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On January 15, 2024, we received the following complaint:

I am reaching out to seek your expert opinion regarding a website that I recently encountered. The website is, and there are several aspects of it that have raised concerns about its authenticity and legitimacy. I’ve noticed a few red flags that have made me question the credibility of this site. In light of your expertise in identifying and analyzing potential online scams, your insights would be incredibly valuable. Could you please assess whether this website is legitimate or if it poses a potential risk as a scam? Your professional evaluation would be immensely helpful in guiding me to make an informed decision. Additionally, I am part of a WhatsApp group where individuals are asserting that this website is genuine and represents a legitimate business. This claim is concerning, especially because the narrative presented by seems strikingly similar to the case of Bippax, which you had previously reported on.

So, is a SCAM?

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It has 17 backlinks from 7 referring domains and does not seem to be getting much traffic.

Content Analysis

  1. Website Offerings: presents itself as a comprehensive digital asset trading platform. It offers a variety of services, including futures trading, spot trading, options trading, fiat trading, and a real-time trading system. The website emphasizes security features like financial wind control systems, anti-theft systems, hot and cold wallets, and a multi-signature system.
  2. Educational Resources: The site includes a range of educational materials for users, like a beginner’s guide, FAQs, trading guides, and information on cryptocurrencies.
  3. Corporate Information: The website mentions MTT (presumably the company behind the site) as a technology public welfare alliance organization based in the United States, engaged in blockchain services and financial data services.
  4. Investment Products: The platform offers various investment products, including dual-currency investment products with detailed instructions on how to subscribe and the risks involved.
  5. User Support and Contact: The only contact detail provided is an email: There’s a mention of a service mailbox, but no specific details are provided.
  6. Regulatory and Legal Information: The website has a section for legal policies and disclaimers, but critical details like company registration, regulatory compliance, or physical addresses are not prominently disclosed.

Red Flags

  1. Vague Corporate Identity: The lack of clear, detailed information about the company’s registration, physical location, and leadership is concerning. Legitimate financial services websites typically provide transparent details about their corporate structure, registration, and regulatory status.
  2. Generic and Overly Promotional Content: The content on the site is quite generic and heavily promotional, emphasizing the benefits of using their services without providing substantial, verifiable information about their operations or success.
  3. Limited Contact Information: The absence of comprehensive contact information such as a physical address, telephone number, or specific names of customer service representatives is unusual for a legitimate financial service provider. The provided email domain ( doesn’t clearly relate to, raising questions about its authenticity.
  4. Educational Content Disclaimer: The inclusion of disclaimers in educational content, like the mention of third-party content and the absence of financial advice, could be an attempt to absolve the site from responsibility regarding the accuracy or reliability of the information provided.
  5. Lack of Regulatory Compliance Information: There is no clear information on compliance with financial regulations or oversight by any financial authority. This is a significant red flag, as legitimate trading platforms are usually regulated and compliant with financial authorities in the jurisdictions in which they operate.
  6. Technical Aspects: The website’s mention of security features and systems is vague and lacks specific technical details. There’s no evidence of robust cybersecurity measures in place, which is critical for a platform handling financial transactions.
  7. User Agreement and Privacy Policy: While these are standard on most websites, the lack of detailed company information within these documents on is unusual.
  8. Existence of Clones: We were able to find clones. This includes

Given these observations, the website exhibits several red flags typical of online scams, particularly in the cryptocurrency space. The lack of transparency about the company’s identity, absence of detailed contact information, and no clear regulatory compliance are significant concerns.

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    Information from various online sources suggests that and its related subdomain have several red flags commonly associated with online scams:

    1. ScamAdviser’s Assessment: ScamAdviser gave a trust score of 47 out of 100, categorizing it as “suspicious.” This low score is attributed to factors such as the site’s owner hiding their identity, low website traffic, and being newly registered. The site is also flagged for using an iframe, a technique not commonly used by professional sites, and for being a subdomain with a lower score than the main site.
    2. WebParanoid’s Flagging: is flagged as suspicious by WebParanoid. Key concerns include its categorization as a low-trust investment/earning website, recent domain creation, and the absence of links to social networks on the page. They advise against interacting with the website due to the high risks of losing money.
    3. Scam Detector’s Review: Scam Detector rated with a 38.9 out of 100, labeling it as questionable and controversial. The concerns include its proximity to suspicious websites, a recent domain registration date, and a lack of clarity in its operations within the cryptocurrency industry.
    4. EvenInsight’s Safety Check: EvenInsight rated with a safety score of 25 out of 100, indicating it as suspicious and potentially unsafe. The website was recently created and is not well-known or popular. Despite having a valid SSL certificate, its recent creation and lack of popularity are major concerns.

    Summary of Red Flags

    • Hidden Owner Identity: Both domains have concealed the identity of their owners, which is a common tactic used by fraudulent sites to avoid accountability.
    • Newly Registered Domains: The recent registration of these domains could indicate a lack of established business history or credibility.
    • Low Trust Scores and Safety Ratings: Multiple scam detection platforms have given low trust scores and raised concerns about the legitimacy of these websites.
    • Lack of Web Presence and Popularity: The sites have low visitor traffic and lack a significant presence on social media, which is unusual for legitimate businesses in the cryptocurrency sector.
    • Use of Iframes: The use of iframes to embed content from other websites is not a common practice among reputable sites and raises questions about the site’s authenticity.

