risky, and any entity that downplays these risks while promising high returns warrants skepticism. This, coupled with the lack of concrete background information about the team or the company’s history, points towards a lack of transparency, often associated with fraudulent operations.

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    Additionally, the privacy policy discrepancies and the use of diverse, yet unclear, payment methods add to the suspicion. These elements, in conjunction with the low trust rank assigned by Scam Detector and the lack of substantial, credible online reviews, paint a worrying picture.

    Bottom Line

    While may appear as a viable platform for investments at first glance, the accumulation of red flags cannot be overlooked. Prospective investors are advised to approach with utmost caution. It is essential to conduct thorough, independent research and consult with financial experts before committing to any investment, especially in platforms that exhibit such concerning characteristics. Remember, the allure of high returns should never overshadow the need for due diligence and a keen eye for detail in identifying potential scams.

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