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Introduction to Deer Options (

Based on the information available on Deer Options (, the platform presents itself as a legitimate trading venue, emphasizing zero-commission trading, fast execution, high leverage, and a variety of trading instruments. They highlight security measures like 256-bit encryption and offer low trading fees, focusing on cryptocurrency markets. However, it’s crucial for users to conduct thorough research and possibly seek reviews and feedback from independent sources before engaging with any trading platform, as this helps validate the platform’s legitimacy and ensure it aligns with their trading needs and security expectations.

Review of is a website that was registered on September 1, 2022. It claims to have been putting clients first since 1986, but this statement raises concerns as the website itself was created in 2022. This inconsistency in the registration date and the claim of operating since 1986 raises questions about the legitimacy of

Furthermore, there are some red flags associated with that should be considered before engaging with the platform. It is advisable to read our review of the website to gain a better understanding of its credibility and potential risks.

In short,’s claim about starting in 1986 doesn’t match when the website was made, and that makes us doubt if it’s honest. Please read our review to learn more about before you decide to invest.

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Contact Information for

If you need to get in touch with, you can use the following contact details:

  • Email: You can reach Deer Options by sending an email to
  • Phone Number: +123456789, appears to be invalid. Please exercise caution if you attempt to contact them using this number.
  • Headquarters Address: The main office address for is 500 South Main Street, Los Angeles, ZZ-96110, USA.
  • Social Media: It’s important to note that currently does not have any social media accounts.

Please be aware of the invalid phone number and the absence of social media accounts when trying to contact

Educational Content by Deer Options offers educational content aimed at helping beginners understand the trading market. Here’s an overview of their educational offerings:

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    1. Beginner Course: This course is designed to introduce newcomers to the basic concepts of forex trading. It covers what the forex market is all about and why you should consider being a part of it. It’s a great starting point for those new to trading.
    2. Trading Tools: provides resources to help traders become familiar with advanced strategies and Btrade’s trading toolset. These tools are designed to elevate your trading skills and take them to the next level.
    3. Stocks and CFDs: For those interested in CFD trading, offers insights into this market. You can explore the ins and outs of CFD trading, gain relevant information, and understand market dynamics related to stocks and CFDs.

    These educational resources can be valuable for beginners looking to gain a better understanding of the trading market and improve their trading skills.

    Red Flags on

    1. Refund Policy Disclosure: One concerning aspect is that Deer Options does not disclose its refund policy. This lack of transparency can be worrisome for users who may want to understand their options in case they are dissatisfied with the service or encounter issues.
    2. Anonymous Operators: appears to have anonymous operators, which means the people behind the website are not clearly identified. This lack of transparency can make it difficult to trust the platform, as users may not know who is accountable for its operations.
    3. Fake History Claim: The claim of having 30 years of experience in stabilizing currency exchange rates is significant. However, does not provide proof or a license to back up this assertion. Users should exercise caution when dealing with such unverified claims.
    4. High Leverage Offers: offers high leverage options in various account types, with ratios of up to 1:400. While high leverage can potentially lead to substantial gains, it also comes with a higher risk of significant losses. Traders should be aware of the risks associated with high leverage and use it judiciously.
    5. Regulatory Compliance: There is no mention of regulatory compliance on It’s crucial for trading platforms to adhere to relevant regulations to protect the interests of their users. The absence of information about regulatory compliance raises concerns about the platform’s legitimacy.
    6. Use of AI-Generated Images:’s use of potentially looking-like AI-generated images for its leaders’ photos can raise questions about the authenticity of the people behind the platform. Users should be cautious when dealing with websites that may use deceptive imagery.

    In summary, raises several red flags, including a lack of refund policy disclosure, anonymous operators, unverified historical claims, high-leverage offers, and the potential use of AI-generated images.

    Trading Packages Offered by Deer Options provides several trading packages to cater to various levels of investment. Here’s an overview of their packages:

    1. Starter Package:
      Minimum Deposit: $500.00
      Maximum Deposit: $5000.00
      Trades: 5 per day
      Maximum Spread: 1.1
      Demo Trading Available
      Negative Balance Protection Included
    2. Gold Package:
      Minimum Deposit: $5000.00
      Maximum Deposit: $10000.00
      Trades: 10 per day
      Maximum Spread: 1.1
      Demo Trading is available.
      Negative Balance Protection Included
    3. Platinum Package:
      Minimum Deposit: $10000.00
      Maximum Deposit: $50000.00
      Trades: 15 per day
      Maximum Spread: 1.1
      Negative Balance Protection Included

    These packages offer different deposit requirements and trading options, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their needs and investment capacity. It’s important for potential investors to carefully consider these options and their financial situation before selecting a package. Additionally, users should always be aware of the associated risks when trading in financial markets.


    On September 14, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $700:

    This site is fraudulent. I deposited cryptocurrency for trading and realized profits from my transactions. However, when I attempted to withdraw my funds, I was informed that I needed to deposit an additional $500 to proceed with the withdrawal. It was at this point I realized I had been scammed. Upon contacting customer support, I received a response stating, “Well, I guess you are trading for the first time. This is the standard practice that helps regulate and manage the system.” The website does not mention any requirement to pay a substantial $500 fee for withdrawals or any related conditions.

    Deer Options Review Conclusion presents itself as a trading platform offering various services and investment packages. However, there are several concerning aspects and potential red flags that users should be aware of.

    Firstly, the registration date of the website in 2022 contradicts its claim of having a history dating back to 1986, raising doubts about its credibility. Secondly, the lack of disclosure regarding the refund policy is a significant concern, as users may not be fully aware of their options in case of issues.

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    Furthermore, the platform’s use of anonymous operators and potentially and so looking like AI-generated images for its leaders’ photos adds to the lack of transparency. While Deer Options offers educational content and trading packages, it’s essential for users to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and consider independent reviews before engaging with the platform. High-leverage options and the absence of regulatory compliance information also contribute to the overall risk associated with this platform.

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    In conclusion, may not align with the level of transparency and trustworthiness expected in the trading industry, and users should approach it with vigilance and thorough due diligence.

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