Eastlink Toll Scam: Protect Yourself from Phishing

A brand new scam that is making rounds in Australia is the Eastlink Toll scam. Many people across the country have received a text that purported to be from Eastlink about an unpaid toll.

It is a faint attempt by the fraudster to steal all your personal information, in other words, a phishing scam. If you receive a text asking you to update your account with a link attached to it – never respond to it or click the link.  

Eastlink has given heads up to its customers regarding the scam. If you ever come across this toll text scam report it under eastlink.com.au

Eastlink Toll Scam

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Eastlink Toll Scam Explained

Eastlink Toll scam is a type of scam that involves sending a text message or an email with a link attached to it. They appear legit and direct you to either pay for an unpaid toll or failure of payment. But these are all just bogus claims. 

They ask you to update your payment method or your account details in the link provided in the mail or text but this is just a pathetic way of looting your money and at the same time stealing your personal information. Sometimes there’s a high chance that your computer may be infected with viruses and malware the minute you click on the link.

These kinds of phishing scams are becoming increasingly common to target users of all age groups. The primary objective of this scam is to get access to your personal information and then use this data to steal the money in your bank account.

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    Unsuspecting users also end up giving their credit card number, bank account numbers and passwords and then there will be no coming back. Many individuals have raised awareness regarding the Eastlink toll scam on many social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and the like. They have shared how they have been tricked to give their bank account details only to find that all the money in their account is missing.

    Dangers of phishing scam

    It is a type of online scam where scammers use sophisticated technologies and pose that they are genuine but send out fake texts or emails which trick you to give sensitive information including passwords and bank account details. The texts and emails look highly convincing and even tech savvy people give into their gimmicks at times.

    Always double check the origin of such texts before you end up giving them your personal details. Never open the links which look suspicious and put yourself in danger.

    The consequences of falling for phishing scams can get really serious. Hence it is very important to understand how to spot them and report it at once to higher authorities.

    How to protect yourself?

    The Eastlink toll scam is on the rise. If you ever receive a text or an email telling you to pay for the unpaid toll immediately. Think twice. If you are not anticipating any such message or if you are not convinced that it is legitimate go ahead and delete it immediately. 

    Do not hesitate to contact Eastlink directly and talk to them about your concerns. Never give out your phone numbers or your email id to strangers. And the most important thing to do is not to respond to the texts. If you do, you are confirming the scammers that you are actively looking at the texts and it is more likely that you are going to be spammed more.

    ACCC requests users to have more secured software to protect your electronic devices from viruses.

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    Eastlink Scam Conclusion

    Phishing scams are not new yet it is still very effective and people end up being victims for such scams. At the end it all boils down to individuals being cautious and understanding what they are dealing with. Stay away from the links that prey on your personal information. Raise awareness to protect your friends and family from the Eastlink toll scam.

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