    Given these findings, extreme caution should be exercised when dealing with and The presence of multiple red flags, as highlighted by different online safety and scam detection platforms, suggests that these websites may not be trustworthy.

    Complaints We Received

    On February 9, 2024, we received the following complaint:

    I have a trading account on I was trading from October 5th to January 5th, 2024. After that, I couldn’t log into my account. I was linked with a person, Joanna, who was providing trading signals. She was part of a group that supplied her with these signals. After January 5th, 2024, I could no longer access my account. When I contacted Joanna and the group assistant, Anna, she informed me that my account had been hacked and that they were transferring my funds to a new app account. Consequently, I was told I had to pay fees and commission charges. I paid 5k in BTC but received nothing in return. I have sent emails to MttraCoin, but no one has responded. Currently, I have 17k and $3,600 for recharge in my trading account, and I’ve paid 5k in advance. Now, my account is in an inactive state.

    On May 23, 2024, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for $150K:

    I’ve been trading with this platform since October 2023, always losing while everyone else in the WhatsApp group bragged about how much they made. I kept depositing and always losing. The admin convinced me to deposit more, promising to help me regain my losses. I observed their investment methods and, instead of risking 25%, I started using only 5% of my funds. By April 26, I had made $120k, so I decided to withdraw $2500. However, my request was denied. The administrator told me to send $1000, which I did, and she said to wait 24 hours. The next day, nothing happened. When I asked the admin why I hadn’t received anything, she directed me to customer service, who asked for 10% of my withdrawal ($250), but then she asked for $500 instead.

    I decided to withdraw $7500 instead, and she asked for a $750 commission fee, which I sent. I needed to wait 24 hours, but after two days, nothing happened. I started complaining to the admin, but got no response. Meanwhile, I continued investing on my own and kept asking about my deposit. On May 1, I had two open positions with profit, and my total wallet had over $150k. While waiting to close the positions, I was logged out of my account. I tried multiple times but kept receiving a message that my account was disabled and to contact customer service. When I contacted the admin, she told me a technician was running tests and to wait patiently. I waited for hours, but nothing happened. Meanwhile, others in the WhatsApp group were still getting signals.

    I kept insisting on my withdrawal and access to my account. On Sunday, May 4, I continued asking about my account and withdrawal. The admin told me to send $500 to expedite my security check in two days. I didn’t have the money and told her so. Since then, I’ve been ignored. I’ve been begging to at least get 50% of my funds or at least the $750 from my withdrawal. Finally, on May 20, she sent a message saying, “FIND A JOB AND WORK HARD.”

    MTTracoin Review Conclusion

    Our in-depth investigation into reveals several critical aspects that merit attention. Registered on October 11, 2023, through GoDaddy and protected by Domains By Proxy and Cloudflare, positions itself as a digital asset trading platform offering an array of services. However, amidst its various offerings and educational resources, the site raises significant red flags that cannot be overlooked.

    Key Observations:

    • Ambiguous Corporate Identity: The website’s failure to provide clear, detailed information about its registration, physical location, and leadership is a major point of concern. This lack of transparency is atypical of legitimate financial services, which usually offer comprehensive corporate and regulatory details.
    • Generic Promotional Content: The content on is notably generic and heavily promotional, lacking substantial, verifiable details about its operations. This approach raises questions about the site’s authenticity and credibility.
    • Insufficient Contact Information: The limited contact information, mainly an email address (, without a physical address or telephone number, is unusual for a legitimate service provider and casts doubts on its authenticity.
    • Educational Content with Disclaimers: The inclusion of disclaimers in educational materials, hinting at third-party content and lack of financial advice, is an attempt to deflect responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the information provided.
    • Absence of Regulatory Compliance: The lack of clear information regarding regulatory compliance is a significant red flag, as legitimate trading platforms are typically regulated and compliant within their operational jurisdictions.
    • Technical and Security Concerns: The vague mention of security features without specific technical details raises doubts about the website’s cybersecurity measures, a critical aspect for platforms handling financial transactions.
    • Existence of Clones: The discovery of clone sites like further adds to the concerns about the legitimacy of
    • Various online safety and scam detection platforms, including ScamAdviser, WebParanoid, Scam Detector, and EvenInsight, have identified multiple red flags commonly associated with online scams. These include hidden owner identity, recently registered domains, low trust scores, and limited web presence.

    Bottom Line

    Our review highlights numerous concerns and red flags that suggest and its related subdomain may not be trustworthy. The lack of transparency, questionable content, and concerns raised by scam detection platforms advise extreme caution. Potential users should thoroughly validate the site’s credibility and approach any engagement with utmost caution.

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    Your experiences, insights, and feedback are crucial in enriching this review. If you have interacted with, please share your experiences below to aid others in making informed decisions and understanding the true nature of this platform.

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