Fushigi Magic Review – Scam or Real

Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball is an amazing product that allows you to perform some really cool tricks. The ball is very well made and feels great in your hand. It is also very easy to use and comes with a great instruction booklet. The tricks you can perform with the ball are really cool and will impress your friends.

Some of the tricks include: making the ball float in mid-air, making it roll up your arm, and making it disappear and reappear. The instructions are easy to master for adults and the ball is very durable. While there is nothing wrong with the product, the same cannot be said about their marketing campaigns. In their commercials, they try to target kids that are less than 15 year old and show tricks that contradict their own instruction manual.

Simply put, the conflict of interest is clearly evident and the claims made by them are misleading to a large extent. Kids would have a tough time learning the tricks presented by them. User reviews are also not that great and it depicts the reality in a crystal clear manner.

In order to understand more about this product, continue reading this post which will help you make an informed decision. 

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Fushigi Magic Scam

What is the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball?

A Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball is a small, round, clear plastic ball that is used as a focus object in various magic tricks. The ball is held in the palm of the hand and manipulated by the fingers to create the illusion of floating or defying gravity.

Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Trick Explained

The Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Trick is a simple yet effective optical illusion. All you need is a clear plastic ball and a small platform or stand. By placing the ball on the platform and gently waving your hand over it, the ball appears to defy gravity and float in mid-air.

This trick works because of the way our eyes perceive depth. When you look at the ball, your brain is tricked into thinking that it is further away than it actually is. This is because the ball is sitting on top of the platform, which creates the illusion of depth.

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    So, when you wave your hand over the ball, your brain thinks that your hand is closer to the ball than it actually is. This causes the ball to appear to float in mid-air.

    This trick is a great way to impress your friends and family. With a little practice, you’ll be able to perform the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Trick like a pro!

    Contactless Juggling

    Contactless juggling is a juggling style in which the props never touch the juggler’s body. This style is also sometimes called “air juggling” or “juggling in zero gravity”. The most common props used in contactless juggling are balls, clubs, and rings. However, any prop that can be thrown and caught without touching the body can be used.

    One of the benefits of contactless juggling is that it looks very impressive. When done well, it appears as if the juggler is defying gravity. Another benefit is that it can be done in very small spaces.

    Since the props never touch the juggler’s body, there is no need for a large space to juggle. If you do not master this skill, the Fushigi ball will not be able to help you in any way. 

    User Reviews

    This product has amassed a lot of negative feedback. People are not happy with the product and the ratings speak for themselves.

    Just by doing a quick search on any search engine, you can clearly see what the consensus says about them. While there are few positive comments, the misleading advertisement has clearly dented their image beyond the point of no-return. Given everything about them, it would not be a wise thing to proceed with them in any way.

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    Is Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball a Scam?

    Although we cannot definitively say that Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball is a scam, we can say that it appears to be a very poorly marketed product. The ball does not seem to work as advertised, and there are many complaints about it online.

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    We would not recommend this product to anyone who is under 12 years old because the complexity level is simply outrageous for many. As there are a lot of things that are sketchy about them, it is better to look at the alternatives. After all, you cannot believe anyone blindly these days, right?


    When it comes to buying anything online, you need to do proper research and make decisions based on facts or else you might end up losing both time and money. Also, never buy into any hyped products or items unless you are totally convinced about the legitimacy aspect. 

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