Teknos Limited Review – Scam FX Brokerage?

We’re writing this Teknos Limited Review to address a complaint recently filed with the Better Business Bureau by a person who claims to have lost $71,201 through websites teknosx.com & teknosfx.com. He writes:

Person first showed me how to trade gold futures on MT5 trading platform with a demo account which yield winnings. The brokerage account they told me to join was www.teknosx.com which I thought was legit, after making a few trades and building the account up to 102,000. They try to make me deposit 300k-500k to take advantage of a promotion that would discount the commission charged, the more the deposit the more the commission discounted. Thats when I tried cashing out 50,000 from the 102,000 that was in the account. 2 days after submitting a withdrawl request the account was at a 0 balance. When I looked at the history there were trades that I did not make. Basically they’re saying that I made those trades. Customer service chat was available when I had a balance, now I can’t get a hold of anyone. This all happened over 3 to 4 months time.

Teknos Limited claims to be “your reliable platform” for trading foreign exchange, precious metals and CFDs.

Is Teknos Limited really a reliable Forex/CFDs platform or is it a SCAM?

Read this TeknosLimited Review to find out!

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What is Teknos Limited? Teknos Limited Review

Currently, Teknos Limited is hosted on teknosx.com, while teknosfx.com seems to be defunct.

The website is available in English and Chinese.

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    According to teknosx.com, some of the benefits of the platform are:

    • They provide a lower spread than other platforms with a more stable server
    • They provide customers with institutional level liquidity access, ensuring ultra low spread trading from 0.0
    • They provide customers with a completely transparent trading environment, in which all orders are executed fairly and openly

    They offer both a web-based trading platform and a mobile client app, which you can download as an APK file for MetaTrader 5, but you won’t find this on the Google Play Store. There’s also a file for iOS which requires using your phone’s camera to scan a QR code and download.

    Other claims:

    • Minimum income $1000 (do they mean minimum deposit?)
    • The highest leverage 400:1
    • 24-hour customer service support – During the market opening hours, their experienced customer service team 24/7 will provide you with personalized service at any time
    • Minimum transaction 0.01

    Deposits and withdrawals can be made with UnionPay, USDT, and other ways.

    Two types of accounts are available:

    1. original spread account
    2. commission free standard account

    We’re not sure what the difference is between the account and if it is possible to pay with credit card or wire transfer.

    We’re also unsure what personal information you have to provide since there is no privacy policy.

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    Contact Information

    There is a live chat link powered by livechat.com, as well as a WhatsApp phone number: +852-65143136.

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    The 852 area code belongs to Hong Kong, and there are some Chinese characters in this number’s WhatsApp status, indicating that the people behind Teknos LTD are Chinese.

    They also provide the following email addresses:

    • ceo@teknosfx.com
    • marketing@teknosfx.com

    No social media information are provided.

    Who is Behind Teknos LTD?

    The following information is found at the footer of the website:

    Registration number: 3102239

    Registered office address: RM12, 19/F, Ho King Comm Ctr, 2-16 Fayuen St, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. According to Google Maps, this is “the mall where i mainly buy games and accessory of the gaming console.” According to Wikipedia, the lower levels mainly sold video games and video game consoles, however gangsters later started selling pornographic and unlicensed copies of VCDs. In 2005, the 2nd floor was renovated as a pop culture market for youth.

    Teknos Limited “is an independent broker based on the leading foreign exchange, CFD, and spread betting products trading based on digital assets” whose “goal is to enable clients to maximize their trading potential through the company’s excellent value proposition, rich product portfolio, competitive spreads, and outstanding customer service.”

    Teknos Limited Review - Screenshot of Homepage

    Teknos LTD Scam Review

    Besides the TeknosLimited scam review we opened this article with and the many spelling mistakes on teknosx.com, the first thing we notice is that much of the text on the site is taken from other websites, including:

    • luckyantfx.com (Lucky Ant Trading)
    • il-markets.com (Illuminati Markets)
    • nyimex.com (NYIMEX WTI)
    • ronghuimarket.com (Ronghui Group Co., Ltd) – a site popular in Singapore
    • ronghuifi.com (Ronghui Group Co., Ltd)
    • ronghui.club (Ronghui Group Co., Ltd)
    • ronghuifore.com (Ronghui Group Co., Ltd)
    • bchgloballtd.com (BCH Global Limited)
    • yum-forex.com (defunct)

    Illuminati Markets, Ronghui Group Co., Ltd, and BCH Global Limited are definitely all created by the people behind Teknos Limited.

    bchgloballtd.com - Screenshot of Homepage
    BCH Global LTD (bchgloballtd.com) is a Teknos Limited clone.

    NYIMEX WTI and Lucky Ant Trading also do not appear to be legitimate sites, but we’re not sure if they’re related to Teknos Limited.

    Unfortunately, we could not find any trustworthy teknosfx reviews on Google.

    Searching Google for “teknosfx scam reviews” and “teknosx scam reviews” does not reveal much, except for a 1.08 out of 10 score on WikiFX (“Danger”) and a 52/100 Trustscore on ScamAdviser.

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    However, what will we learn if we search for the other related websites we mentioned above? Plenty of scam reviews!

    For example regarding Ronghui Group Co., Ltd:

    Use the company manager to deceive the customer into depositing money, then lose contact, have no address, send the company email without reply, fail to log in to the real account, and suspect to modify the customer information. Fraud platform

    Screenshot of the Ronghui Group Co., Ltd homepage
    Another Teknos Limited clone.

    And regarding BCH Global Limited:

    This is a fraud platform. After I found it out, many people had the same problem with me. A Chinese friend introduced me to invest and linked to a virtual currency wallet. It looks authentic. The profit is small according to your recommended order and you can withdraw normally for the frist couple times. Until you made third deposit, the platform will lock the account and does not allow to withdraw. You can withdraw after complete membership by paying compulsory payments such as IT processing fees and withdrawal fees with a ridiculous amount. There is no regulations or terms about this and it will only be reported nonchalantly via email after it already happened

    Domain Information

    Both domains were registered through the GoDaddy.com, LLC registrar. The domain teknosfx.com on November 12, 2021 for two years, while the domain teknosx.com on November 4, 2022 for one year.

    Except for yum-forex.com and nyimex.com from the above list, all the other domains were also registered via GoDaddy.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Contrary to their blatlant claim of being the most popular trading platform in the world, we find they are very unpopular with almost no traffic.

    Teknos Limited Scam Review – Bottom Line

    Based on the Teknos LTD reviews we have encountered as well as those of related websites, we are rather confident that Teknos LTD is indeed a SCAM!

    If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

    When you comment, your name, comment, and the timestamp will be public. We also store this data, which may be used for research or content creation in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By commenting, you consent to these terms.

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