Ticketmaster Scams: A Warning to Live Event Goers

Welcome to our Ticketmaster Scams Warning!

Yesterday, March 23, 2023, we received a message from a person who lost $450 in a common scam in which scammers impersonate Ticketmaster customer service and convince victims to purchase gift cards to receive a refund for a concert ticket.

In this case, the victim was told they could not receive a credit card refund and were asked to purchase an Xbox gift card instead. The scammers promised to refund the victim’s original ticket amount plus the cost of the gift card, but the victim soon realized they had been scammed after sending $450 worth of gift card photos to the scammers.

Here’s the full complaint:

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I tried to get a refund for a concert ticket through Ticketmaster and called a phone number online which turned out to be illegitimate. The person who answered from #(669) 228-8551 informed me that they couldn’t refund my credit card, but suggested I buy a Ticketmaster gift card instead.

I went to a store to buy the gift card but there was no Ticketmaster available, so they recommended I buy an Xbox card instead. They assured me that I would be refunded the cost of the ticket plus the fee if I bought the ticket through Ticket Wallet, and that it was a one-time fee since I had never received a Ticketmaster refund before. I bought $450.00 worth of cards and sent a picture of them as instructed, only to later realize that I had been scammed.

Please be aware of Ticketmaster SCAMS!

Ticketmaster scams have been making headlines lately as people start returning to live events post-pandemic.

Recent reports suggest that around 11 million Americans fall prey to ticket scams every year, which makes up roughly 12% of all ticket buyers.

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    There are several common Ticketmaster Scams that you should be wary of, such as:

    • Counterfeit Ticketmaster support phone numbers
    • Ticket deals that seem too good to be true on social media and online marketplaces
    • Fake ticket listings for sold-out events
    • Ticketmaster look-alike websites that show up in search results
    • Fraudulent ticket resellers who request personal information
    • Hacked Ticketmaster accounts that result in tickets disappearing

    In the case of the story we bring above, the individual attempted to obtain a refund for a concert ticket through Ticketmaster, but called an online number that turned out to be fraudulent so this is the first category, of Counterfeit Ticketmaster support phone numbers.

    To avoid Ticketmaster scams, you should only buy tickets from The official Ticketmaster site: Ticketmaster.com or its official app.

    Ticketmaster Scams - Screenshot of ticketmaster.com, a legitimate site.
    The Real ticketmaster.com

    You should also be wary of any unsolicited emails or phone calls claiming to be from Ticketmaster. If you encounter a suspicious site or phishing email claiming to be Ticketmaster, never click links, open attachments, or reply to emails from suspicious or unknown senders. Forward the email as an attachment along with your phone number to spoof@ticketmaster.com.

    If you have are a victim of a Ticketmaster scam, please let us know by commenting below.

    If you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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